2019-2020 Wisconsin Legislature

Senate Joint Resolution 44

Relating to: supporting the efforts by the State of Wisconsin and others in the Mississippi River Basin to work together to achieve the goals of the Gulf Hypoxia Action Plan and a reduction of the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Status: S - Available for Scheduling

Important Actions (newest first)

Date / House Action Journal
6/6/2019 Sen.Available for scheduling 


Date / House Action Journal
6/6/2019 Sen.Introduced by Senators Shilling, Smith, L. Taylor, Carpenter, Cowles, Schachtner and Miller;
cosponsored by Representatives Billings, Tranel, Petryk, Doyle, Oldenburg, Pronschinske, Anderson, Neubauer, Shankland, VanderMeer, Kolste, Considine, Sargent, Emerson, Spreitzer, Pope, Hesselbein, Skowronski, Kulp, Ohnstad, Subeck and C. Taylor
6/6/2019 Sen.Read and referred to Committee on Senate Organization240
6/6/2019 Sen.Available for scheduling 
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