Wisconsin Legislature

Clearinghouse Rule CR 16-094

Status: Active

Department of Safety and Professional Services (SPS)

Administrative Code Chapter Groups Affected:

Chs. SPS 301- ; Safety, Buildings, and Environment

Chs. SPS 301-319; General, Part I

Chs. SPS 361-366; Commercial Building Code

Administrative Code Chapters Affected:

Ch. SPS 303 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 314 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 361 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 362 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 363 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 364 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 365 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 366 (Revised)

Ch. SPS 366 Appendix A (Revised)

Ch. SPS 366 Appendix B (Revised)

Related to: The construction, alteration, repair, maintenance, and inspection of Wisconsin commercial buildings and affecting small business.

Comments for this rule have closed

Statement of Scope: SS 043-15

Rule Text: CR 16-094 Rule Text

Hearing Date: February 1, 2017

Hearing Date: February 2, 2017

Hearing Date: January 31, 2017

Date Statement of Scope Expires Under s. 227.135 (5), Stats.: February 4, 2020

Register Entries

Date Register File
1/3/2017733A1, Notices of Submittal of Proposed Rules to Legislative Council ClearinghouseCR 16-094
1/3/2017733A1, Rule-Making Notices (Hearing Notices)CR 16-094 Hearing Information
1/3/2017733A1, Rule-Making Notices (Hearing Notices)CR 16-094 Rule Text
1/3/2017733A1, Rule-Making Notices (Hearing Notices)CR 16-094 Economic Impact Analysis


Date Action Journal
12/28/2016Received by Legislative Council 
1/27/2017Report sent to Agency 
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