SPS 334.21   Speed-limiting devices.
SPS 334.22   Passenger-carrying devices.
SPS 334.23   Foundations.
SPS 334.24   Access, egress and passageways.
SPS 334.25   Guarding.
SPS 334.26   Special controls.
SPS 334.27   Identification.
SPS 334.285   Chair lifts and sky rides.
Subchapter VI — Erection, Operation and Maintenance
SPS 334.29   Location.
SPS 334.30   Assembly and disassembly.
SPS 334.31   Control of operation.
SPS 334.32   Electrical.
SPS 334.33   Lighting of exits and passageways.
SPS 334.34   Public protection.
SPS 334.35   Fire protection.
SPS 334.36   Flammable and combustible liquids and gases.
SPS 334.37   Cleanliness.
SPS 334.38   Maintenance, repair and modification.
SPS 334.39   Welding.
SPS 334.40   Air compressors and equipment.
SPS 334.41   Accident reporting.
SPS 334.42   Wind and storm hazards.
SPS 334.43   Responsibility of sponsors.
Subchapter VII — Go-Karts, Dune Buggies and All-Terrain Vehicles
SPS 334.45   Go-karts, dune buggies and all-terrain vehicles.
Subchapter VIII — Bungee Jumping
SPS 334.55   Scope and application.
SPS 334.56   Definitions.
SPS 334.57   Site and operating approval.
SPS 334.58   Safety space.
SPS 334.59   Platforms.
SPS 334.60   Structures and towers.
SPS 334.61   Hoisting of platforms.
SPS 334.62   Bungee cord requirements.
SPS 334.63   Jump harness.
SPS 334.64   Ropes.
SPS 334.65   Hardware and equipment.
SPS 334.66   Testing and inspection.
SPS 334.67   Replacement equipment.
SPS 334.68   Identification of rigging, bungee cords and safety equipment.
SPS 334.69   Landing and recovery areas.
SPS 334.70   Site requirements.
SPS 334.71   Safety and loss control management.
SPS 334.72   Staff and duties.
SPS 334.73   Site operating manual.
SPS 334.74   Emergency provisions and procedures.
Ch. SPS 334 Note Note: Chapter ILHR 34 as it existed on February 29, 1992 was repealed and a new chapter ILHR 34 was created effective March 1, 1992. Chapter ILHR 34 was renumbered to be ch. Comm 34 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., and corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 6. and 7., Stats., Register, October, 1996, No. 490, eff. 11-1-96. Chapter Comm 34 was renumbered chapter SPS 334 under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
subch. I of ch. SPS 334 Subchapter I — Purpose and Scope
SPS 334.001 SPS 334.001Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to set forth minimum standards for the design, construction, operation, repair, inspection, assembly, disassembly and use of amusement rides at carnivals, fairs and other places of amusement for the safety of frequenters.
SPS 334.001 Note Note: The federal Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) has issued accessibility guidelines for the construction or alteration of amusement rides. Amusement ride guidelines may be found under Summaries of Accessibility Guidelines for Recreation Facilities. A copy of the publication may be obtained by calling the Access Board at 800/872-2253(v) (TTY 800/993-2822), or on the Internet at www.access-board.gov/.
SPS 334.001 Note Note: The design, construction and use of tents are covered under chapters SPS 314, Fire Prevention Code, and SPS 361 to 366, Wisconsin Commercial Building Code.
SPS 334.001 History History: Cr. Register, February, 1992, No. 434, eff. 3-1-92; CR 02-127: am. Register May 2003 No. 569, eff. 6-1-03.
SPS 334.002 SPS 334.002Scope.
SPS 334.002(1) (1)Application. The provisions of this chapter apply to amusement rides open to the public and located at permanent sites or moved from site to site.
SPS 334.002(2) (2)Exclusions. The provisions of this chapter do not apply to nonmechanized playground equipment, such as swings, seesaws, stationary spring mounted animal features, rider propelled merry-go-rounds, climbers, slides, swinging gates and physical fitness devices.
SPS 334.002(3) (3)Local ordinances. A municipality may enact and enforce additional or more restrictive standards for amusement rides, provided the standards do not conflict with this chapter.
SPS 334.002 History History: Cr. Register, February, 1992, No. 434, eff. 3-1-92; CR 02-127: am. (1) Register May 2003 No. 569, eff. 6-1-03; CR 08-054: cr. (3) Register December 2008 No. 636, eff. 1-1-09.
