OCI changes re corporate governance annual disclosure, nondisclosure of information, medical malpractice report, the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau membership, and emergency rules - Act 313
WC hearings: transferring FTE positions from DWD to DOA [Sec. 9151 (3)] - Act 59
workforce development, department ofWorkforce Development, Department of
Agricultural Education and Workforce Development Council transferred from DATCP to DWD [Sec. 35, 191, 192, 401, 1238] - Act 59
Career and technical education (CTE) incentive grants and completion awards: DWD to award to school districts or students re public safety occupation training programs - Act 336
Child labor permit modifications; the term ``the employment of minors” replaces ``child labor” - Act 11
Chronic absenteeism in schools and public benefits: DCF, DPI, DHS, and DWD to collaborate on a report [Sec. 9152 (1)] - Act 59
DWD authority to set apprentice-to-journeyworker ratio revised; minimum terms for carpentry and plumbing apprenticeships changed - Act 148
Electronics and information technology manufacturing zone and tax credits: WEDC authorized to create; provisions re TIDs, sales tax exemption, environmental impact statements, wetlands and waterways permits, PSC certificates and market-based rates, grants to local governments, county bonding, town incorporation as city or village, and DNR oversight; highway bonding authorization; design-build system for public works projects; enterprise zone tax credit revisions; economic development liaison appointed by DOA; electronics manufacturing small business development director in WEDC; worker training and employment program and annual report; appeal of decisions relating specifically to the zone; job creation threshold; LAB audit required [partial veto] - Act 58
Employment First initiative established for certain state agencies re competitive integrated employment for persons with disabilities, report required - Act 178
Equal Rights, Division of: hearing provision re frivolous complaint [Sec. 1767] - Act 59
Fast Forward Program funding for mobile classrooms for job skills training in underserved areas; grants to DOC [Sec. 1403, 1405] - Act 59
Hire Heroes program created in DWD to provide transitional jobs to veterans; DVA, DCF, and DWD memorandum of understanding; funding and report provisions - Act 195
Indexing payment and performance bond threshold eliminated for certain public improvement or public works projects [Sec. 2229j-t] - Act 59
Information technology education for public school pupils, technical college students, and public library patrons; DPI to award grant to an entity that meets specified criteria; DWD career and technical education grant provision [Sec. 215m, 1407g, i, 1482p] - Act 59
Interagency Council on Homelessness created; appropriation and report provisions - Act 74
Legislative oversight of requests from DHS for federal approval and state agency requirements; DHS to implement the Badger Care Reform waiver re childless adults and submit amendment to state's MA plan, rate change, or certain provider payments to JCF for approval; incorporates into statutes rules on controlled substance screening, testing, and treatment policy for FSET; OCI to administer WIHSP in accordance to DHHS terms and conditions; DCF reallocation or reduction of moneys in TANF schedules requires JCF approval; DWD rules on UI work search and registration waivers codified and DWD authority to establish waivers eliminated; DWD Fast Forward program appropriation split among its specific programs - SB886
Lifeguards: minors 15 years old and older may be employed as - Act 153
Pay for success contracting: DOA may use for eligible services to individuals, conditions and JCF approval required; DHS, DOC, DCF, and DWD to study if pay for success could be used for programs they administer; reports required - Act 267
Supervised business initiatives program: requirement that DWD run the program repealed - Act 354
Teacher development program grants: DWD to award to school districts re partnership with educator preparation program approved by DPI, bachelor's degree not required to enroll in program [Sec. 1407, 1524] - Act 59
Teacher training and recruitment grants created; Teach for America appropriation renamed and transferred from DPI to DWD [Sec. 216m, 1407m, 1467b] - Act 59
Technical education equipment grants to school districts created, report to DPI and DWD duties [Sec. 1402c, 1407k, 9151 (5y)] [1407k -- partial veto] - Act 59
UI law revisions re collection of debt, joint and several liability of fiscal agents, eligibility provisions re requests for information and concealment of certain payments, drug testing, appropriation, and technical changes - Act 157
WC hearings: transferring FTE positions from DWD to DOA [Sec. 9151 (3)] - Act 59
Workforce training grants (Fast Forward Program): use expanded for collaborative projects, teacher training, nursing training program, internship placement, and improved workforce retention; grant to support the Building Occupational Skills for Success (BOSS) program; report, sunset, and DWD duties [Sec. 398-399, 1397-1402, 1404, 1406, 9151 (1), (2), (5q), 9451 (2q)] - Act 59
workforce development, department of _ administrative rulesWorkforce Development, Department of -- Administrative rules
Financial institution information disclosed to a Federal Home Loan Bank; injunctions against a Federal Home Loan Bank; periodic examinations of financial institutions by Division of Banking and Office of Credit Unions; limit on savings bank loans to one borrower; interest on residential mortgage loan escrow accounts; security of public deposits; capital reduction by state banks; insurance company liquidation proceedings; and exemption from overtime pay requirements for outside salespersons [Admin.Code DWD 274.04] - Act 340
youthYouth, see also Children, and its subheadings
Dextromethorphan in drugs: sales to minors without a prescription prohibited; ID and penalty provisions - Act 160
Emergency outpatient mental health treatment for minors without informed consent allowed under certain conditions - Act 204
Group deer hunting party: use of another member's youth deer approval to kill an antlerless deer prohibited; the person for whom a deer is killed must possess an unused deer carcass tag - Act 61
Public assistance and local assistance allocations, Boys and Girls Clubs provisions [Sec. 896, 897, 902, 903, 904-913, 918, 919] - Act 59
Runaway and homeless youth services: DCF grants [Sec. 393L, 844n] - Act 59
Sexually explicit representation solicited from a minor: crime created, penalty provisions - Act 129
Underage sexual activity: misdemeanor criminal penalty created if child is between 15 and 18 years old and the person is under 19 years old; exception and sex offender registry provision - Act 174
Youth crisis stabilization facilities created; funding for peer-run respite centers for veterans; DHS and emergency rules provisions [Sec. 377, 377b, 379j-r, 752, 752b, 977, 9120 (1)-(1g), 9420 (3t), (4f)] [377, 379p -- partial veto; 377b, 379j, k, r, 752b, 9120 (1b), 9420 (3t), (4f) -- vetoed] - Act 59
Youth Options Program renamed Early College Credit Program with revisions; part-time Open Enrollment Program restored with exceptions; private school provisions and DPI duties [Sec. 209, 210, 400, 629, 630, 631, 633, 1396, 1465, 1471, 1473, 1536-1576, 1635, 9135 (1p), 9435 (1p), (1q)] - Act 59
Youth trapping without a license permitted under set conditions; mentored trapping license created; restrictions on taking or appropriating a trap or its contents modified - Act 343
Youth wellness center: allocation from Indian gaming receipts to American Indian tribes for feasibility study and business plan [Sec. 454, 455, 9101 (10), 9401 (5)] - Act 59