Wisconsin Administrative Register No. 602
Table of contents
Elections Board:
Rules relating to the use of funds in a federal campaign committee that has been converted to a state campaign committee.
Rules relating to small employer uniform employee application for group health insurance.
Natural Resources:
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1—
Rules relating to the administration of the Managed Forest Law and the Wisconsin Forest Landowner Grant Program.
Rules relating to hunter education fees.
Rules relating to master logging certification scholarships.
Rules relating to commercial fishing for lake trout in Lake Superior.
Rules revising s. NR 10.25, relating to the issuance of turkey hunting permits. [First Appearance]
Environmental Protection-Water Regulation, Chs. NR 300—
Rules relating to regulation of piers, wharves, boat shelters, boat hoists, boat lifts and swim rafts in navigable waterways.
Rules relating to the computation of the apportionment fraction by multistated public utilities and telecommunications companies.
Rules relating to electronic funds transfer, information returns and wage statements.
Technical College System Board:
Rules relating to training program grants.
Rules relating to motor carrier safety regulations.
Workforce Development:
Labor Standards, Chs. DWD 270-279
Rules relating to overtime pay for employees performing companionship services.
Public Works Construction Projects, Chs. DWD 290-294
Rules relating to the adjustment of thresholds for application of prevailing wage rates and payment and performance assurance requirements.
Barbering and Cosmetology Examining Board:
Rules affecting ch. BC 3, relating to falsification of any information on an establishment application.
Rules affecting ch. BC 4, relating to require a minimum standard for the amount of pressure to be used when sanitizing instruments during steam sterilization.
Rules affecting ch. Ins 6, relating to requirements for the use of rate and form transmittal documents which are unique to the State of Wisconsin and for use in Wisconsin only.
Rules affecting ch. Trans 327, relating to intrastate motor carrier safety regulations.
Workforce Development:
Rules affecting ch. DWD 136, relating to wages exempt from levy for delinquent unemployment insurance contributions or benefit overpayments.
Nursing Home Administrator Examining Board:
Rules relating to continuing education.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:
Hearings to consider changes to Ch. ATCP 10, relating to animal diseases and movement.
Hearings to consider changes to Ch. ATCP 21, relating to plant pest import controls and quarantine.
Labor and Industry Review Commission:
Hearing to consider changes to Chs. LIRC 1 to 4 to clarify provisions relating to its rules of procedure.
Natural Resources:
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1—
Hearings to consider rules relating to deer hunting as it pertains to the control and eradication of chronic wasting disease.
Hearing to consider annual revision fishing and hunting rules.
Environmental Protection, Chs. NR 100—
Hearings to consider revision to Ch. NR 149, relating to laboratory certification.
Nursing Home Administrator Examining Board:
Hearing to consider changes to Chs. NHA 1 and 3, relating to continuing education.
Hearing to consider changes to Chs. Tax 1 and 2, relating to electronic funds transfer, information returns, and wage statements.
CR 05-069 - Chs. Adm 20 and 21, relating to architecture, engineering and construction solicitation, bidding and contracting.
CR 05-121 - Chs. N 2 and 3, relating to qualifications for examination and application procedures, temporary permits and refresher course.
Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Counseling and Social Work Examining Board:
CR 05-051 - An order affecting Chs. MPSW 16 and 17, relating to supervised clinical practice and temporary licenses issued by the Marriage and Family Therapist Section.
Workforce Development:
2006 Child Care Co-Pay Schedule
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