Trans 105.11(4)(a)3. 3. Providing documentation or information to the department on any matter regulated by subch. VI of ch. 343, Stats., or this chapter which contains a false statement as to any material matter.
Trans 105.11(4)(a)4. 4. Permitting actions that could harm the customer physically or financially.
Trans 105.11(4)(a)5. 5. Performing work duties after consuming any alcohol or controlled substance or other drug that impairs ability to drive a motor vehicle.
Trans 105.11(4)(a)6. 6. Failing to comply with DMV warning letter.
Trans 105.11(4)(a)7. 7. Substantiated complaint from a parent, legal guardian or customer of inappropriate conduct or actions with the customer.
Trans 105.11(4)(a)8. 8. Violating ss. 343.60 to 343.72, Stats., that significantly harm highway safety.
Trans 105.11(4)(a)9. 9. Instructing at a driver training school without the proper license.
Trans 105.11(4)(b) (b) Four points are assessed for any of the following:
Trans 105.11(4)(b)1. 1. Not complying with renewal criteria within 30 days of written request by DMV.
Trans 105.11(4)(b)2. 2. Having 5 substantiated customer complaints in a license period.
Trans 105.11(4)(b)3. 3. Continuing to use a vehicle that is out of service for driver training.
Trans 105.11(4)(b)4. 4. Having not filed school insurance and/or bond with the department.
Trans 105.11(4)(b)5. 5. Failing to resolve audit violations or discrepancies in time specified.
Trans 105.11(4)(b)6. 6. Filing complaints about another school that are not substantiated.
Trans 105.11(4)(b)7. 7. Soliciting complaints or providing training prior to licensure.
Trans 105.11(4)(b)8. 8. Insolvency or bankruptcy.
Trans 105.11(4)(b)9. 9. Failing to timely pay debts owed the state.
Trans 105.11(4)(b)10. 10. Violating ss. 343.60 to 343.72, Stats., that result in unfair advantage to a school or harms another school.
Trans 105.11(4)(c) (c) Two points are assessed for any of the following:
Trans 105.11(4)(c)1. 1. Having 4 substantiated customer complaints within a license period.
Trans 105.11(4)(c)2. 2. Not filing required vehicle inspections with the department.
Trans 105.11(4)(c)3. 3. Not notifying the department when students are no longer enrolled.
Trans 105.11(4)(c)4. 4. Having a significant discrepancy in business records.
Trans 105.11(4)(c)5. 5. Providing a student with a signed MV3001 document prior to receipt of a signed contract or agreement.
Trans 105.11(4)(c)6. 6. Violating ss. 343.60 to 343.72, Stats., that do not harm the customer or impact highway safety.
Trans 105.11(4)(d) (d) One point is assessed for either of the following:
Trans 105.11(4)(d)1. 1. Three substantiated customer complaints within a license period.
Trans 105.11(4)(d)2. 2. Violation of s. 343.61 (4) (b), Stats., relating to office location and facility locations.
Trans 105.11 History History: CR 06-089: cr. Register December 2006 No. 612, eff. 1-1-07; correction in (4) (d) 2. made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register March 2012 No. 675.
Trans 105.12 Trans 105.12Progressive enforcement actions.
Trans 105.12(1)(1) Before recording points, the department shall notify the school or the instructor of the reason for the proposed action. The school or instructor may respond within 10 days. Upon due consideration the department shall act. The department may:
Trans 105.12(1)(a) (a) Record points assessed to driver schools under s. Trans 105.11.
Trans 105.12(1)(b) (b) Record points assessed to instructors, including points assessed by a driver school the instructor has worked for or owned previously. Points assessed to instructor may also be assessed to a school.
Trans 105.12(1)(c) (c) Issue a conditional license when appropriate.
Trans 105.12(1)(d) (d) Record less than the assessed points.
Trans 105.12(2) (2) Based on the points assessed to driver schools and instructors under s. Trans 105.11 in the past 24 months, the following enforcement actions shall apply:
Trans 105.12(2)(a) (a) Level one enforcement action – one point assessed. An advisory letter may be sent to the driver school or instructor, asking for corrective action.
Trans 105.12(2)(b) (b) Level two enforcement action – one to 3 points assessed. The department may conduct an on-site inspection or audit. An advisory letter shall be sent. If a situation is unresolved after time specified in the advisory letter, the department may issue a conditional license under s. 343.61 or 343.62, Stats., restricted to classroom instruction only. Vehicles used by the driver school may also be ordered out of service, if the violation is related to the vehicle inspection. The restricted license may remain in effect until situation is resolved.
Trans 105.12(2)(c) (c) Level three enforcement action – 4 to 6 points assessed. A warning letter may be sent. The licenses issued under s. 343.61 or 343.62, Stats., may be revoked, suspended, or denied for 90 days.
Trans 105.12(2)(d) (d) Level four enforcement action – 6 or more points assessed. The licenses issued under s. 343.61 or 343.62, Stats., shall be revoked, suspended, or denied for 4 months to one year, based on point accumulation.
Trans 105.12(3) (3) All points assessed, administrative licensing suspensions, revocations, denials, or conditional licenses issued may be appealed under ch. 227, Stats.
Trans 105.12 History History: CR 06-089: cr. Register December 2006 No. 612, eff. 1-1-07.
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