Assembly Bill 304
Assembly Bill 589
Assembly Bill 658
Assembly Bill 659
Assembly Bill 672
Assembly Bill 713
Assembly Bill 715
Assembly Bill 741
Assembly Bill 786
Assembly Bill 802
Assembly Bill 843
Assembly Bill 858
Assembly Bill 866
Assembly Bill 872
Assembly Bill 873
Assembly Bill 874
Assembly Bill 881
Assembly Bill 883
Assembly substitute amendment 2 to Senate Bill 274
Nonconcurred in:
Assembly Bill 216
action on the senate message
Assembly Bill 221
Relating to: causing harm or death to an unborn child and providing penalties.
By Representatives Freese, Walker, Green, Ryba, Schafer, Wood, Sykora, Staskunas, Handrick, Baumgart, Plale, Otte, Duff, Vander Loop, Hahn, Porter, Lorge, Ourada, Underheim, Dobyns, Huebsch, Kreibich, Musser, Ladwig, Urban, Kelso, Seratti, Nass, Owens, Ainsworth, F. Lasee, Ward, Ott, Lazich, Powers and Gunderson; cosponsored by Senators Welch, Grobschmidt, Drzewiecki, C. Potter, Buettner, A. Lasee, Schultz, Weeden and Farrow, by request of Tracy Scheide (formerly Tracy Black), her family, and the family of Jeanette Chase.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 351
Relating to: sentences for felony offenses, parole, community supervision, granting rule-making authority and providing penalties.
A843 By Representatives Sykora, Walker, Goetsch, Green, Dobyns, Duff, Foti, Freese, Gunderson, Hahn, Hoven, Huebsch, Jensen, Jeskewitz, Kelso, Kreibich, Krusick, Ladwig, Musser, Nass, Ott, Owens, Porter, Rutkowski, Schafer, Skindrud, Vrakas, Ward, Ziegelbauer, Zukowski and Lazich; cosponsored by Senators Adelman, Grobschmidt, Huelsman, Zien, Roessler, Drzewiecki, Farrow, Schultz, Weeden and Welch.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 463
Relating to: unborn children who are at substantial risk of serious physical injury due to the habitual lack of self-control of their expectant mothers in the use of alcohol beverages, controlled substances or controlled substance analogs, exhibited to a severe degree.
By Representatives Ladwig, Plale, Jensen, Huebsch, Albers, Dobyns, Duff, Freese, Gard, Goetsch, Gunderson, Handrick, Kelso, F. Lasee, Lazich, Nass, Olsen, Ott, Owens, Porter, Schafer, Staskunas, Sykora, Ward and Ziegelbauer; cosponsored by Senators Huelsman, Darling, Grobschmidt, Fitzgerald, Farrow, Cowles, Drzewiecki and Roessler.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 621
Relating to: the testimony at trial of child witnesses in certain cases.
By Representatives Schafer, Kelso, Jensen, Sykora, Green, Ladwig, Olsen, Musser, Dobyns, Brandemuehl, Freese, Goetsch, Turner, F. Lasee, Albers, Ainsworth, Nass, Hahn, Vrakas, Gunderson, Owens, Springer, Wasserman and Seratti; cosponsored by Senators Fitzgerald, A. Lasee and Roessler.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 631
Relating to: charter schools.
By Representatives Olsen, Underheim, Duff, Gard, Albers, Ott, Ainsworth, Johnsrud, Grothman, Owens, Brandemuehl, Walker, Ladwig and Vrakas; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Farrow, Huelsman, Welch and Roessler.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 668
Relating to: changing rental unit energy efficiency requirements and creating a procedure for issuing citations for failure to comply with existing stipulations Relating to rental unit energy efficiency requirements.
By Representatives Olsen, Vrakas, Dobyns, Sykora, Boyle, Grothman, Hasenohrl, Huebsch, Meyer, Springer, Underheim, Kaufert, Walker, Ward, L. Young and Turner; cosponsored by Senators Shibilski, Fitzgerald, C. Potter and Zien.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 686
Relating to: compulsory school attendance, habitual truancy, the penalties for contributing to truancy, truancy planning committees and school district truancy plans.
By Representatives Olsen, Krusick, Ladwig, Ainsworth, Albers, Dobyns, Foti, Freese, Green, Hanson, Kelso, F. Lasee, J. Lehman, M. Lehman, Murat, Musser, Owens, Porter, Powers, Turner, Urban and Ward; cosponsored by Senators Darling, C. Potter, Farrow, Plache, Roessler and Rosenzweig.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 701
Relating to: a ban on disposal and incineration of used automotive oil filters.
By Representatives Harsdorf, Bock, Powers, Notestein, Baumgart, Olsen, Ryba, Turner, Freese, Staskunas, R. Young and Baldwin; cosponsored by Senators Burke, Cowles, Darling and Rosenzweig.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 790
Relating to: various measures affecting the state civil service.
By Representatives Vrakas, Hanson, Jensen, Vander Loop, Klusman, Turner, Duff, R. Young, Nass, Dobyns, Albers, Ott, Olsen, Powers, Hahn and Johnsrud; cosponsored by Senators Farrow, Darling, Drzewiecki and Fitzgerald.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 831
Relating to: the regulation of investment advisers and investment adviser representatives, the registration of securities and granting rule-making authority.
By committee on Financial Institutions, by request of Department of Financial Institutions .
To committee on Rules.
Senate Joint Resolution 43
Relating to: 4-year terms of office for, appointment of, vacancies in the offices of, and the restriction on holding any other office by, sheriffs (2nd consideration).
By Senators Roessler, Darling, Drzewiecki, Fitzgerald, Grobschmidt, Huelsman, Panzer, C. Potter, Rude, Schultz, Weeden and Rosenzweig; cosponsored by Representatives Krusick, Walker, Albers, Bock, Boyle, Brandemuehl, Dobyns, Goetsch, Grothman, Gunderson, Hahn, Handrick, Hanson, Hoven, Hutchison, Jensen, Kreibich, Ladwig, M. Lehman, Murat, Olsen, Otte, Owens, Ryba, Seratti, Springer, Staskunas, Vander Loop, Wasserman, Williams, L. Young, Zukowski, Gronemus, Green and Freese.
To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 369
Relating to: establishing a commercial real estate broker's commission lien.
By Senators Welch, Darling, Grobschmidt, Schultz and Drzewiecki; cosponsored by Representatives Schafer, Hanson, Green, Riley, Sykora, Porter, F. Lasee, La Fave and Gunderson.
To committee on Housing.
Senate Bill 472
Relating to: the distribution of an income tax refund to formerly married persons.
By Senators Roessler, Huelsman and Darling; cosponsored by Representatives Harsdorf, Olsen, Urban, Dobyns, Huber, Gronemus, Goetsch, Owens, Notestein, Musser, Albers, Brandemuehl, F. Lasee, Bock, Ladwig, Plouff, Seratti, Ainsworth, Powers, Meyer and Murat.
To committee on Ways and Means.