educational service agency, cooperativeEducational Service Agency, Cooperative
Robot-assisted educational programs for pupils with autism: CESA grants [Sec. 146e, 1437p] [vetoed] - Act 9
educational televisionEducational television, see Television
elections commissionElections Commission
Lapse to general fund from Elections Commission [Sec. 9212 (1c)] [vetoed] - Act 9
Sales of electricity involving public utility affiliated interests [Sec. 1817m] - Act 9
employee trust funds, department ofEmployee Trust Funds, Department of
Appropriations adjustments [Sec. 283-287, 393-407, 1776] - Act 9
Shipbuilding businesses: DWD to allocate certain grant money for training new and current employees [Sec. 1326] - Act 9
Transform Milwaukee Jobs program and Transitional Jobs program: eligibility age modified [Sec. 640m] - Act 9
Youth summer jobs program: first class city limitation removed [Sec. 230m, 1325b] [vetoed] - Act 9
employment relations commissionEmployment Relations Commission
WERC unencumbered balance exceeding 10% lapses to general fund [Sec. 9214 (1c)] [vetoed] - Act 9
Highway construction: DOT to maintain list of subbase materials and associated thicknesses; bidders may base bids on equivalent subbase materials on the list; engineer of record may prohibit use [vetoed] - AB273
environmental protectionEnvironmental protection
Highway project design inventory for design-build projects: DOT required to maintain; completed environmental assessment or impact statement provision - Act 18
excise taxExcise tax
Tobacco products tax imposed on ``vapor products", definition provisions [Sec. 1753b-1757w, 9437 (2m)] [1754 -- partial veto] - Act 9
executive officeExecutive office
Wireless services and infrastructure provider regulatory framework for state and political subdivisions, right-of-way provisions; setback requirements by political subdivisions for mobile service support structures authorized; Rights-of-Way Study Committee created, study required - Act 14
Quarries extracting certain nonmetallic minerals: limitations on local regulation [Sec. 760c-777m, 1103m] [vetoed] - Act 9
exposition districtExposition district, see Public building
Work experience program for noncustodial parents: DCF payments to county, tribal governing body, or W-2 agency [Sec. 650m] - Act 9
family _ supportFamily -- Support
Child support custodial parent fee [Sec. 2117, 9406 (1)] - Act 9
Parent residing in residential family-based AODA treatment program: juvenile court has jurisdiction over the child; DCF to prepare permanency plan and may place child with parent, foster care funding provision [Sec. 491-508, 524, 525, 530-532e] - Act 9
Farmer mental health assistance [Sec. 128, 1098] - Act 9
Child born alive after abortion: requirements of health care providers present and criminal penalties created, damage provisions [vetoed] - AB179
WIC program changes [Sec. 1896-1934] - Act 9
first class cityFirst class city, see Milwaukee -- City
fish and fishingFish and fishing
Hunting, fishing, and trapping approvals: DNR may develop an automatic reissuance system [Sec. 348] - Act 9
floodplain managementFloodplain management
Urban storm water and runoff, flood control, and riparian restoration projects: DNR bonding authority increased [Sec. 298] - Act 9
food stamp planFood stamp plan
WIC program changes [Sec. 1896-1934] - Act 9
County forest road aid modified [Sec. 1096m] - Act 9
Electric scooters: operation on highways allowed; conditions, definition, and equipment requirements provisions - Act 11
Selective abortions and disability-selective abortion prohibited; civil remedies and injunctive relief provisions [vetoed] - AB182
foster homeFoster home, see Children
franchise _ taxationFranchise -- Taxation
Interest earned on bonds or notes issued by WHEFA: income and franchise tax exemption created [Sec. 849, 923, 961, 9337 (3)] - Act 9
Wisconsin businesses that move out of state or the U.S.: income and franchise tax deductions for moving expenses eliminated; definition provision - Act 7
freight transportationFreight transportation, see Railroad
fte _full_time equivalent position_FTE (Full-time equivalent position), see Public employee
gasoline _ taxationGasoline -- Taxation
Licensed motor vehicle fuel suppliers: administrative allowance eliminated [Sec. 1066ed, fd, 9437 (5f)] [9437 (5f) -- partial veto] - Act 9
Motor vehicle fuel tax: retailer refunds for evaporation sunsetted [Sec. 311m, 1067i-p, 9437 (6f)] - Act 9
general fundGeneral fund, see Appropriation
genetics and genetic testingGenetics and genetic testing
DNA surcharge transfer [Sec. 238, 9227 (1)] - Act 9
governor _ legislation by request ofGovernor -- Legislation by request of
Budget bill [partial veto] - Act 9
gpr _general purpose revenue_GPR (General purpose revenue), see specific agency
great lakesGreat Lakes, see Lakes
guardian and wardGuardian and ward
Guardian of child in need of protection or services: DCF appropriation for subsidized guardianship payments to counties modified [Sec. 212, 213, 216, 217, 529] - Act 9
Harbor assistance grants priority [Sec. 9144 (2)] - Act 9
Harbor assistance program bonding limit increased [Sec. 305] - Act 9
health and educational facilities authority, wisconsinHealth and Educational Facilities Authority, Wisconsin
Interest earned on bonds or notes issued by WHEFA: income and franchise tax exemption created [Sec. 849, 923, 961, 9337 (3)] - Act 9