A citation to a whole statute section number that does not appear in this edition of the Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations may appear in the table of "Decimal-numbered Sections Renumbered or Repealed" showing that the section was renumbered or repealed. A part of a statute section (subsection, paragraph, etc.) that does not appear as a part of that statute section, may also have been renumbered or repealed, which may be determined by consulting the entries for the statute section number in the table of sections affected printed in the Laws of Wisconsin for the legislative session during which the affected statute part was removed from the statutes.
Conversion Tables for Revised Statute Chapters
Legislative drafters have at times prepared conversion tables showing the relationship of current and former section numbers. For revisions made prior to the 1971-72 legislative session, these tables can be found in Wisconsin Annotations 1970 and for subsequent revisions, conversion tables are printed in these volumes, following the revised chapter. For example, see the conversion table following chapter 551.
Finding Present Numbers for Old Statute Sections
Prior to adopting the present decimal numbering system in the early 1900s, statute sections were numbered using consecutive whole numbers. A comparative table of whole section numbers and decimal section numbers is contained in the Wisconsin Annotations 1970, pages 2423 to 2453. This table was continued in the Appendix contained in editions of the Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations published prior to the 2007-08 edition, but because the table has not been modified since 1977 it is no longer included the Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations.
Contacting the Legislative Reference Bureau
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about the statutes index About the Statutes Index
The references in the Index are to articles and sections of the Wisconsin Constitution, to sections (or parts of sections) and chapters of the Statutes, and to entries in the Appendix in the last volume of the printed statutes. (The appendix is not reproduced at this website, except for the Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules. Please consult the printed volumes.)
The web version of the index allows the user to search for any word or combination of words used in the index and to find its specific location wherever it appears anywhere in the index. There is also a tree view available, by clicking "Tree view" in the upper bar. The, the left side of the screen contains an alphabetical list of all the index subject heads, which are links to those heads. Clicking on the plus sign next to the head names in the list shows all the entries included under the head, which are also links to the actual entries, which in turn contain links to the actual statute sections referred to. Heads in the list that are not preceded by a plus sign are followed only by cross-references and do not include entries. The terms used here to describe the components of the index are explained below.
How the Statute Index is Organized
The statute index is made up of:
1. SUBJECT HEADS - Broad categories and subjects affected by significant amounts of legislation followed by lines of text directing the user to specific statutory units.
2. ENTRY TERMS - Broad categories and subjects which have not been selected for use as subject heads which are followed by one or more "cross-references".
3. SUBHEADS - Subdivisions by subject matter of subject heads containing large amounts of material.
4. ENTRIES - References to individual statute units under a subject head or subhead
5. SUBENTRIES - References to individual statute units under an entry which has several distinct elements.
6. CROSS-REFERENCES - References from locations in the index where information does not appear to subject heads, subheads and entries where information does appear.
7. SCOPE NOTES - One or more sentences following a subject head or subhead preceded by "NOTE:" explaining the extent of coverage of the subject heading or subhead.
Popular Name Laws - If you are looking for a law which is known by a popular name, e.g., Bridefare, refer to the list under the subject head "Popular Name Laws."
Table of Words and Phrases - The Table of Words and Phrases contains an alphabetical list of terms defined in the statutes together with citations to the statute unit containing the definition of the specified term. This table appears alphabetically in the index under the subject head "Words and Phrases."
Constitution Index - A subject matter index for the Wisconsin Constitution is contained in the general index under the subject head "Constitution, Wisconsin." References to the constitution are also found throughout the remainder of the index according to the subject matter of the particular provision.
about the sections affected tables About the Sections Affected Tables
These tables show, in the ascending numerical order of affected statute sections (or parts thereof), the changes, by Act number, enacted by the Legislature during its regular and special sessions for the biennial period commencing in the year noted. In addition, the tables contain references to decimal-numbered statute sections affected in prior legislative sessions that have delayed effective dates that have not yet been reached and to decimal-numbered statute sections affected by Wisconsin Supreme Court Orders.
The listings in these tables are compiled by the Legislative Reference Bureau from the enrolled bills and joint resolutions passed by the Legislature. The Legislative Reference Bureau makes a reasonable effort to provide a complete and accurate listing, but assumes no responsibility or liability for possible errors or omissions. The table for the current legislation session is updated continuously throughout the session.
aff. affected
am. amended
am.rn. amended and renumbered
AB- Assembly Bill
AJR- Assembly Joint Resolution
Chap. Chapter (Wisconsin Acts)
ch. Chapter (Statutes)
cons.rn. consolidated and renumbered
cr. created
CSB Controlled Substances Board
(date) effected date changed
effec. effective date
exc. except
(intro.) introductory paragraph
JR- [Enrolled] Joint Resolution
rn. renumbered
rn.fr. renumbered from
r. repealed
r.cr. repealed and recreated
reen. reenacted
SB- Senate Bill
SJR- Senate Joint Resolution
SCO Supreme Court Order
13.93 [(1) (b)] Revisor's authority to renumber
161.11 [(4)] Controlled Substances Bd. change
about repealed and renumbered statutes About Repealed and Renumbered Statutes
This table shows, in ascending numerical order of the decimal-numbered statute sections affected, all statute sections that have either been repealed or renumbered in their entirety by the legislature since its 1971 session. This table is a continuation of the table of Decimal-Numbered Sections Renumbered or Repealed 1913-1969, found in printed Wisconsin Annotations 1970, pages 2423 to 2453. The table includes repealed and recreated sections in which the subject matter was changed.
The second column of the table indicates the edition of the Wisconsin Statutes in which the repealed or renumbered section last appeared. The 3rd column indicates the legislative session in which the section was repealed (r1999 indicates that the section was repealed during the 1999 legislative session) or the new number to which the section was renumbered.
about cross references in the statutes About Cross References in the Statutes
The tables contained in this document indicate the location of references within the listed statute to other Wisconsin statutes, as well as to the following other laws that are referred to in the statutes: U.S. Public Laws, Wisconsin Executive Orders, Wisconsin Constitution, Wisconsin Session Laws and Wisconsin Administrative Code.
In each table, the list is organized into two main columns separated by a line (-). The left-hand column shows the statute (or other provision) that is referred to in the statute or statutes enumerated in the right-hand column.
The list is limited to numerical cross-references to current law. References to repealed statutes are not included. Other references not shown are the verbal references, found in many statutes, to "under this section" or "in this section", or "this chapter", "this section", "this subsection", "this paragraph" or "this subdivision".
The Legislative Reference Bureau and the Legislative Technology Services Bureau have made every effort to make the list of statute cross-references as accurate as possible, but assume no responsibility or liability for possible errors or omissions.