SPS 334.003 SPS 334.003Retroactivity. Except as otherwise specified in this chapter, the provisions of this chapter shall apply to all new and existing amusement rides.
SPS 334.003 History History: Cr. Register, February, 1992, No. 434, eff. 3-1-92; CR 02-127: am. Register May 2003 No. 569, eff. 6-1-03.
subch. II of ch. SPS 334 Subchapter II — Definitions
SPS 334.01 SPS 334.01Definitions. In this chapter:
SPS 334.01(3) (3) “Amusement ride" means a device or animal that carries, transports or supports passengers in unusual, entertaining or thrilling modes of motion and any vehicle providing entertainment or transportation in conjunction with an amusement ride, including rider-powered and power-driven thrill rides, mild rides and ride-throughs, walk-throughs, air pillows, giant slides, and animal rides. Vehicles include parking lot trams, old fire engines, stage coaches and trains. “Amusement ride" does not include any of the following:
SPS 334.01(3)(a) (a) Aircraft under the jurisdiction of the federal aviation administration.
SPS 334.01(3)(b) (b) Railroad trains under the jurisdiction of the federal railroad administration.
SPS 334.01(3)(c) (c) Boats used on navigable waters.
SPS 334.01(3)(d) (d) Animal rides where the animal is under the control of the passenger.
SPS 334.01(3)(e) (e) Hang gliders and parachutes.
SPS 334.01(3)(f) (f) Climbing walls that do not involve a mechanical take-up or release system.
SPS 334.01(4) (4) “Approved" means approved by the department.
SPS 334.01(5) (5) “Authorized persons" are persons experienced and instructed in the work to be performed on an amusement ride and who have been given the responsibility to perform their duties by the owner or operator of an amusement ride.
SPS 334.01(6) (6) “Coin-operated ride" means an amusement ride which is activated by the insertion of a coin or token or by a push-button switch and timer.
SPS 334.01(7) (7) “Department" means the department of safety and professional services.
SPS 334.01(8) (8) “Equivalent degree of safety" means an alternative to strict compliance with this chapter provided the alternative establishes an equivalency to the subject rule and the alternative has been approved by the department.
SPS 334.01(9) (9) “Frequenter" means every person, other than an employee, who may go in or be in an amusement ride under circumstances which render such person other than a trespasser.
SPS 334.01(10) (10) “Modified ride" means an amusement ride whose structure, drive system, method of erection, or other items affecting the safety of the amusement ride have been changed, except changes recommended by the ride manufacturer.
SPS 334.01(11) (11) “Owner" means the person holding legal title to the amusement ride, or his or her designated representative, lessee or agent.
SPS 334.01(13) (13) “Professional engineer" means an engineer registered in the state of Wisconsin.
SPS 334.01(14) (14) “Properly maintained" means assembling, disassembling, transporting, operating, lubricating, greasing, oiling, testing and repairing amusement rides in accordance with recognized safe practice.
SPS 334.01(15) (15) “Recognized safe practice" means that the materials and methods used to assemble, disassemble, operate, transport, maintain, repair and modify amusement rides are:
SPS 334.01(15)(a) (a) In accordance with the written specifications and procedures of the manufacturer, the owner's liability insurance carrier, nationally recognized standards, or the written standards of the department; or,
SPS 334.01(15)(b) (b) In the absence of written specifications, procedures or standards, in accordance with the best practices of the skills and trades involved.
SPS 334.01 History History: Cr. Register, February, 1992, No. 434, eff. 3-1-92; CR 02-127: r. (1) and (2), am. (3), (5), (9), (11), (12), (14) and (15) (intro.) Register May 2003 No. 569, eff. 6-1-03; CR 08-054: r. and recr. (3), am. (9), r. (12) Register December 2008 No. 636, eff. 1-1-09; correction in (5) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 6., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
subch. III of ch. SPS 334 Subchapter III — Administration and Enforcement
SPS 334.02 SPS 334.02Assignment of classification of amusement rides.
SPS 334.02(1)(1)General. The department shall classify amusement rides into one of the 4 classifications as specified in s. SPS 334.03 on the basis of known characteristics of the amusement ride and any modifications made to the ride.
SPS 334.02(2) (2)Additional information.
SPS 334.02(2)(a)(a) The department may require additional information sufficient to properly classify amusement rides.
Published under s. 35.93, Stats. Updated on the first day of each month. Entire code is always current. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published.