Game 10.05   Mutuel tickets.
Game 10.06   Mutuel facilities; tickets; specification requirements and procedures.
Game 10.07   Totalizator system: system requirements.
Game 10.08   Totalizator system: procedural requirements.
Game 10.09   Totalizator system licensees.
Ch. Game 10 Note Note: Chapter RACE 10 was renumbered chapter WGC 10 and corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1. and 6., Stats., Register, March, 1995, No. 471.
Ch. Game 10 Note Note: Chapter WGC 10 was renumbered chapter Game 10 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., and corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 6. and 7., Stats., Register November 2003 No. 575.
Game 10.01 Game 10.01Purpose. This section governs supervision of the pari-mutuel wagering system, collection of taxes prescribed in the act and protection of the wagering public.
Game 10.01 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1990, No. 411, eff. 4-1-90.
Game 10.02 Game 10.02Definitions.
Game 10.02(1) (1) “ Canceled ticket" means a ticket which represents a wager which has been canceled and withdrawn from the pari-mutuel pools.
Game 10.02(2) (2) “Cashed ticket" means any pari-mutuel ticket which is refunded or which is presented for payment of a winning wager and is paid.
Game 10.02(3) (3) “Cashier accounting" means the record of teller activity by transaction and time of transaction.
Game 10.02(4) (4) “Central processing unit" or “CPU" means the main computer which controls and stores both programs and data.
Game 10.02(5) (5) “Computer log library" means a record of all operator initiated actions of the transaction processor.
Game 10.02(6) (6) “Console" means the totalizator status monitor which displays current race pool status information.
Game 10.02(7) (7) “Issued ticket" means a wager for which the ticket issuing machine produced a hard copy.
Game 10.02(7m) (7m) “Magnetic tape" means all magnetic media.
Game 10.02(8) (8) “Refunded ticket" means a ticket which has been refunded for the value of a wager that is no longer valid.
Game 10.02(9) (9) “Ticket issuing machine" or “TIM" means a machine which prints hard copies of wagers.
Game 10.02(10) (10) “Totalizator system licensee" means any person, corporation or company which operates totalizator equipment and is licensed by the division.
Game 10.02(11) (11) “Tote room" means the room at a race track in which the totalizator system's computer is housed.
Game 10.02(12) (12) “Utilities" means the programs that are provided by computer vendors to perform tasks such as duplication of program tapes, modification of master files, and access to passwords.
Game 10.02 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1990, No. 411, eff. 4-1-90; cr. (7m), Register, July, 1990, No. 415, eff. 8-1-90.
Game 10.03 Game 10.03System failure. If, for any reason, during the course of a racing program the totalizator system is unable to record wagers received from the public or guarantee the integrity of the pari-mutuel pools, the totalizator system licensee shall advise the mutuel manager who shall then immediately notify the stewards. The totalizator system licensee shall keep the stewards advised of its efforts to correct the problem and, if said licensee is unable to correct the problem, it shall so advise the stewards. After consultation with the association, the stewards may order the cancellation of wagering for the race or program and the refund of the affected wagers. The stewards, after consultation with the association may permit some or all of the remaining races to be contested as wagerless exhibitions, after taking into consideration factors including, but not limited to, the purses, the amount of wagering, and the time required to make repairs to the totalizator system.
Game 10.03 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1990, No. 411, eff. 4-1-90; am. (3) (c), Register, July, 1990, No. 415, eff. 8-1-90; CR 03-070: r. (1), (2), (3) and (5), renum. (4) to be Game 10.03 and am. Register November 2003 No. 575, eff. 12-1-03.
Game 10.04 Game 10.04Procedures and reports required of associations.
Game 10.04(1)(1)Cashed tickets. Each association shall maintain facilities and enforce procedures which ensure the security of cashed tickets and the integrity of outstanding ticket records. Such security requirements shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
Game 10.04(1)(a) (a) Access of all totalizator employees to cashed tickets storage areas shall be prohibited;
Game 10.04(1)(b) (b) Cashed tickets shall be maintained in a 2 hour fire resistant facility unless other comparable fire protection is installed and operable;
Game 10.04(1)(c) (c) Cashed and canceled tickets shall be maintained until 60 days after the payment of any outs money due the state for the race meet for which the ticket was purchased, unless the division directs, in writing, that the association continue to retain the tickets specified for the purpose of conducting an investigation or audit;
Game 10.04(1)(d) (d) Cashed ticket storage facilities shall be secured by a locking system;
Game 10.04(1)(e) (e) Only the mutuel manager or designee shall have access to cashed ticket storage areas for outstanding ticket records and uncashed ticket records; and
Game 10.04(1)(f) (f) Access to magnetic log tapes or comparable medium and the computer log library tapes by the mutuel manager and employees of the mutuel department shall be prohibited. The possession of magnetic log tapes and computer log library tapes shall be retained by associations for a period of 6 months from the end of the race meet.
