Register September 2015 No. 717
Chapter SPS 50
Subchapter I — General
SPS 50.100   Authority and scope.
SPS 50.110   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Practice of Barbering
SPS 50.200   Treatments prohibited, infectious and contagious diseases.
SPS 50.210   Practice standards.
SPS 50.211   Unauthorized practice.
SPS 50.212   Barbering outside of a licensed establishment.
SPS 50.220   Advertising.
SPS 50.230   Responsibilities of owners.
SPS 50.231   Responsibilities of the manager.
SPS 50.232   Responsibilities of licensees.
SPS 50.240   Establishment requirements.
SPS 50.241   Establishment management and leasing requirements.
SPS 50.242   Establishment licensure.
SPS 50.250   Inspections.
SPS 50.260   Change of ownership or location.
SPS 50.270   Equipment and sanitation.
SPS 50.271   Disinfection.
SPS 50.272   Sterilization.
SPS 50.280   Supplies.
SPS 50.290   Procedure for exposure to blood.
Subchapter III — Licensure Through School or Through Apprenticeship, Examinations, and Licensing
SPS 50.300   Licensure through school.
SPS 50.310   Licensure through apprenticeship.
SPS 50.320   Transfers.
SPS 50.330   Examinations.
SPS 50.340   Licensing.
Subchapter IV — Renewals, Reinstatement, and Continuing Education
SPS 50.400   License renewal.
SPS 50.401   Late renewal.
SPS 50.402   Renewal that includes conversion from cosmetology.
SPS 50.410   Reinstatement of license.
SPS 50.420   Continuing education requirements for license renewal.
SPS 50.421   Standards for continuing education programs.
SPS 50.422   Certificate of completion, proof of attendance.
SPS 50.423   Recordkeeping.
SPS 50.424   Waiver of continuing education requirement.
Subchapter V — Forfeitures
SPS 50.500   Scope.
SPS 50.510   Citation for administrative forfeiture.
SPS 50.520   Service.
SPS 50.530   Effect of payment.
SPS 50.540   Request for hearing.
SPS 50.550   Default.
Ch. SPS 50 Note Note: This chapter was created as ch. SPS 205 by emergency rule EmR1302, effective 2-14-13.
subch. I of ch. SPS 50 Subchapter I — General
SPS 50.100 SPS 50.100Authority and scope. Pursuant to subch. II of ch. 454, Stats., this chapter applies to licensing of barbers, barbering managers, and barbering establishments.
SPS 50.100 Note Note: Under section 454.22 (1) of the Statutes, “No person may engage in barbering unless the person is one of the following:
SPS 50.100 Note (a) A licensed barber.
SPS 50.100 Note (b) A licensed barbering manager.
SPS 50.100 Note(c) An apprentice in barbering under s. 454.26.
SPS 50.100 Note (d) A student in a barbering course of instruction.
SPS 50.100 Note (e) A person who holds a temporary permit to practice barbering granted by the department under s. 454.23 (7).
SPS 50.100 Note (f) A licensed cosmetologist.
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