Register March 2019 No. 759
Chapter DHS 124
Subchapter I — General
DHS 124.01   Authority, purpose and applicability.
DHS 124.02   Definitions.
DHS 124.03   Approval by the department.
DHS 124.04   Waivers and variances.
Subchapter II — Management
DHS 124.05   Governing body.
DHS 124.06   Chief executive officer.
DHS 124.07   Employee health.
DHS 124.08   Infection control.
DHS 124.09   Staff library.
DHS 124.10   Quality assurance.
DHS 124.11   Utilization review.
Subchapter III — Medical Staff
DHS 124.12   Medical staff.
Subchapter IV — Services
DHS 124.13   Nursing services.
DHS 124.14   Medical record services.
DHS 124.15   Pharmaceutical services.
DHS 124.16   Dietary services.
DHS 124.17   Laboratory services.
DHS 124.18   Radiological services.
DHS 124.19   Nuclear medicine services.
DHS 124.20   Clinical services.
DHS 124.21   Rehabilitation services.
DHS 124.22   Respiratory care services.
DHS 124.23   Outpatient services.
DHS 124.24   Emergency services.
DHS 124.25   Social work services.
DHS 124.26   Additional requirements for psychiatric hospitals.
Subchapter V — Physical Environment
DHS 124.27   General requirements and definitions.
DHS 124.28   Fire protection.
DHS 124.29   Plans for new construction or remodeling.
DHS 124.30   Review for compliance with this chapter and the state building code.
DHS 124.31   Fees for plan reviews.
DHS 124.32   Patient rooms - general.
DHS 124.33   Isolation.
DHS 124.34   Patient care areas.
DHS 124.35   Additional requirements for particular patient care areas.
DHS 124.36   Other physical environment.
Subchapter VI — Critical Access Hospitals
DHS 124.37   Applicability.
DHS 124.38   Definitions.
DHS 124.39   Designation as a critical access hospital.
DHS 124.40   Requirements for a critical access hospital.
DHS 124.41   Rural health plan.
Ch. DHS 124 Note Note: Chapter H 24 as it existed on January 31, 1988 was repealed and a new chapter HSS 124 was created effective February 1, 1988. Chapter HSS 124 was renumbered chapter HFS 124 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., and corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, August, 1996, No. 488. Chapter HFS 124 was renumbered chapter DHS 124 under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., and corrections made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register January 2009 No. 637.
subch. I of ch. DHS 124 Subchapter I — General
DHS 124.01 DHS 124.01Authority, purpose and applicability. This chapter establishes standards for the construction, maintenance and operation of hospitals. The chapter is promulgated under the authority of s. 50.36 (1), Stats., to ensure that hospital patients receive safe and adequate care and treatment and that the health and safety of patients and hospital employees are protected. The provisions of this chapter apply to all facilities meeting the definition of hospital in s. 50.33 (2), Stats., that are not specifically exempt under s. 50.39, Stats., except for those provisions that apply only to particular types of hospitals.
DHS 124.01 Note Note: Among facilities that are specifically exempt under s. 50.39, Stats., from being treated as hospitals for purposes of regulation under ss. 50.32 to 50.39 and this chapter are physicians' clinics and offices, nursing homes, the Milwaukee County Mental Health Center and correctional institutions operated by the Wisconsin department of corrections.
DHS 124.01 History History: Cr. Register, January, 1988, No. 385, eff. 2-1-88.
DHS 124.02 DHS 124.02Definitions. In this chapter:
DHS 124.02(1) (1)“Allied health personnel" means persons who are not physicians, podiatrists or dentists but who are admitted to practice in the hospital through the medical staff credentialing process or are hospital employees who function under the supervision of physicians, podiatrists or dentists as stated in the appropriate job descriptions.
DHS 124.02(1m) (1m)“Critical access hospital" means a hospital that is designated by the department as meeting the requirements of 42 USC 1395i-4 (c) (2) (B) and is federally certified as meeting the requirements of 42 USC 1395i-4 (e).
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