Monday, August 14, 1995
Assembly Journal
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Assembly amendment 3 to Assembly Bill 140 offered by Representative Kreibich.
Assembly substitute amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 252 offered by committee on Highways and Transportation.
Assembly amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 314 offered by Representative Hutchison.
Relating to implementing the requirement of continuing education for insurance intermediaries.
Report received from agency on August 4, 1995.
To committee on Insurance, Securities and Corporate Policy.
Referred on August 10, 1995 .
Relating to commercial weighing and measuring devices.
Report received form agency on August 2, 1995.
To committee on Consumer Affairs.
Referred on August 10, 1995 .
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Bill 505
Relating to: making the establishment of the school calendar a permissive subject of collective bargaining for municipal employers.
By Representatives Brandemuehl, Nass, Ott, Duff, Kreibich, Ainsworth, Skindrud, Hahn, Grothman, F. Lasee, Olsen and Lazich; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Huelsman, Fitzgerald and A. Lasee .
To committee on Labor and Employment.
Assembly Bill 506
Relating to: permitting the immobilization of motor vehicles for nonmoving traffic violations.
By Representatives Krusick, Boyle, Carpenter, Duff, Grobschmidt, Handrick, Kaufert, Kreibich, Krug, La Fave, F. Lasee, Lehman, Olsen, Ott, Ryba, Skindrud, Urban and Walker; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Andrea, Burke and C. Potter .
To committee on Highways and Transportation.
Assembly Bill 507
Relating to: participation of an inmate-parent in certain court hearings relating to his or her child, permanency planning for a child whose parent is an inmate, reasonable efforts requirements applicable to inmate-parents and their children, assessment of needs of primary caretaker inmate-parents, visitation and other communication between an inmate-parent and his or her child, a defendant's parental status as an item of consideration in a presentence investigation report after certain criminal convictions and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives R. Young, Morris-Tatum, Notestein and Boyle; cosponsored by Senators Moore and Darling .
To committee on Children and Families.
Assembly Bill 508
Relating to: prison impact assessments and making an appropriation.
By Representatives R. Young, Krug, Baldwin, Huber, Lorge, Travis, Notestein, Wilder, Bock, Springer, Plombon, Hanson and Boyle; cosponsored by Senators Chvala and Moore .
To committee on Government Operations.
Assembly Bill 509
Relating to: fishing by residents of state correctional institutions.
By Representatives Hahn, Handrick, Zukowski, Kreibich, Gunderson, Ott, Lehman, Huebsch, Seratti, Dobyns, Powers, Grothman, Johnsrud, Hoven, Ainsworth, Foti, Duff, Freese, Nass, Silbaugh, Grobschmidt, Ryba, Lazich, Boyle, Kelso, Skindrud and Olsen; cosponsored by Senators Fitzgerald, Zien and Breske .
To committee on Tourism and Recreation.
A416 Assembly Bill 510
Relating to: standards for pier construction of new manufactured homes and granting rule-making authority
By Representatives Vrakas, Green, Hasenohrl, Kaufert, Silbaugh, Kelso, Bell, Riley, Brancel, Lehman, Seratti, Ott, Goetsch, Linton, Brandemuehl and Ward; cosponsored by Senators Panzer, Petak, Buettner, Darling, Plewa, Rude, Schultz, Wineke and Chvala .
To committee on Housing.
Assembly Bill 511
Relating to: the disclosure by a social services agency of information about an individual in the care or legal custody of the social services agency.
By Representatives Nass, Powers, Seratti, Brandemuehl, Hahn, Freese, Goetsch, Ainsworth, Lazich, Owens, Schneiders, Robson and Silbaugh; cosponsored by Senator Huelsman .
To committee on Children and Families.
Assembly Bill 512
Relating to: creating a privilege for a self-critical analysis.
By Representatives Green, Freese, Jensen, Albers, Schneiders, Hahn, Grothman, Klusman and Kreibich; cosponsored by Senators Huelsman, Petak, Rosenzweig and Schultz .
To committee on Judiciary.
Executive Communications