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Chapter PI 34
Subchapter I — Definitions
PI 34.01   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Wisconsin Standards
PI 34.02   Teacher standards.
PI 34.03   Administrator standards.
PI 34.04   Pupil services standards.
Subchapter III — Program Approval And Appeals
PI 34.05   Implementation.
PI 34.06   Program approval.
PI 34.07   Appeal procedure.
PI 34.08   Experimental and innovative programs.
PI 34.09   Review and modification of rules.
Subchapter IV — Institutional And Program Standards
PI 34.10   Organization and administration of teacher education programs.
PI 34.11   Faculty.
PI 34.12   Facilities, technology, instructional resources and support.
PI 34.13   Student services.
PI 34.14   Student recruitment, admission and retention.
PI 34.15   Conceptual framework.
Subchapter V — Licenses And Stages
PI 34.16   License stages.
PI 34.165   License application requirements.
PI 34.17   Initial educator license.
PI 34.18   Professional educator license.
PI 34.185   Agreements.
PI 34.19   Master educator license.
PI 34.195   License based on equivalency or experience.
PI 34.20   Life licenses.
PI 34.21   Emergency licenses and permits.
PI 34.22   Intern licenses.
PI 34.23   Substitute teachers.
PI 34.24   Substitute teacher permit.
PI 34.241   Charter school instructional staff license.
PI 34.242   Three-year charter school teaching license.
PI 34.243   Teaching licenses for educators teaching in a virtual charter school.
PI 34.244   Montessori license.
PI 34.245   Local agreements.
PI 34.246   Educational agencies under s. 115.31 (1) (b), Stats.
Subchapter VI — Licensing Continuation And Conversion
PI 34.25   License continuation.
PI 34.26   License conversion.
Subchapter VII — Teaching Categories And Levels
PI 34.27   Teaching categories at the early childhood and early childhood through middle childhood levels.
PI 34.28   Teaching categories middle childhood through early adolescence level.
PI 34.29   Teaching categories at the early adolescence through adolescence level.
PI 34.30   Teaching categories at the early childhood through adolescence level.
Subchapter VIII — Pupil Services Categories
PI 34.31   Pupil services categories.
Subchapter IX — Administration Categories
PI 34.32   Administration categories.
Subchapter X — Supplementary Categories
PI 34.33   Supplementary categories.
Subchapter XI — Additional Licenses
PI 34.34   Additional licenses.
Subchapter XII — License Revocation
PI 34.35   License revocation, reinstatement and denial.
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