Register February 2019 No. 758
Chapter SPS 316
Subchapter I — Purpose, Scope, and Application
SPS 316.001   Purpose.
SPS 316.002   Scope.
SPS 316.003   Application.
SPS 316.004   Department authority.
SPS 316.005   Petition for variance.
SPS 316.006   Definitions.
SPS 316.007   Adoption of standards by reference.
Subchapter II — Administration and Enforcement
SPS 316.011   Administration.
SPS 316.012   Permits.
SPS 316.013   Inspections.
SPS 316.014   Penalties.
SPS 316.015   Appeals.
SPS 316.016   Electrical plan review.
SPS 316.017   Technical assistance.
Subchapter III — General Requirements
SPS 316.020   Construction and operation.
SPS 316.021   Maintenance.
SPS 316.022   Use of approved materials and construction methods.
SPS 316.023   Electric fences.
Subchapter IV — Changes, Additions or Omissions to the NEC ®
SPS 316.080   Changes, additions or omissions to NEC®.
SPS 316.090   Introduction.
SPS 316.100   Definitions.
SPS 316.110   Examination, identification, installation, use, and listing of equipment.
SPS 316.210   Branch circuits.
SPS 316.220   Branch-circuit, feeder and service calculations.
SPS 316.225   Outside branch circuits and feeders.
SPS 316.230   Services.
SPS 316.240   Overcurrent protection.
SPS 316.250   Grounding and bonding.
SPS 316.300   Wiring methods.
SPS 316.310   Conductors for general wiring.
SPS 316.312   Cabinets, cutout boxes and meter socket enclosures.
SPS 316.314   Outlet, device, pull and junction boxes; conduit bodies; fittings; and handhole enclosures.
SPS 316.334   Nonmetallic-sheathed cable: Types NM, NMC and NMS.
SPS 316.358   Uses permitted.
SPS 316.400   Flexible cords and cables.
SPS 316.404   Switches controlling lighting loads.
SPS 316.406   Receptacles, cord connectors and attachment plugs (caps).
SPS 316.450   Transformers and transformer vaults (including secondary ties).
SPS 316.511   Commercial garages, repair and storage.
SPS 316.547   Agricultural buildings.
SPS 316.551   Recreational vehicles and recreational vehicle parks.
SPS 316.620   Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators, moving walks, platform lifts and stairway chairlifts.
SPS 316.675   Electrically driven or controlled irrigation machines.
SPS 316.680   Swimming pools, fountains and similar installations.
SPS 316.700   Emergency systems.
SPS 316.701   Legally required standby systems.
Subchapter V — Electrical Inspection
SPS 316.900   Purpose.
SPS 316.905   Scope.
SPS 316.910   Application.
SPS 316.915   Definitions.
SPS 316.920   Authority.
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