Date of enactment: May 1, 1996
1995 Senate Bill 245   Date of publication*: May 15, 1996
* Section 991.11, Wisconsin Statutes 1993-94: Effective date of acts. “Every act and every portion of an act enacted by the legislature over the governor's partial veto which does not expressly prescribe the time when it takes effect shall take effect on the day after its date of publication as designated" by the secretary of state [the date of publication may not be more than 10 working days after the date of enactment].
An Act to amend 88.90 (2) of the statutes, relating to: removing from natural watercourses obstructions on lands that are located in villages.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:
315,1 Section 1 . 88.90 (2) of the statutes is amended to read:
88.90 (2) If the obstruction is not removed within 6 days after receipt of such notice and if the obstruction is located in a village or town, the owner or occupant of the damaged lands may make complaint to the supervisors of the village or town board, filing at the same time a copy of the notice. Such The village trustees or town supervisors, after viewing the watercourse and upon being satisfied that the complaint is just, shall make recommendations in writing to the owner or occupant of the lands where the obstruction is located, for the removal of such obstruction. If such recommendations are not followed within a reasonable time, the supervisors village or town board shall order the obstruction removed. The cost of view and of removal shall be charged and assessed against the lands from which the obstruction was removed and shall be collected as other special assessments are collected.