Thursday, February 12, 1998
9:37 A.M.
Ninety-Third Regular Session
Assembly Journal
The Assembly met in the Assembly Chamber located in the State Capitol.
Speaker Jensen in the chair.
The prayer was offered by Representative Kedzie.
Representative Zukowski led the membership in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
The roll was taken.
The result follows:
Present - Representatives Ainsworth, Albers, Baldwin, Baumgart, Black, Bock, Boyle, Brandemuehl, Carpenter, Coggs, Cullen, Dobyns, Dueholm, Duff, Foti, Freese, Gard, Goetsch, Green, Gronemus, Grothman, Gunderson, Hahn, Handrick, Hanson, Harsdorf, Hasenohrl, Hebl, Hoven, Huber, Hubler, Huebsch, Hutchison, Jeskewitz, Johnsrud, Kaufert, Kedzie, Kelso, Klusman, Kreibich, Kreuser, Krug, Krusick, Kunicki, La Fave, Ladwig, F. Lasee, Lazich, J. Lehman, M. Lehman, Linton, Lorge, Meyer, Morris-Tatum, Murat, Musser, Notestein, Olsen, Ott, Otte, Ourada, Owens, Plale, Plouff, Porter, R. Potter, Powers, Reynolds, Riley, Robson, Ryba, Schafer, Schneider, Seratti, Skindrud, Spillner, Springer, Staskunas, Steinbrink, Sykora, Travis, Turner, Underheim, Urban, Vander Loop, Vrakas, Walker, Ward, Wasserman, Wieckert, Williams, Wood, L. Young, R. Young, Ziegelbauer, Zukowski and Speaker Jensen - 97.
Absent with leave - Representative Nass - 1.
Vacancies - 82nd Assembly District - 1.
Representative Green asked unanimous consent for a leave of absence for today's session for Representative Nass. Granted.
Assembly substitute amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 58 offered by Representative Owens.
Assembly substitute amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 432 offered by Representative Huber.
Assembly amendment 3 to Assembly Bill 579 offered by joint committee on Finance.
Assembly substitute amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 638 offered by Representative Johnsrud.
Assembly amendment 1 to Senate Bill 25 offered by joint committee on Finance.
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Bill 790
Relating to: various measures affecting the state civil service.
By Representatives Vrakas, Hanson, Jensen, Vander Loop, Klusman, Turner, Duff, R. Young, Nass, Dobyns, Albers, Ott, Olsen, Powers, Hahn and Johnsrud; cosponsored by Senators Farrow, Darling, Drzewiecki and Fitzgerald.
To committee on Labor and Employment .
Assembly Bill 791
Relating to: the standard of conduct in cases involving punitive damages.
By Representatives Harsdorf, Ainsworth, Bock, Brandemuehl, Notestein, Wood and R. Young; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Plache and Clausing.
To committee on Judiciary.
Assembly Bill 792
Relating to: issuance of Class A permits by the department of natural resources to certain disabled persons.
By Representatives Lorge, Johnsrud, Ryba, Vander Loop, Hasenohrl, Grothman and Plouff.
To committee on Natural Resources .
Assembly Bill 793
Relating to: acceptance of political contributions made by owners, operators or managers of casinos or racetracks and providing penalties.
By Representatives Walker, Duff, Dobyns, Goetsch, Grothman, F. Lasee, Huebsch and Albers; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Farrow, Panzer and Welch.
To committee on Campaign Finance Reform .
A579 Assembly Bill 794
Relating to: creating a state fire programs interagency coordinating council and altering the duties of the state emergency response board.
By Representative Bock ; cosponsored by Senator Burke .
To committee on Environment.
The committee on Natural Resources reports and recommends:
Senate Bill 15
Relating to: issuing crossbow hunting permits to persons who are physically unable to use a bow and arrow.
Ayes: 9 - Representatives Johnsrud, Powers, Brandemuehl, Ott, Gunderson, Hutchison, Black, Bock and Baumgart.
Noes: 0.
To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 34
Relating to: disposal facilities on outlying waters for toilet wastes from boats and granting rule-making authority.
Ayes: 9 - Representatives Johnsrud, Powers, Brandemuehl, Ott, Gunderson, Hutchison, Black, Bock and Baumgart.
Noes: 0.
To committee on Rules.