Register July 2017 No. 739
Chapter NR 662
Subchapter A — General
NR 662.010   Purpose, scope and applicability.
NR 662.011   Hazardous waste determination.
NR 662.012   EPA identification numbers.
Subchapter B — Manifest
NR 662.020   General requirements.
NR 662.021   Manifest tracking numbers, manifest printing, and obtaining manifests.
NR 662.022   Number of copies.
NR 662.023   Use of the manifest.
NR 662.027   Waste minimization certification.
Subchapter C — Pre-Transport
NR 662.030   Packaging.
NR 662.031   Labeling.
NR 662.032   Marking.
NR 662.033   Placarding.
NR 662.034   Accumulation.
Subchapter D — Recordkeeping and Reporting
NR 662.040   Recordkeeping.
NR 662.041   Annual report.
NR 662.042   Exception reporting.
NR 662.043   Additional reporting.
Subchapter E — Exports
NR 662.050   Applicability.
NR 662.051   Definitions.
NR 662.052   General requirements.
NR 662.053   Notification of intent to export.
NR 662.054   Special manifest requirements.
NR 662.055   Exception reports.
NR 662.056   Annual reports.
NR 662.057   Recordkeeping.
NR 662.058   International agreements.
Subchapter F — Imports
NR 662.060   Imports.
Subchapter G — Farmers
NR 662.070   Farmers.
Subchapter H — Transfrontier Shipments for Recovery within the OECD
NR 662.080   Applicability.
NR 662.081   Definitions.
NR 662.082   General conditions.
NR 662.083   Notification and consent.
NR 662.084   Tracking document.
NR 662.085   Contracts.
NR 662.086   Provisions relating to recognized traders.
NR 662.087   Reporting and recordkeeping.
NR 662.089   OECD waste lists.
Subchapter J — Small Quantity Generators
NR 662.190   Applicability.
NR 662.191   Conditional manifest exemption.
NR 662.192   Special accumulation requirements.
NR 662.193   Special recordkeeping and reporting requirements.
NR 662.194   Special requirements for accumulating in tanks.
Subchapter K — Alternative Requirements for Hazardous Waste Determination and Accumulation of Unwanted Material for Laboratories Owned by Eligible Academic Entities
NR 662.200   Definitions.
NR 662.201   Applicability.
NR 662.202   Alternative requirements.
NR 662.203   How an eligible academic entity indicates it will be subject to the requirements of this subchapter.
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