2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
November 5, 2019 - Introduced by Representatives August, Nygren, Thiesfeldt,
Milroy, Tauchen, Vruwink, Dittrich, Steffen, Wichgers, Mursau, Tittl,
Sinicki, Wittke, Kerkman and Subeck, cosponsored by Senators Feyen,
Cowles and Nass. Referred to Committee on Rules.
AJR101,1,3 1Relating to: recognizing the Jaycees' ongoing commitment to community
2involvement and commending the organization upon its 100th anniversary of
3its founding.
AJR101,1,64 Whereas, the Jaycees movement began in October 1915, as Henry Giessenbier
5Jr. created the Young Men's Progressive Civic Association in St. Louis as a way for
6local youth to be more active in their community; and
AJR101,1,117 Whereas, the Jaycees officially started during a two-day conference in St. Louis
8in January 1920. The conference brought together 3,000 young adults from over 29
9national organizations, and the organization was initially known as the U.S. Junior
10Chamber of Commerce. Henry Giessenbier Jr. was elected the first president of the
11new organization; and
AJR101,2,212 Whereas, in 1923, the Jaycees became an international organization with the
13creation of a branch in Canada, the first chapter created outside the United States.
14Over the next five years, multiple chapters were started in England, marking the
15first time the organization spread outside North America. By 1943, the movement

1had spread through Central America, and a year later the first international
2conference was held; and
AJR101,2,93 Whereas, over the years, the Jaycees have played a prominent role in a number
4of national causes: the development of the U.S. Airmail Service, the first Get Out the
5Vote campaign, the formation of the National Wildlife Foundation, Operation
6Threshold, which is aimed at reducing alcohol abuse, the distribution of over 7
7million doses of the rubella measles vaccine, the Jaycees Against Youth Smoking
8program, and the Jaycee KidCare I.D. Program, which assists in locating missing
9children; and
AJR101,2,1510 Whereas, since its inception, the Jaycees have had over 11 million members in
11the United States and 20 million worldwide. Members include Presidents Ronald
12Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, and Richard Nixon; Vice
13Presidents Al Gore, Hubert Humphrey, and Walter Mondale; Chief Justice of the
14U.S. Supreme Court Warren Burger; and Elvis Presley, Larry Bird, and Bill Gates;
AJR101,2,2016 Whereas, in Wisconsin, the Jaycees have shown their commitment to their
17communities through a number of worthwhile projects including the La Crosse
18Thunder Ride for Juvenile Diabetes, the Lake Geneva Walk to End Alzheimer's, the
19Fourth of July Fireworks in Appleton, and the construction of many parks,
20playgrounds, and elderly housing; and
AJR101,2,2421 Whereas, today, the Jaycees are made up of active citizens between the ages of
2218 and 40 who are dedicated to the future of their communities and the world as a
23whole. Membership is over 200,000 individuals worldwide, as the Jaycees have
24expanded to over 5,000 local organizations and 123 nations; now, therefore, be it
1Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the legislature, in
2recognition of the Jaycees' ongoing commitment to community involvement through
3the enhancement of the leadership skills, knowledge, and understanding of young
4adults, does hereby commend the organization upon its 100th anniversary of its
AJR101,3,66 (End)