Register February 2012 No. 674
Chapter DCF 52
An exterior ramp is a sloping walk or structure having a gradient greater than 1:20 that provides access to or a means of exit from a building. An exterior ramp shall meet the following specifications:
a.   Width. A minimum width of 48 inches, of which not more than 4 inches on each side may be occupied by a handrail, and a slip-resistant surface.
b.   Gradient. A gradient not greater than a 1:12 slope.
c.   Handrails. Graspable handrails as follows:
  - A ramp with a gradient greater than 1:20 but less than 1:12 shall have a handrail on at least one side of the ramp.
  - A ramp with a gradient of 1:12 shall have handrails on both sides of the ramp.
  - A ramp shall have a handrail on a side where the adjacent terrain exceeds a 1:4 downward slope away from the ramp.
d.   Handrail height. A handrail mounted so that the top is between 30 inches and 34 inches above the ramp surface.
e.   Midrails. If open-sided, having an intermediate parallel rail located at mid-height between a handrail and the ramp surface.
f.   Handrail clearance. A clear space of at least 11/2 inches between a handrail and any adjoining wall.
g.   Ramp clearance. The floor on each side of an accessible doorway shall be level for a distance of 5 feet from the door, and the ramp shall have a level platform at least 5 feet long where it turns and at least 5 feet of level clearance at the bottom.
h.   Rest platform. A ramp longer than 30 feet in length shall have a 5-foot long level platform after each 30-foot length of ramp.
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