Tuesday, March 5, 1996
10:00 A.M.
Senate Journal
The Senate met.
The Senate was called to order by Senator Brian Rude.
The roll was called and the following Senators answered to their names:
Senators Adelman, Andrea, Breske, Buettner, Burke, Chvala, Clausing, Cowles, Darling, Decker, Drzewiecki, Ellis, Farrow, Fitzgerald, George, Grobschmidt, Huelsman, Jauch, A. Lasee, Moen, Moore, Panzer, Petak, C. Potter, Risser, Rosenzweig, Rude, Schultz, Shibilski, Weeden, Welch, Wineke and Zien - 33.
Absent - None.
Absent with leave - None.
The Senate stood for the prayer which was offered by Senator George Petak.
The Senate remained standing and Senator Moen led the Senate in the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
INTRODUCTION and reference of resolutions and joint resolutions
Read and referred:
Senate Joint Resolution 54
Relating to: urging Congress and the President to enact legislation to confer national monument status on the National Native American Vietnam Veterans Memorial at "The Highground".
By Senators Zien, Fitzgerald, Breske, Burke and Moen; cosponsored by Representatives Musser, Zukowski, Dobyns, Lorge, Baldus, Seratti, Ourada, Olsen, Freese, Hahn, Silbaugh, Goetsch, Turner, F. Lasee, Green, Ladwig, Wirch and Baldwin .
To special committee on State and Federal Relations.
INTRODUCTION, first reading and reference of bills
Read first time and referred:
Senate Bill 594
Relating to: creating a fiscal capacity method for political subdivisions to establish proof of financial responsibility for compliance with closure, long-term care and corrective action requirements for solid waste disposal facilities and hazardous waste facilities, failure to comply with closure, long-term care and corrective action requirements and making an appropriation.
By Senators Moen, Rude and Schultz; cosponsored by Representatives Plombon, Musser, Ryba, Hanson and Albers .
To committee on Environment and Energy.
Senate Bill 595
Relating to: sale of rabies vaccine and rabies vaccination of dogs.
By Senators Schultz, Rude, Andrea, Buettner, Moen, Huelsman, Clausing, Risser, Grobschmidt, Fitzgerald, Farrow and Welch; cosponsored by Representatives Ward, Gronemus, Powers, Klusman, Hutchison, Baldus, Goetsch, Musser, Zukowski, Freese, Skindrud, Lazich, Lehman, Hanson, Ott, Hahn, Brancel, Kreuser, Wirch, Vrakas, Silbaugh, Nass, Jensen, Ainsworth, Handrick, Olsen and Baldwin .
To committee on Transportation, Agriculture and Local Affairs.
Senate Bill 596
Relating to: calculation of school aid under the state school aid formula.
By Senators Clausing, Burke, Wineke, Grobschmidt, Moen, Decker and Chvala; cosponsored by Representatives Plache, Robson, Black, R. Young, Travis, Plombon, Huber, Goetsch, Seratti, Bell, Meyer, Baldus and Ainsworth .
To committee on Education and Financial Institutions.
Senate Bill 597
Relating to: the regulation of armored transport services, locksmiths and private alarm contractors; the requirements that a person must satisfy to be eligible for a private detective license, a private detective agency license, a private security permit or a license to supply private security personnel; transferring the authority to issue private security permits for private security persons from local law enforcement authorities to the department of regulation and licensing; granting rule-making authority; and providing a penalty.
By Senators Drzewiecki, Cowles, Darling, Weeden, Panzer, Fitzgerald, Buettner, Rude and Schultz; cosponsored by Representatives Gard, Musser, Schneiders, Kaufert, Seratti, Kelso, Ainsworth, Jensen, Green, Duff, Goetsch, Lehman, Freese, Ladwig and Albers .
To committee on Business, Economic Development and Urban Affairs.
Senate Bill 598
Relating to: vehicles stopping at railroad crossings and providing a penalty.
By Senators Schultz, Rude, Buettner, Andrea and Grobschmidt; cosponsored by Representatives Krusick, Freese, Silbaugh, Schneiders and Olsen .
To committee on Transportation, Agriculture and Local Affairs.
S607 Senate Bill 599
Relating to: requiring the public service commission to establish maximum hospital rates, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, granting rule-making authority, making an appropriation and providing a penalty.
By Senators Decker, Chvala, Moen, Burke and Wineke; cosponsored by Representative Boyle .
To committee on Health, Human Services and Aging.
Senate Bill 600
Relating to: designating STH 160 as the "Polish Veterans Memorial Highway".
By Senators Drzewiecki, Zien, Andrea, Burke, Grobschmidt, Shibilski and Cowles; cosponsored by Representatives Porter, Dobyns, Wirch, Urban, Ryba, Murat, Grothman, Gard, Lorge, Seratti and Kreuser .
To committee on Transportation, Agriculture and Local Affairs.
Senate Bill 601
Relating to: licensing of certain foster homes as village foster homes, guardianship for certain children adjudged to be in need of protection or services and making appropriations.
By Senator Huelsman ; cosponsored by Representatives Krug and Ladwig .
To committee on Judiciary.
report of committees
The committee on Business, Economic Development and Urban Affairs reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 384
Relating to: requiring a review of and report on introduced bills and proposed administrative rules that affect housing and granting rule-making authority.
Ayes, 5 - Senators Fitzgerald, Buettner, Darling, Moore and Grobschmidt.