Game 10.04(2) (2)Summary of operators. The mutuel manager of the association shall prepare a summary of the pari-mutuel operations report for each racing program to be submitted to the division auditor daily. This shall serve as the original record of wagering activities at the racetrack.
Game 10.04 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1990, No. 411, eff. 4-1-90; am. (1) (f), Register, July, 1990, No. 415, eff. 8-1-90; CR 03-070: am. (1) (c) Register November 2003 No. 575, eff. 12-1-03.
Game 10.05 Game 10.05Mutuel tickets.
Game 10.05(1) (1)Marking of tickets. To prevent re-entry in the pari-mutuel system for duplicate cashing, the association shall cause each cashed or refunded ticket to be marked in a manner which will not destroy the identity of the ticket but will indicate that it has been cashed, or so indicated by computer imprint.
Game 10.05(2) (2)Status of outs account. The association shall make available to the division auditor each racing program a computer print-out of outstanding tickets cashed during the previous racing program and, at the request of the division auditor, produce, subject to the limitation in s. Game 10.04 (1) (c), the actual tickets requested which were cashed during a particular program.
Game 10.05(4) (4)Records of refunds and cancellations. The seller or cashier or both shall retain and account for all refunded or canceled tickets. These refunded or canceled tickets will be retained by the association, in the manner prescribed in s. Game 10.04 (1). In the case of a request for an extension, as detailed in s. Game 10.04 (1), the tickets shall be retained until all audit tests have been completed and the administrator issues a letter allowing for the disposal of such tickets and records. If a refunded or canceled ticket is not available for inspection then sufficient supporting documentation, in the form of a seller cashier history shall be available upon request. In no event shall a refunded mutuel ticket which has been removed from the totalizator system by a key commission entry be accepted by the division auditor as a record of payment unless the actual hard copy ticket is presented during the audit.
Game 10.05(5) (5)Computer print-outs. Each association shall make available to the division auditor for inspection and review all computer printouts generated by the totalizator system and shall upon request supply the division auditor with copies of such printouts.
Game 10.05(6) (6)Additional method of calculation. If any written method of calculation or check-up, in addition to the computer printouts specified in sub. (5) is used or undertaken by the association, exact copies of all such calculations or check-ups shall be delivered by the association to the division auditor as soon as possible after each race.
Game 10.05 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1990, No. 411, eff. 4-1-90; am. (2), Register, July, 1990, No. 415, eff. 8-1-90; corrections in (2) and (4) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, March, 1995, No. 471; CR 03-070: r. (3) Register November 2003 No. 575, eff. 12-1-03.
Game 10.06 Game 10.06Mutuel facilities; tickets; specification requirements and procedures.
Game 10.06(1) (1)No reduction in capacity. An association shall not change a totalizator system if the change will reduce the functional capacity of the system without prior division approval.
Game 10.06 Note Note: An example of a decrease in functional capacity is going from a cash/sell system to a sell only system.
Game 10.06(2) (2)Totalizators. Each association shall use ticket issuing machines, linked to a computer based totalizator system, that shall:
Game 10.06(2)(a) (a) Record the progressive, aggregate, and final total in dollars wagered in each pool and on each entry or mutuel field;
Game 10.06(2)(b) (b) Compute the approximate and final odds in the win pool for each entry in each race at intervals not greater than 60 seconds and relay those odds to the infield display board and to other display devices;
Game 10.06(2)(c) (c) Compute commissions and breaks;
Game 10.06(2)(d) (d) Compute the payout prices.
Game 10.06(3) (3)Final confirmation. For the purpose of confirming the final record of pari-mutuel sales for each race each association and totalizator licensee shall, for each wagering pool, obtain a computer printout or store on magnetic media the following information for each ticket issuing machine for 6 months:
Game 10.06(3)(a) (a) The total dollars wagered on each entry; and
Game 10.06(3)(b) (b) The combination of entries.
Game 10.06(4) (4)Locking devices. Each totalizator licensee shall provide for the purpose of locking ticket issuing machines at the start of each race:
Game 10.06(4)(a) (a) One device located within the stewards' stands; and
Game 10.06(4)(b) (b) One device located in the tote room for use as an emergency locking device.
