181.01 Title.
181.02 Definitions.
181.03 Purposes.
181.04 General powers.
181.041 Definitions applicable to indemnification and insurance provisions.
181.042 Mandatory indemnification.
181.043 Determination of right to indemnification.
181.044 Allowance of expenses as incurred.
181.045 Corporation may limit indemnification.
181.047 Additional rights to indemnification and allowance of expenses.
181.049 Court-ordered indemnification.
181.051 Indemnification and allowance of expenses of employes and agents.
181.053 Insurance.
181.057 Effect of unauthorized corporate acts.
181.06 Corporate name.
181.07 Reserved name.
181.08 Registered agent.
181.09 Change of registered agent or his address.
181.095 Resignation of registered agent.
181.10 Service on corporation.
181.11 Members.
181.12 Termination and transfer of membership.
181.13 Bylaws.
181.14 Meetings of members.
181.15 Notice of members' meetings.
181.16 Voting.
181.17 Quorum.
181.175 Division into districts or units, delegates, meetings.
181.18 Board of directors.
181.19 Directors' authority to establish compensation.
181.20 Number and election of directors.
181.21 Vacancies.
181.22 Quorum of directors.
181.225 Director conflicts of interest.
181.23 Committees of directors.
181.24 Place and notice of directors' meetings.
181.25 Officers.
181.26 Removal of officers.
181.265 Report of names and addresses of officers or directors.
181.27 Books and records.
181.28 Shares of stock and dividends prohibited.
181.283 Reliance by directors or officers.
181.285 Consideration of interests in addition to members' interests.
181.287 Limited liability of directors and officers.
181.29 Directors' liability on loans to officers and directors.
181.295 Members' derivative actions.
181.297 Limited liability of volunteers.
181.30 Incorporators.
181.31 Articles of incorporation.
181.32 Filing and recording articles of incorporation.
181.33 Effect of issuance of certificate of incorporation.
181.34 Organization meetings.
181.35 Right to amend articles of incorporation.
181.36 Procedure to amend articles of incorporation.
181.37 Articles of amendment.
181.38 Filing of articles of amendment.
181.39 Restated articles of incorporation.
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