2019 Senate Resolution 2
To repeal senate rule 65 (3); to amend senate rule 5 (2) (c), senate rule 13m (10), senate rule 18 (2), senate rule 22 (2) and senate rule 65 (2); to repeal and recreate senate rule 98 (4); and to create senate rule 22 (3); relating to: the senate rules.
Resolved by the senate, That:
SR2,1 Section 1. Senate rule 5 (2) (c) is amended to read:
Senate Rule 5 (2) (c) Prepare and publish for reproduction its daily journal after the adjournment of each daily session, and, if so directed by the president or as necessary, on any day on which the senate does not meet.
SR2,2 Section 2. Senate rule 13m (10) is amended to read:
Senate Rule 13m (10) May not photograph or record any of the proceedings in the chamber.
SR2,3 Section 3. Senate rule 18 (2) is amended to read:
Senate Rule 18 (2) The sergeant at arms shall distribute a A copy of the calendar shall be distributed to all members before the calendar is acted upon.
SR2,4 Section 4. Senate rule 22 (2) is amended to read:
Senate Rule 22 (2) On the question of the confirmation of appointments, the vote shall be taken by ayes and noes, which shall be entered upon the journal. The question of confirmation of the appointments is not subject to a motion for reconsideration under rule 67. The senate may, but is not required to, act upon an appointment resubmitted to the senate when the identical appointment has once been refused confirmation by the senate. The chief clerk shall record the cumulative status of all appointments in the bulletin of proceedings. The senate shall inform the governor or other appointing authority of the senate's final action on confirmation of all nominations for appointment and the assembly of the senate's final action on confirmation of a nomination for appointment that requires assembly confirmation.
SR2,5 Section 5. Senate rule 22 (3) is created to read:
Senate Rule 22 (3) All nominations for appointments, if they have not otherwise been submitted to the senate, shall be considered to have been submitted to the senate on the 5th day after the individual is nominated for appointment.
SR2,6 Section 6. Senate rule 65 (2) is amended to read:
Senate Rule 65 (2) A motion to lay a proposal on the table, if approved, has the effect of returning the matter If a proposal is tabled on a certain day and is not removed from the table on that day, the proposal is returned to the committee on senate organization.
SR2,7 Section 7. Senate rule 65 (3) is repealed.
SR2,8 Section 8. Senate rule 98 (4) is repealed and recreated to read:
Senate Rule 98 (4) All citations on behalf of the senate must be prepared on an artistic form approved by the committee on senate organization, must be suitable for framing, and must be in substantially the following form:
(Scrollwork Incorporating State Coat of Arms)
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