ATCP 69.02(3)(e)4. 4. Principles of milk pasteurization.
ATCP 69.02(3)(e)5. 5. Dairy sanitation.
ATCP 69.02(4) (4)Examination. An applicant for a cheesemaker's license, other than a renewal license, shall pass a written examination in order to qualify for the license. The license examination shall test the applicant's knowledge of cheesemaking and related matters, and may include questions related to any of the following:
ATCP 69.02(4)(a) (a) Laws related to cheesemaking, including standards of identity, food safety standards, labeling requirements and related matters.
ATCP 69.02(4)(b) (b) The fundamentals of cheesemaking, including all of the following:
ATCP 69.02(4)(b)1. 1. Preparation and care of equipment.
ATCP 69.02(4)(b)2. 2. Composition control.
ATCP 69.02(4)(b)3. 3. Preparation and use of starter.
ATCP 69.02(4)(b)4. 4. Pasteurization of milk, cream, and other dairy ingredients.
ATCP 69.02(4)(b)5. 5. Problems of acidity control.
ATCP 69.02(4)(b)6. 6. Common cheese defects and methods of overcoming them.
ATCP 69.02(4)(b)7. 7. Yeast, mold and bacterial control methods.
ATCP 69.02(4)(c) (c) Relevant arithmetical problems related to dairy plant operations, cheese production, plant efficiencies and dairy product values.
ATCP 69.02(4)(d) (d) Practical working knowledge related to all of the following:
ATCP 69.02(4)(d)1. 1. Testing milk and dairy products for bacteria, sediment and acidity.
ATCP 69.02(4)(d)2. 2. Grading milk, cream and dairy ingredients.
ATCP 69.02(4)(d)3. 3. Analysis of cheese composition.
ATCP 69.02(4)(d)4. 4. Judging cheese samples.
ATCP 69.02(4)(d)5. 5. Fundamentals of pasteurization.
ATCP 69.02(5) (5)License Fee. An applicant for a cheesemaker license shall pay a license fee of $75.
ATCP 69.02(6) (6)Action on license application. The department shall grant or deny a license application under sub. (2) within 20 days after the applicant submits a complete application and takes any examination required under sub. (4). If an examination is required under sub. (4), the department shall administer the examination within 40 days after the department receives a complete license application under sub. (2) unless the applicant agrees to a later examination date.
ATCP 69.02(7) (7)Conditional License. The department may issue a license under s. 97.17, Stats., on a conditional basis, pursuant to s. 93.06 (8), Stats. If the department issues a license to an applicant who qualifies under sub. (3) (e), the license shall be a conditional license for at least 2 years. The conditional license status shall be removed from the license if the license holder has met the requirements in pars. (a) and (b) and completed the period of conditional licensure set by the department. The department may summarily suspend the license if the license holder fails to do any of the following:
ATCP 69.02(7)(a) (a) Successfully complete a performance evaluation conducted by qualified department staff at any time during the conditional license term. The department may conduct an evaluation at any time, at its discretion.
ATCP 69.02(7)(b) (b) Complete the 40 hours of department-approved continuing education related to cheesemaking by the end of the conditional license period. Continuing education programs may include any of the following:
ATCP 69.02(7)(b)1. 1. Seminars on cheese safety, quality and grading provided by a trade association or other continuing education provider.
ATCP 69.02(7)(b)2. 2. Short courses on cheesemaking and grading provided by an accredited university or university extension service.
ATCP 69.02(7)(b)3. 3. Other programs approved by the department.
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ATCP 69.03 ATCP 69.03License displayed. Each buttermaker's and cheesemaker's permit or license shall be conspicuously displayed at the factory where the permittee or licensee is engaged in the licensed activity or employed.
ATCP 69.03 History History: 1-2-56; am. Register, January, 1985, No. 349, eff. 2-1-85.
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