Rule Orders Filed with the Legislative Reference Bureau
The following administrative rule orders have been filed with the Legislative Reference Bureau and are in the process of being published. The date assigned to each rule is the projected effective date. It is possible that the publication date of these rules could be changed. Contact the Legislative Reference Bureau at or (608) 266-7590 for updated information on the effective dates for the listed rule orders.
Children and Families
Safety and Permanence, Chs. DCF 35-59
Revises Chapters DCF 52, 54 and 57, relating to regulation of rates charged by residential care centers for children and youth, child-placing agencies, and group homes.
Effective 1-1-12.
Natural Resources
Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR 1
(DNR # FR-45-10)
Revises Chapter NR 46, relating to the administration of the Forest Crop Law and Managed Forest Law.
Effective 1-1-12.
Safety and Professional Services
(formerly Commerce)
Licenses, Certifications and Registrations, Ch. Comm 5
Revises Chapter Comm 5, relating to licenses, certifications and registrations.
Effective 1-1-12 in part, 1-1-13 in part, 4-1-13 in part.
Safety and Professional Services — Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers and Land Surveyor Examining Board
Revises Chapter A-E 2 and creates Chapter A-E 13, relating to continuing education requirements for professional engineers.
Effective 1-1-12.
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