October 1, 1997
The Honorable, The Legislature:
Pursuant to s. 758.19 (5)(i), Wis. Stats., the information reported to the Director of State Courts under s. 758.19 (5)(e), Wis. Stats., by Wisconsin's counties has been compiled and is herein submitted. Under s. 758.19 (5)(e), Wis. Stats., each county is required to submit an annual report to the Director of State Courts which provides information on the actual amount expended in the previous calendar year for court costs relating to the circuit court support and the guardian ad litem payment programs.
J. Denis Moran
Director of State Courts
State of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
September 30, 1997
The Honorable, The Senate:
I am pleased to present the enclosed 1996-97 Annual Report of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority.
This report is being submitted pursuant to Section 233.04 (1), Wisconsin Statutes, which requires UW Hospitals and Clinics to submit to you annually a report on the patient care, education, research and community service activities and accomplishments of the Authority, along with an audited financial statement. An explanation of the accounting for the transfer of the unencumbered balance in the appropriation account is also included.
We are extremely pleased with the progress we've achieved in our first year as a public authority. I would be happy to furnish additional information or respond to any questions you may have regarding the enclosed reports.
Gordon M. Derzon
Chief Executive Officer
State of Wisconsin
Ethics Board
September 30, 1997
To the Honorable the Senate:
At the direction of s. 13.685(7), Wisconsin Statutes, I am furnishing you with the names of organizations recently registered with the Ethics Board that employ one or more individuals to affect state legislation or administrative rules, and notifying you of changes in the Ethics Board's records of licensed lobbyists and their employers. For each recently registered organization I have included the organization's description of the general area of legislative or administrative action that it attempts to influence and the name of each licensed lobbyist that the organization has authorized to act on its behalf.
Organizations recently registered:
Below are the names of organizations recently registered with the Ethics Board as employing one or more individuals to affect state legislation or administrative rules.
Subject(s): Areas including transportation issue affecting operation, funding, labor, insurance, etc. of Intercity Rail Passenger Service.
Wolfe, James
Health Underwriters, Wisconsin Assn of
Subject(s): All legislation, rules, and proposals that affect the development, distribution, accessability and affordability of health insurance benefits and products.
Blume, Ed
S292 Singer Asset Finance Company LLC
Subject(s): Laws authorizing, banning, and/or regulating the assignment (by sale or as security for a loan) of state lottery prize payment streams by lottery prize winners.
Brown, George
Organization's authorization of additional lobbyists:
The following organizations previously registered with the Ethics Board have authorized to act on their behalf these additional licensed lobbyists:
Public Power Inc SYSTEM, Wisconsin
Thilly, Roy
Radtke Contractors, Inc
Reff, Russell J
Rehabilitation for Wisconsin, Inc
Hough, James E
Osborne, Patrick
Also available from the Wisconsin Ethics Board are reports identifying the amount and value of time state agencies have spent to affect legislative action and reports of expenditures for lobbying activities filed by the organizations that employ lobbyists.
R. Roth Judd
Executive Director
referrals and receipt of committee reports concerning proposed administrative rules
The committee on Labor, Transportation and Financial Institutions reports and recommends:
Relating to overweight permits.
No action taken.
Kimberly Plache
messageS from the assembly
By Charles Sanders, chief clerk.
Mr. President:
I am directed to inform you that the Assembly has passed and asks concurrence in:
Assembly Bill 121
Assembly Bill 189
Assembly Bill 402
Adopted and asks concurrence in:
Assembly Joint Resolution 72
Concurred in:
Senate Bill 272
messageS from the assembly considered
Assembly Bill 121
Relating to: permitting the immobilization of motor vehicles for nonmoving traffic violations.
By Representatives Krusick, Ainsworth, Brandemuehl, Handrick, Huber, Kelso, Kreibich, Krug, Ladwig, Lazich, M. Lehman, Musser, Notestein, Olsen, Ott, Schafer, Turner, Urban, Walker and Ward; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Huelsman and C. Potter.
Read first time and referred to committee on Labor, Transportation and Financial Institutions.
Assembly Bill 189
Relating to: exposing a child to harmful descriptions or narrations and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Otte, Dobyns, F. Lasee, Ziegelbauer, Baumgart, Gard, Wasserman, Musser, Hahn, Brandemuehl, Vrakas, Boyle, Ladwig, Ryba, Freese, Albers, Kelso, Lazich, Owens, Plale and Gronemus; cosponsored by Senators C. Potter, Huelsman, Drzewiecki, Buettner, A. Lasee, Welch, Rosenzweig and Clausing.
Read first time and referred to committee on Judiciary, Campaign Finance Reform and Consumer Affairs.
Assembly Bill 402
Relating to: the counties and municipalities that may participate in negotiation and arbitration concerning a proposed landfill or hazardous waste facility.
By Representatives Gunderson, Albers, Wood, Ainsworth, Turner, Dobyns, Urban, Staskunas, Ott, Baumgart, Lazich, Goetsch, Grothman, Nass, Robson and Sykora; cosponsored by Senators Adelman, Huelsman and Farrow.
Read first time and referred to committee on Agriculture and Environmental Resources.
Assembly Joint Resolution 72
Relating to: the life and public service of Tom Coenen.
By Representative Hanson .
Read and referred to committee on Senate Organization.
Senate amendment 3 to Senate Bill 269 offered by Senator C. Potter.