Register July 2006 No. 607
Chapter NHA 5
NHA 5.02   Unprofessional conduct.
Ch. NHA 5 Note Note: Chapter NHA 5 as it existed on June 30, 1980 was repealed and a new chapter NHA 5 was created effective July 1, 1980.
NHA 5.02 NHA 5.02Unprofessional conduct. The following conduct, without limitation because of enumeration, constitutes unfitness to practice as a nursing home administrator:
NHA 5.02(1) (1) Violating in a negligent manner, by an act or acts of omission or commission, or aiding or abetting the violation of any law substantially relating to the practice of nursing home administration;
NHA 5.02(2) (2) Practicing in a manner which substantially departs from the standard of care ordinarily exercised by a nursing home administrator which harms or could have harmed a patient;
NHA 5.02(3) (3) Practicing while impaired by physical, mental or emotional disorder or drug or alcohol abuse;
NHA 5.02(4) (4) Intentionally falsifying patient records;
NHA 5.02(5) (5) Failing to report to the board any practice by a licensee that constitutes a consistent danger to the health, welfare, or safety of patient or public;
NHA 5.02(6) (6) Engaging in any practice as a nursing home administrator which constitutes a substantial danger to the health, welfare, or safety of patient or public;
NHA 5.02(7) (7) Refusing to render services to a person because of race, color, sex, religion, or age;
NHA 5.02(8) (8) Obtaining or attempting to obtain any compensation by fraud;
NHA 5.02(9) (9) Impersonating another nursing home administrator;
NHA 5.02(10) (10) Advertising in a manner which is false, deceptive, or misleading;
NHA 5.02(11) (11) Exercising undue influence on or taking unfair advantage of a patient;
NHA 5.02(12) (12) Committing or aiding or abetting the commission of rebate or fee-splitting arrangements with health care providers;
NHA 5.02(13) (13) Having one's license revoked or suspended in another state or United States jurisdiction; or,
NHA 5.02(14) (14) Violating or attempting to violate any formal disciplinary order of the board.
NHA 5.02(15) (15) Intentionally providing false information to the board in connection with an application for a license or for renewal of a license.
NHA 5.02 History History: Cr. Register, June, 1980, No. 294, eff. 7-1-80; am. (3) and (12), Register, September, 1997, No. 501, eff. 10-1-97; CR 01-101: cr. (15), Register February 2002 No. 554, eff. 3-1-02.
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