Register June 2005 No. 594
Chapter ER-MRS 7
ER-MRS 7.01   General.
ER-MRS 7.02   Certification for labor and service classes.
Ch. ER-MRS 7 Note Note: Chapter Pers 7 was renumbered to chapter ER-Pers 7, effective March 1, 1983. Chapter ER-Pers 7 was renumbered chapter ER-MRS 7 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., Register, October, 1994, No. 466.
ER-MRS 7.01 ER-MRS 7.01 General. The administrator may designate unskilled labor and service classes and may establish separate recruitment, examination and certification procedures for such classes.
ER-MRS 7.01 History History: Cr. Register, October, 1972, No. 202, eff. 11-1-72; am. Register, September, 1975, No. 237, eff. 10-1-75; am. Register, February, 1981, No. 302, eff. 3-1-81; am. Register, May, 1988, No. 389, eff. 6-1-88.
ER-MRS 7.02 ER-MRS 7.02 Certification for labor and service classes.
ER-MRS 7.02(1)(1) The administrator may use methods of random certification to determine which applicants for labor and service employment will receive further employment consideration.
ER-MRS 7.02(2) (2) The number of applicants to receive further employment consideration when random certification is used shall not exceed the number which would be certified under s. 230.25 (1), Stats.
ER-MRS 7.02 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1988, No. 389, eff. 6-1-88.
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