Register October 2015 No. 718
Chapter DWD 80
DWD 80.01   Definitions.
DWD 80.02   Reports.
DWD 80.025   Inspection and copying of records.
DWD 80.03   Compromise.
DWD 80.05   Procedure on claim.
DWD 80.06   Parties.
DWD 80.07   Service.
DWD 80.08   Amendments.
DWD 80.09   Witness attendance; extension of time and postponement.
DWD 80.10   Stipulations.
DWD 80.11   Depositions.
DWD 80.12   Rules of practice; selection of hearing site.
DWD 80.13   Audio recording of formal hearings.
DWD 80.14   Transcripts.
DWD 80.20   License to appear.
DWD 80.21   Reports by practitioners and expert witnesses.
DWD 80.22   Use of physicians' reports as evidence.
DWD 80.23   Common insurance of employer and third party.
DWD 80.25   Loss of hearing.
DWD 80.26   Loss of vision; determination.
DWD 80.27   Forms.
DWD 80.29   Value of room or meals.
DWD 80.30   Average weekly earnings for members of volunteer fire companies or fire departments.
DWD 80.31   Procedure and claims under ch. 40, Stats.
DWD 80.32   Permanent disabilities.
DWD 80.33   Permanent disabilities; fingertip amputations.
DWD 80.34   Loss of earning capacity.
DWD 80.38   Assessment of administrative expenses.
DWD 80.39   Advance payment of unaccrued compensation.
DWD 80.40   Assessment for unpaid claims of insolvent self-insurer.
DWD 80.41   Computation of monthly salary and reimbursement to retirement fund under s. 66.191, 1981 Stats.
DWD 80.42   Vocational rehabilitation; reporting requirement.
DWD 80.43   Fees and costs.
DWD 80.44   Witness fees and travel reimbursement.
DWD 80.46   Contribution to support of unestranged surviving parent.
DWD 80.47   Medical release of employee for restricted work in the healing period.
DWD 80.48   Reassignment of death benefits.
DWD 80.49   Vocational rehabilitation benefits.
DWD 80.50   Computation of permanent disabilities.
DWD 80.51   Computation of weekly wage.
DWD 80.52   Payment of permanent disability where the degree of permanency is disputed.
DWD 80.60   Exemption from duty to insure (self-insurance).
DWD 80.61   Divided-insurance and partial-insurance requirements under s. 102.31 (1) and (6), for all employers, including contractors working on a wrap-up project.
DWD 80.62   Uninsured employers fund.
DWD 80.65   Notice of cancellation, termination, or nonrenewal.
DWD 80.67   Insurer name change.
DWD 80.68   Payment of benefits under s. 102.59, Stats.
DWD 80.70   Malice or bad faith.
DWD 80.72   Health service fee dispute resolution process.
DWD 80.73   Health service necessity of treatment dispute resolution process.
Ch. DWD 80 Note Note: Chapter Ind 80 was renumbered chapter DWD 80 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., Register, July, 1996, No. 487.
DWD 80.01 DWD 80.01Definitions.
DWD 80.01(1) (1) “ Act," “compensation act" or “worker's compensation act" means ch. 102, Stats.
DWD 80.01(2) (2) “Department" means the department of workforce development.
DWD 80.01(3) (3) “Commission" means the labor and industry review commission.
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