2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
January 8, 2018 - Offered by Representatives Katsma and Goyke.
AB691-AA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB691-AA1,1,2 21. Page 2, line 9: delete lines 9 to 11 and substitute:
AB691-AA1,1,4 3“(c) “Third-party bidder” means a person that intends to submit a bid at a sale
4of mortgaged premises and that is not any of the following:
AB691-AA1,1,55 1. A party in the foreclosure action.
AB691-AA1,1,66 2. An agent of a party in the foreclosure action.
AB691-AA1,1,77 3. An assignee of the plaintiff in the foreclosure action.”.
AB691-AA1,1,8 82. Page 4, line 2: delete “shall" and substitute “may".
AB691-AA1,1,9 93. Page 4, line 3: delete “all" and substitute “any".
AB691-AA1,1,10 104. Page 4, line 19: delete “846.17" and substitute “846.16 (1) (a)".
AB691-AA1,1,12 115. Page 4, line 20: after “shall" insert “, no later than the time scheduled for
12confirmation of sale,".
16. Page 5, line 8: delete “846.17" and substitute “846.16 (1) (a)".
AB691-AA1,2,2 27. Page 5, line 17: delete “any" and substitute “all".
AB691-AA1,2,4 38. Page 5, line 19: delete lines 19 and 20 and substitute “delivered to the clerk
4of court under s. 846.16 (1) (b).”.
AB691-AA1,2,6 59. Page 6, line 9: delete the material beginning with that line and ending with
6page 7, line 8 and substitute:
AB691-AA1,2,7 7 Section 2m. 846.16 (1) (d) of the statutes is created to read:
AB691-AA1,2,138 846.16 (1) (d) In any public place or on any Internet site where the sheriff or
9referee posts a notice of sale, the sheriff or referee also shall post an explanation
10regarding the minimum bidder qualifications under s. 846.155 (2) that a participant
11in the sale must meet and a statement that, before the sale may be confirmed, a
12purchaser that is not a party in the foreclosure action must submit an affidavit to the
13court affirming that the purchaser meets those minimum bidder qualifications.” .