2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
May 30, 2019 - Introduced by Representatives L. Myers, Sinicki, Crowley, Fields,
Hebl, Ballweg, Zamarripa, Mursau, Sargent, Anderson, Bowen, Shankland,
Vruwink, C. Taylor, Tusler, Ohnstad, Spreitzer, Neubauer, Spiros,
Haywood, Stubbs and Hintz, cosponsored by Senators L. Taylor, Ringhand,
Wirch and Bewley. Referred to Committee on Rules.
AJR49,1,2 1Relating to: honoring Wisconsin native Arike Ogunbowale for an incredible college
2women's basketball career with the University of Notre Dame.
AJR49,1,53 Whereas, Arike Ogunbowale was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by
4her parents Yolanda and Gregory Ogunbowale and is the youngest of three children;
AJR49,1,86 Whereas, Arike attended Divine Savior Holy Angels High School in Milwaukee,
7where she played basketball and was recruited to play for the University of Notre
8Dame Fighting Irish following her graduation; and
AJR49,2,39 Whereas, Arike Ogunbowale won many awards and recognitions over the
10course of her high school career, including being a 2015 McDonald's High School
11All-America selection, the third person from Wisconsin ever to achieve this status;
12being named a three-time Gatorade Wisconsin High School Player of the Year,
13three-time Associated Press Wisconsin High School Player of the Year, the Most
14Valuable Player in the Greater Metro Conference four times, and the 2015 Wisconsin
15Miss Basketball; being selected all-state first team four times; scoring a total of

12,240 career points, making her the sixth highest scorer of all-time in Wisconsin; and
2leading her team to win the State Girls Basketball Tournament Division I
3Championship during her senior year and two Greater Metro Conference titles; and
AJR49,2,54 Whereas, Ogunbowale will graduate on May 19, 2019, from the University of
5Notre Dame with a bachelor's degree in business; and
AJR49,2,116 Whereas, Arike Ogunbowale also won numerous awards and recognitions
7throughout her college career at Notre Dame, including being named the Final Four
8Most Outstanding Player, first team All-ACC, WBCA All-American, and Naismith
9Trophy Semifinalist; becoming the all-time leading scorer at Notre Dame; and
10receiving the ACC Mary Garber Award, given to the top female athlete of the year;
AJR49,2,1612 Whereas, Ogunbowale has led the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to two NCAA
13Women's Basketball championship games, leading her team in points in the 2019
14championship game by scoring an incredible 31 points, and helping her team to earn
15the 2018 National Championship title by making a last-second three-point shot to
16win the game 61-58; and
AJR49,2,1917 Whereas, Ogunbowale finished her amazing college career on April 7, 2019,
18with a career total of 2,494 points, averaging 17.3 points per game, and 144 games
19played; and
AJR49,2,2220 Whereas, Arike Ogunbowale was selected fifth overall in the first round of the
21Women's National Basketball Association's draft on April 10, 2019, by the Dallas
22Wings, where she will begin her professional basketball career; and
AJR49,2,2523 Whereas, Arike Ogunbowale is an astounding young woman who has
24represented herself and her family, teams, community, state, and country extremely
25well both on and off the court; now, therefore, be it
1Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the members of the
2Wisconsin Legislature hereby recognize Arike Ogunbowale for her outstanding
3college career as a member of the Notre Dame women's basketball team.
AJR49,3,44 (End)