Game 10.06(5) (5)Control of locking devices. The locking control device referred to in sub. (4) shall be controlled by a division steward. This device shall disable all ticket issuing machines from issuing tickets instantaneously. The execution of the locking control device shall be noted by the ringing of the off-bell. It shall be the ultimate responsibility of the mutuel department representative to assure that “stop wagering" meaning a cessation of all wagering, occurs. In no event shall the association allow bets to be accepted or tickets to be canceled after the relevant stop wagering command has been issued.
Game 10.06(6) (6)Accounting for individual tickets. For the purpose of accounting of individual tickets, each association shall cause each ticket to be identified by a unique computer generated ticket number.
Game 10.06(7) (7)Tickets. The association shall cause every issued ticket to have printed on it:
Game 10.06(7)(a) (a) The name of the race track;
Game 10.06(7)(b) (b) The number of the race;
Game 10.06(7)(c) (c) The uniquely assigned computer generated ticket number;
Game 10.06(7)(d) (d) The date the ticket was issued;
Game 10.06(7)(e) (e) The date for which the ticket is issued;
Game 10.06(7)(f) (f) When appropriate, the designation of either matinee or night program;
Game 10.06(7)(g) (g) The number of the TIM or window location;
Game 10.06(7)(h) (h) The type of pool;
Game 10.06(7)(i) (i) The number of each entry;
Game 10.06(7)(j) (j) The denomination of each bet; and
Game 10.06(7)(k) (k) The total dollar amount of each ticket.
Game 10.06(7)(L) (L) The date the ticket expires.
Game 10.06(8) (8)Security for totalizator equipment. Each totalizator system licensee shall ensure the presence of a security system for the facilities housing the totalizator computers when such equipment is located on association grounds or off-site. The security system shall be provided by the association when totalizator equipment is housed on the grounds of the association. The security system shall be provided by the totalizator system licensee when totalizator equipment is housed outside of association grounds. Such security system shall include:
Game 10.06(8)(a) (a) All entry and exit doors to the computer room shall be locked when unattended. A list of individuals with keys to each door shall be maintained and provided to the division. All doors shall have signs posted on the exterior which read: “Authorized Personnel Only".
Game 10.06(8)(b) (b) Security camera connected to a 24 hour monitoring system shall be installed to view all entry and exit doors to the computer room.
Game 10.06(9) (9)Access to totalizator room.
Game 10.06(9)(a)(a) Each totalizator system licensee shall authorize specific individuals, and may authorize visitors, to have access to the totalizator room. A list of such authorized individuals shall be maintained by the totalizator system licensee and shall be provided to the division. Individuals possessing an occupational license with the division shall be the only individuals permitted to enter the totalizator room on a daily basis.
Game 10.06(9)(b) (b) Work schedules for totalizator system employees with access to the totalizator room shall be posted.
Game 10.06(9)(c) (c) A paper log shall be maintained and all visitors to the totalizator room shall sign the log and indicate the time the visitor arrived and exited the totalizator room.
Game 10.06 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1990, No. 411, eff. 4-1-90; am. (2) (c), (3), (4) (b) and (5), Register, July, 1990, No. 415, eff. 8-1-90; correction in (9) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, March, 1995, No. 471; CR 03-070: cr. (7) (L), am. (8) and (9) Register November 2003 No. 575, eff. 12-1-03.
Game 10.07 Game 10.07Totalizator system: system requirements.
Game 10.07(1)(1)General system requirements. Totalizator system licensees shall meet or exceed the totalizator system features listed in subs. (2) through (22).
Game 10.07(2) (2)Redundant capabilities. Totalizator systems shall have redundant capabilities to ensure the comparison of individual pool totals so that no data is lost due to a processor failure.
Game 10.07(3) (3)Redundant hardware. All totalizator systems shall have redundant hardware including, but not limited to, the acceptance, recording, and accounting of wagering transactions to ensure that in normal operating circumstances a totalizator system failure will not cause interruption in pari-mutuel operations.
Game 10.07(4) (4)Stop wagering command. All totalizator systems shall provide a device located in the stewards' stand and the tote room which shall disable all ticket issuing machines from accepting all bets and issuing tickets on all races for which the “stop wagering" command has been issued pursuant to s. Game 10.06 (5).
Game 10.07(5) (5)Record of stop wagering command. All totalizator systems shall:
Game 10.07(5)(a) (a) Identify and record on the system printout which switch issued the stop wagering command;
Game 10.07(5)(b) (b) Record the time of day that the command was issued; and
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