SPS 131.32(5)(a)(a) A home inspector shall observe and describe the condition of all of the following:
SPS 131.32(5)(a)1. 1. Wall claddings, including type.
SPS 131.32(5)(a)2. 2. Flashings and trim.
SPS 131.32(5)(a)3. 3. Entryway doors and at least one window per side of a dwelling unit.
SPS 131.32(5)(a)4. 4. Garage door operators, including whether any garage door operator automatically reverses or stops when meeting reasonable resistance during closing.
SPS 131.32(5)(a)5. 5. Decks, balconies, stoops, steps and porches including railings.
SPS 131.32(5)(a)6. 6. Eaves, soffits and fascias.
SPS 131.32(5)(a)7. 7. Grading, drainage, driveways, patios, walkways, and retaining walls that abut the dwelling unit.
SPS 131.32(5)(b) (b) A home inspector shall operate all entryway doors, garage doors, and at least one window per side of a dwelling unit.
SPS 131.32(5)(c) (c) A home inspector is not required to observe the following:
SPS 131.32(5)(c)1. 1. Storm windows, storm doors, screening, shutters, awnings, and similar seasonal accessories.
SPS 131.32(5)(c)2. 2. Locks, latches or other security devices or systems.
SPS 131.32(5)(c)3. 3. Intercom systems.
SPS 131.32(5)(c)4. 4. Fences or privacy walls.
SPS 131.32(5)(c)5. 5. Insulation or vapor barriers in exterior walls.
SPS 131.32(5)(c)6. 6. Safety glazing.
SPS 131.32(5)(c)7. 7. Garage door operator remote control transmitters.
SPS 131.32(5)(c)8. 8. Geological or soil conditions.
SPS 131.32(5)(c)9. 9. Recreational facilities.
SPS 131.32(5)(c)10. 10. Out-buildings other than garages and carports.
SPS 131.32(5)(c)11. 11. Trees, shrubs and other vegetation.
SPS 131.32(6) (6) Plumbing systems.
SPS 131.32(6)(a)(a) A home inspector shall observe and describe the condition of all of the following:
SPS 131.32(6)(a)1. 1. Interior water supply and distribution system, including piping materials, supports, fixtures, faucets, functional flow and drainage, leaks and cross connections.
SPS 131.32(6)(a)2. 2. Interior drain, waste and vent system, including traps, drain, waste, and vent piping, piping supports and leaks.
SPS 131.32(6)(a)3. 3. Hot water systems, including water heating equipment, normal operating controls, automatic safety controls, and the exterior surfaces of chimneys, flues, and vents.
SPS 131.32(6)(a)4. 4. Fuel storage and distribution systems, including interior fuel storage equipment, supply piping, venting, supports and leaks.
SPS 131.32(6)(a)5. 5. Sump pumps.
SPS 131.32(6)(b) (b) A home inspector shall operate all plumbing fixtures, including their faucets and accessible exterior faucets attached to the dwelling unit.
SPS 131.32(6)(c) (c) A home inspector is not required to do any of the following:
SPS 131.32(6)(c)1. 1. State the effectiveness of anti-siphon devices.
SPS 131.32(6)(c)2. 2. Determine whether the water supply and waste disposal systems are public or private.
SPS 131.32(6)(c)3. 3. Operate automatic safety controls or sump pumps equipped with internal or water dependent switches.
SPS 131.32(6)(c)4. 4. Operate any valve except water closet flush valves, fixture faucets and hose faucets.
SPS 131.32(6)(c)5. 5. Observe water conditioning systems, fire and lawn sprinkler systems, on-site water supply quantity and quality, on-site disposal systems, foundation drainage systems, or spas.
SPS 131.32(6)(c)6. 6. Observe the interior of flues, chimneys and vents, or solar water heating systems.
SPS 131.32(6)(c)7. 7. Observe any exterior plumbing components such as water mains or swimming pools.
SPS 131.32(6)(c)8. 8. Determine water temperature.
SPS 131.32(6)(c)9. 9. Determine the proper sizing, design or use of plumbing materials.
SPS 131.32(7) (7) Electrical systems.
SPS 131.32(7)(a)(a) A home inspector shall observe and describe the condition of all of the following:
SPS 131.32(7)(a)1. 1. Service entrance conductors.
SPS 131.32(7)(a)2. 2. Service equipment, grounding equipment, main over current device.
SPS 131.32(7)(a)3. 3. Main and distribution panels, including their location.
