2019-2020 Wisconsin Legislature

Senate Bill 59

An Act Relating to: state finances and appropriations, constituting the executive budget act of the 2019 legislature.

Status: S - Finance

Important Actions (newest first)

Date / House Action Journal
5/21/2019 Sen.Executive action taken 


Date / House Action Journal
2/28/2019 Sen.Introduced by Joint Committee on Finance95
2/28/2019 Sen.Read first time and referred to Joint Committee on Finance95
3/1/2019 Sen.Report of Joint Survey Committee on Retirement Systems requested98
3/1/2019 Sen.Report of Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions requested98
3/18/2019 Sen.Commissioner of Insurance report received pursuant to s.601.423(2), Wisconsin Statutes 
4/3/2019 Sen.Agency briefing held 
4/4/2019 Sen.Agency briefing held 
4/5/2019 Sen.Public hearing held 
4/10/2019 Sen.Public hearing held 
4/15/2019 Sen.Public hearing held 
4/24/2019 Sen.Public hearing held 
5/9/2019 Sen.Executive action taken 
5/14/2019 Sen.Executive action taken 
5/16/2019 Sen.Executive action taken 
5/21/2019 Sen.Executive action taken 
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