Period ending December 31, 1998
Prepared by Marian Rogers and Patricia Helgerson, Librarians
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau
"Act" at the end of an entry refers to one of the 1997 Wisconsin Acts (e.g., "Act 27" is a reference to 1997 WisAct 27). Any number preceded by "JR-" is a reference to an enrolled Joint Resolution deposited with the Secretary of State. The reference "SCO" indicates a change in a statutory court rule, effective beginning on the date shown, made by Supreme Court Order.
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abandonment of child or spouseAbandonment of child or spouse, see Family — Support
Abortion-related activities funded with public funds prohibited; family planning definition revision [Sec. 760f, 1528ym, 1529c, 1595j, k, 1701m, 1857f, 1861d, 1883m, 1942e, 1967d, 1968s, 1973t, 2169f-h, 2198r-t, 2768k, 2782j, 3404m, 3436f-3437hj, 3447Lm-mn, 9356 (4g)] -  Act 27
Abortion-related activities funded with public funds: prohibition to apply to certain program, project or service using public funds and engaging in prohibited activities [Sec. 57w, x] -  Act 237
Induced abortion report revision [Sec. 2227r, 9356 (3f)] -  Act 27
Partial-birth abortions prohibited, exception to save life of woman; violators sentenced to life imprisonment; liability provisions -  Act 219
Printed materials required to be given to a woman prior to abortion: county department authority to charge fee removed; information re family planning [Sec. 1446L, m, 3451t-3452s]  -  Act 27
academic excellence scholarshipAcademic excellence scholarship, see Scholarships and loans
access to public recordsAccess to public records, see Public record
acquired immunodeficiency syndromeAcquired immunodeficiency syndrome
CHIPS substitute care provider revisions re TPR hearings and child's HIV test results -  Act 80
Community AODA and HIV services programs; foster grandparent funding revision [Sec. 590m, 600m, 604, 1411, 1505, 1506, 1524, 2131, 2132, 2142, 2709m, 2733m-2738m, 2745ag, ar, 2847, 3406, 3407] -  Act 27
Health insurance premium subsidies: eligibility expanded [Sec. 3409-3425, 3427-3431] -  Act 27
HIV, AIDS or sexually transmitted disease: penalty enhancement for serious sex crime offenders infected with  -  Act 276
HIV infection and certain other diseases: laws revised re testing of certain defendants found not guilty by reason of mental disease or not competent to proceed -  Act 182
HIV positive test result: physician may report to state epidemiologist names of persons significantly exposed  -  Act 54
adams countyAdams county
Petenwell lake harbor and boat launching facilities: recreational boating project funding; percentage matching requirements [Sec. 9137 (8tv)] -  Act 27
administration, department ofAdministration, Department of
Brownfields grant program created; memorandum of understanding required [Sec. 186c, 202m, 4351, 9110 (2), (3), (4)] -  Act 27
Budget comparison requirements [Sec. 105p-t] [vetoed] -  AB-100
College tuition prepayment program appropriation made continuing; DOA to repay general fund [Sec. 102, 692, 9201 (1)] -  Act 27
College tuition prepayment program revised -  Act 158
Community development block grant housing program: rules re applicant eligibility to receive funds [Sec. 102pr]  -  Act 27
Contaminated property re land recycling loan program [Sec. 294, 864, 889, 3534, 3552, 3560, 3569, 3649, 3684, 3690, 3715, 3716, 3721] [3569 — partial veto]  -  Act 27
Contaminated property re land recycling loan program: application deadlines [Sec. 481e-g] -  Act 237
Corr.Dept information system reengineering; JCIP approval required [Sec. 9132 (1k)] [vetoed]  -  AB-100
Country of origin for state vehicles [Sec. 117s, 9301 (1m)] [vetoed] -  AB-100
Delinquent taxes: DORL license denial, suspension, revocation or nonrenewal for; licensing departments to enter into memorandum of understanding with DOR; SSN and federal employer ID provisions [for section numbers, see entry under ``Income tax — Delinquent"] -  Act 237
Depository selection board abolished; State treasurer duties expanded [Sec. 26m, 50m, 744e-747m, 840m, 1150c-x, 4291t, 4677m, 9101 (13m)] [vetoed] -  AB-100
DHFS information services employe positions transferred to DOA [Sec. 9123 (8)] -  Act 27
DOA gasohol and alternative fuels report modified (remedial legislation) -  Act 73
Drug crime prosecutions in Milwaukee and Dane counties: DOA funding to OJA for DA positions [Sec. 9101 (3), (4)] -  Act 27
Drug law enforcement and strategic intelligence unit: transfer of moneys to DOJ [Sec. 687] -  Act 27
Efficiency measures requirement for certain executive branch agencies [Sec. 9156 (6ng)] -  Act 27
Energy conservation audits and related construction projects in state-owned buildings; energy savings performance contracting repealed [Sec. 124m, 126-130, 131, 234, 243, 244, 245, 248, 271, 508, 647, 665, 686, 759]  -  Act 27
Facility licensing and certification system: DHFS to develop; DOA Secretary may withhold approval of funding re DORL input [Sec. 9123 (7)] -  Act 27
Facility operation and maintenance: DOA appropriation lapse [Sec. 9201 (2)] -  Act 27
Federal grant application processing appropriation repealed [Sec. 670p] -  Act 27
Food stamp program eligibility revised; distribution methods expanded; simplified food stamp program to be developed [Sec. 1742, 1744-1749, 1751b, c, 1752, 1755m, 1794-1796, 1801m] -  Act 27
Gaming board abolished, functions transferred to DOA; Division of gaming created; authority over state lottery transferred to DOR [for section numbers, see entry under ``Gambling"] -  Act 27
General fund temporary borrowing limit and appropriation schedule [Sec. 21, 22] [22 — partial veto]  -  Act 237
Hearings and appeals, Division of: conduct of hearings for state agencies on fee bases permitted; fee revision [Sec. 685, 3279-3281] -  Act 27
Income augmentation services receipts expenditure: DOA to submit plan to JCF for approval -  Act 86
Indian gaming regulation: funding increased [Sec. 9201 (2)] -  Act 237
Information systems technology oversight [Sec. 7m, 10s, 143n, 9101 (11g)] [143n, 9101 (11g) — vetoed]  -  Act 27
Information technology, Council on, eliminated [Sec. 10rm, 54mm, 148e, 1346g] -  Act 27