SPS 131.32(7)(a)4. 4. Amperage and voltage ratings of the service, including whether service type is overhead or underground.
SPS 131.32(7)(a)5. 5. Branch circuit conductors, their over current devices, and the compatibility of their ampacities and voltages, including any aluminum branch circuit wiring.
SPS 131.32(7)(a)6. 6. The operation of a representative number of installed lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles located inside the house, garage and any exterior walls.
SPS 131.32(7)(a)7. 7. The polarity and grounding of all receptacles within 6 feet of interior plumbing fixtures, in the garage or carport, and on the exterior of inspected structures.
SPS 131.32(7)(a)8. 8. The operation of ground fault circuit interrupters.
SPS 131.32(7)(a)9. 9. The functionality of the power sources for smoke detectors.
SPS 131.32(7)(b) (b) A home inspector is not required to do any of the following:
SPS 131.32(7)(b)1. 1. Insert any tool, probe or testing device inside the panels.
SPS 131.32(7)(b)2. 2. Test or operate any over current device except ground fault circuit interrupters.
SPS 131.32(7)(b)3. 3. Dismantle any electrical device or control other than to remove the covers of the main and auxiliary distribution panels.
SPS 131.32(7)(b)4. 4. Observe low voltage systems, telephones, security systems, cable TV, intercoms, or other ancillary wiring that is not a part of the primary electrical distribution systems.
SPS 131.32(7)(b)5. 5. Measure amperage, voltage or impedance.
SPS 131.32(8) (8) Interiors.
SPS 131.32(8)(a)(a) A home inspector shall observe and describe the condition of all of the following:
SPS 131.32(8)(a)1. 1. Walls, ceilings and floors.
SPS 131.32(8)(a)2. 2. Steps, stairways, balconies and railings.
SPS 131.32(8)(a)3. 3. Counters and all sink base cabinets.
SPS 131.32(8)(a)4. 4. A random sample of doors and windows.
SPS 131.32(8)(a)5. 5. Separation walls, ceilings, and doors between a dwelling unit and an attached garage or another dwelling unit.
SPS 131.32(8)(a)6. 6. Signs of water penetration into the building or signs of abnormal or harmful condensation on building components.
SPS 131.32(8)(b) (b) A home inspector is not required to observe any of the following:
SPS 131.32(8)(b)1. 1. Paint, wallpaper, and other cosmetic finish treatments on the interior walls, ceilings and floors.
SPS 131.32(8)(b)2. 2. Carpeting.
SPS 131.32(8)(b)3. 3. Draperies, blinds or other window treatments.
SPS 131.32(8)(b)4. 4. Household appliances.
SPS 131.32(8)(b)5. 5. Recreational facilities or another dwelling unit.
SPS 131.32(9) (9) Heating systems.
SPS 131.32(9)(a)(a) A home inspector shall observe and describe the condition of all of the following within a permanently installed heating system:
SPS 131.32(9)(a)1. 1. Heating equipment and distribution systems.
SPS 131.32(9)(a)2. 2. Normal operating controls and energy source.
SPS 131.32(9)(a)3. 3. Automatic safety controls.
SPS 131.32(9)(a)4. 4. Exterior surfaces of chimneys, flues and vents.
SPS 131.32(9)(a)5. 5. Solid fuel heating devices.
SPS 131.32(9)(a)6. 6. The presence of an installed heat source in each room.
SPS 131.32(9)(b) (b) A home inspector shall operate the systems using normal operating controls and open readily accessible access panels provided by the manufacturer or installer for routine homeowner maintenance.
SPS 131.32(9)(c) (c) A home inspector is not required to do any of the following:
SPS 131.32(9)(c)1. 1. Operate heating systems when weather conditions or other circumstances may cause equipment damage.
SPS 131.32(9)(c)2. 2. Operate automatic safety controls.
SPS 131.32(9)(c)3. 3. Ignite or extinguish fuel fires.
SPS 131.32(9)(c)4. 4. Observe the interior of flues, fireplace insert flue connectors, humidifiers, electronic air filters, or the uniformity or adequacy of heat supply to the various rooms.
SPS 131.32(9)(c)5. 5. Observe a heat exchanger unless it is readily observable and normally accessible to an occupant of a dwelling unit.
SPS 131.32(10) (10) Central air conditioning.
SPS 131.32(10)(a) (a) A home inspector shall observe and describe the condition of all of the following:
SPS 131.32(10)(a)1. 1. Cooling and air handling equipment, including type and energy source.
SPS 131.32(10)(a)2. 2. Normal operating controls.
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