2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
May 15, 2019 - Introduced by Representatives Subeck, Brostoff, Riemer,
Anderson, Ballweg, Billings, Bowen, Crowley, Emerson, Hebl, Horlacher,
Kolste, Kulp, Macco, Milroy, Neubauer, Ohnstad, Sargent, Shankland,
Sinicki, Spreitzer, Stubbs, C. Taylor, Vruwink, Zamarripa, Knodl, Tusler,
Gruszynski and Pope, cosponsored by Senators Bewley, Larson, Ringhand
and Risser. Referred to Committee on Rules.
AJR44,1,1 1Relating to: proclaiming May 2019 as Jewish American Heritage Month.
AJR44,1,42 Whereas, since 2006, Jewish American Heritage Month has been observed
3nationwide every May to recognize the more than 360-year history of Jewish
4contributions to our nation's civic, social, economic, and cultural life; and
AJR44,1,85 Whereas, the 2019 theme of Jewish American Heritage Month is “American
6Jewish Illustrators” in order to recognize the many Jewish artists who have helped
7create beloved children's books, graphic novels, and other illustrations, thereby
8enriching America's imaginative landscape; and
AJR44,1,119 Whereas, it is estimated that over 330,000 persecuted Jews from Germany,
10Russia, Poland, and several other countries found refuge in the United States
11between 1933 and 1952; and
AJR44,1,1412 Whereas, many Jewish American survivors of the Holocaust have dedicated
13their lives to fighting for civil rights and educating future generations about the
14dangers of bigotry and anti-Semitism and the resilience of the human spirit; and
1Whereas, it is estimated that over 30,000 Jews live in Wisconsin today,
2worshiping at over 30 active synagogues; and
AJR44,2,43 Whereas, the UW-Madison branch of Hillel began in 1924 and is the
4second-oldest in the nation; and
AJR44,2,85 Whereas, several renowned Jewish Americans have resided in Wisconsin,
6including author Edna Ferber, U.S. Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold, actors
7Gene Wilder and Charlotte Rae, magician Harry Houdini, and Israeli Prime
8Minister Golda Meir; and
AJR44,2,119 Whereas, the Jewish tenet tikkun olam, translated from Hebrew as “repair of
10the world,” is a call to Jews to pursue justice and righteousness for all of humanity;
AJR44,2,1412 Whereas, the Jewish experience in America has consistently reminded us that
13liberty and opportunity ultimately triumph over prejudice and hate; now, therefore,
14be it
AJR44,2,19 15Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the Wisconsin
16Legislature proclaims May 2019 as Jewish American History Month and joins all
17Wisconsinites in thanking our fellow Jewish American citizens for shaping our
18country's character, strengthening our promise of religious freedom, and teaching us
19the virtues of justice, hope, and perseverance.
AJR44,2,2020 (End)