2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
April 4, 2019 - Introduced by Representatives Brostoff, Skowronski, Emerson,
Zamarripa, Anderson, Allen, Vining, Crowley, Fields, Hebl, Milroy,
Dittrich, Bowen, Kulp, C. Taylor, Vruwink, Myers, Thiesfeldt, Spreitzer,
Duchow, Rohrkaste, Stubbs, Sargent and Sinicki, cosponsored by Senators
Testin, Hansen, L. Taylor, Larson, Olsen, Wanggaard and Cowles. Referred
to Committee on Rules.
AJR27,1,1 1Relating to: recognizing April 2019 as Deaf History Month in Wisconsin.
AJR27,1,32 Whereas, National Deaf History Month coincides with key historical dates that
3celebrate the Deaf community's history; and
AJR27,1,64 Whereas, in April, 1817 in Hartford, Connecticut, the American School for the
5Deaf was founded as the first permanent educational institution in the country for
6Deaf students; and
AJR27,1,97Whereas, on April 18, 1852, the Wisconsin Legislature approved Chapter 481,
8Laws of 1852
, permitting Ebenezer Chesebro to found the Wisconsin School for the
9Deaf in Delevan; and
AJR27,1,1210 Whereas, on April 8, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Gallaudet
11University charter to establish the first university for the Deaf, located in our
12nation's capital; and
AJR27,1,1413 Whereas, the Wisconsin Association of the Deaf was founded in Delavan in
141876; and
1Whereas, Wisconsin native Philip S. Engelhardt became the first president of
2the Wisconsin Association for the Deaf and founded the first Society of the Deaf in
3Milwaukee; and
AJR27,2,64 Whereas, in 1886, Deaf player William Ellsworth Hoy began his professional
5baseball career in Oshkosh, Wisconsin before going on to set Major League records
6for multiple teams; and
AJR27,2,97 Whereas, Wisconsin legislators authorized school boards to grant foreign
8language credit for courses in American Sign Language (ASL) under 1989 Wisconsin
9Act 280
; and
AJR27,2,1210 Whereas, to help families support communication need and development of
11their children, Wisconsin hospitals have been required to screen the hearing of each
12newborn since 2004; and
AJR27,2,1413 Whereas, in 2010 Wisconsin native Michelle Koplitz won the title of Miss Deaf
14America, a pageant which first took place in 1972; and
AJR27,2,1715 Whereas, in April 2016, the Wisconsin Association of the Deaf and the
16Wisconsin Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf organized the community's first
17legislative action day to bring the needs of the community to their legislators; and
AJR27,2,1918 Whereas, hearing loss affects about half a million Wisconsin residents; now,
19therefore be it
AJR27,2,22 20Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the members of the
21Wisconsin Legislature hereby recognize April 2019 as Deaf History Month in
AJR27,2,2323 (End)