2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
October 26, 2017 - Offered by Representative Jacque.
AB179-AA2,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB179-AA2,1,2 21. Page 8, line 20: delete “(c)" and substitute “ (d) 1.".
AB179-AA2,1,3 32. Page 9, line 15: delete that line and substitute “do all of the following:
AB179-AA2,1,54 1. Obtain under par. (c) a certified site investigation report from the
5department of”.
AB179-AA2,1,6 63. Page 9, line 18: after that line insert:
AB179-AA2,1,11 7“2. Certify to the department of revenue that at least one of the items specified
8in this subd. 2. a. or b. apply. The starting point for determining a tax incremental
9district's remaining life, under this subd. 2. a. and b., is the date on which the
10planning commission adopts the project plan under sub. (4) (f) or an amendment to
11the project plan under sub. (4) (h). The certified item shall be one of the following:
1a. The project plan specifies that the city expects all project costs to be paid
2within 90 percent of the tax incremental district's remaining life, based on the
3district's termination date as calculated under sub. (7) (ak) to (au).
AB179-AA2,2,114 b. The project plan specifies that expenditures may be made only within the
5first half of the tax incremental district's remaining life, based on the district's
6termination date as calculated under sub. (7) (ak) to (au), and the limitation on the
7expenditure period does not apply to any expenditure that is made to address
8significant environmental pollution that was not identified in the original certified
9site investigation report described in par. (c). No expenditure under this subdivision
10may be made later than the time during which an expenditure may be made under
11sub. (6) (am).”.
AB179-AA2,2,12 124. Page 10, line 9: delete that line and substitute:
AB179-AA2,2,17 13“1. The city may designate one environmental remediation tax incremental
14district created under this subsection to which the 12 percent limit specified in sub.
15(4) (gm) 4. c. does not apply. Once the city makes such a designation, it may not so
16designate another environmental remediation tax incremental district until the
17current district so designated terminates.”.
AB179-AA2,2,18 185. Page 10, line 11: after that line insert:
AB179-AA2,2,22 19“(e) An environmental remediation tax incremental district created under this
20subsection may not allocate positive tax increments under sub. (6) (e) or (f) to another
21tax incremental district that is not an environmental remediation tax incremental
AB179-AA2,2,24 236. Page 16, line 21: delete “a parcel" and substitute “a legally identifiable
17. Page 16, line 22: before “contiguous parcels" insert “legally identifiable".
AB179-AA2,3,3 28. Page 16, line 22: delete “, the legal description of which is contained in one
3or more deeds" and substitute “created in compliance with applicable laws".
AB179-AA2,3,5 49. Page 16, line 24: delete the material beginning with that line and ending
5with page 17, line 4, and substitute:
AB179-AA2,3,20 6“292.15 (2) (at) Subdivision, transfer, or other change in property. If, after the
7date on which the voluntary party submits the application for exemption for the
8property, a parcel within the property is subdivided or transferred, a parcel within
9the property is combined with a parcel not within the property, or any other similar
10change is made to parcels affecting the property, the property that is included in an
11application to obtain an exemption under this section shall remain the same unless
12the voluntary party submits an application to the department to modify the property.
13If the voluntary party proposes to modify the property because of a subdivision,
14transfer, or other change to parcels affecting the property, the voluntary party shall
15submit a revised application or applications to obtain an exemption under this
16section for the modified property or properties as defined under sub. (1) (c). If the
17department approves a voluntary party's proposed modification, each parcel within
18the modified property not otherwise excluded under sub. (6m) or (7) shall meet all
19of the requirements under par. (a), (ae), (af), or (ag) to be eligible for an exemption
20under this section.”.