2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
December 13, 2017 - Introduced by Representatives Vruwink, Hesselbein, Milroy,
Sinicki, Goyke, Riemer, Novak, Hebl, Anderson, Spreitzer, Berceau,
Subeck, Shankland, Brostoff, Sargent, C. Taylor, Crowley, Pope, Zepnick,
Considine, Ohnstad and Tusler, cosponsored by Senators Johnson and
Larson. Referred to Committee on Transportation.
AB742,1,2 1An Act to amend 45.03 (13) (o); and to create 343.14 (2) (k) and 343.21 (1g) of
2the statutes; relating to: waiving operator's license fees for disabled veterans.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Under current law, the Department of Transportation must charge required
fees for the initial issuance and renewal of a license authorizing operation of “Class
D" vehicles, which are automobiles and most passenger vehicles, or “Class M" motor
vehicles, which are motorcycles. This bill waives those fees for an applicant who is
a veteran with a service-connected disability.
For further information see the state fiscal estimate, which will be printed as
an appendix to this bill.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB742,1 3Section 1. 45.03 (13) (o) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB742,1,54 45.03 (13) (o) Provide verification to the department of transportation of the
5information required under s. ss. 343.14 (2) (j) and 343.21 (1g).
AB742,2 6Section 2. 343.14 (2) (k) of the statutes is created to read:
1343.14 (2) (k) A statement as to whether the applicant is a veteran, as defined
2in s. 45.01 (12), with a service-connected disability rating of at least 60 percent, and
3has provided the verification required under s. 343.21 (1g).
AB742,3 4Section 3. 343.21 (1g) of the statutes is created to read:
AB742,2,105 343.21 (1g) Notwithstanding sub. (1) (a) to (bg) and (n), if an applicant provides
6verification from the department of veterans affairs that the applicant is a veteran,
7as defined in s. 45.01 (12), and in receipt of an award from the U.S. department of
8veterans affairs of a service-connected disability rating under 38 USC 1114 or 1134
9of at least 60 percent, the department shall waive any fee for the initial issuance or
10renewal of a license authorizing operation of “Class D" or “Class M" motor vehicles.
AB742,4 11Section 4. Initial applicability.
AB742,2,1312 (1) This act first applies to an application for an operator's license made on the
13effective date of this subsection.
AB742,2,1414 (End)