1997 - 1998 LEGISLATURE
February 26, 1997 - Introduced by Representatives Dueholm, Baldwin, Plouff, R.
Young, Ryba, Vander Loop, Notestein, Hanson, J. Lehman, Springer, Travis,
Gronemus, Turner, Boyle, L. Young, Hasenohrl, Reynolds, Wasserman,
and Kunicki.
AJR33,1,1 1Relating to: declaring March 10, 1997, Tibet Day.
AJR33,1,42 Whereas, the United States Congress has enacted legislation declaring Tibet
3an occupied country, the true representatives of which are the Dalai Lama and the
4Tibetan government in exile; and
AJR33,1,75 Whereas, the United Nations Human Rights Subcommission has passed a
6resolution concerning the present threat to the distinct cultural, religious and
7national identity of the Tibetan people; and
AJR33,1,98 Whereas, the suppression of human rights and freedom in Tibet must be the
9concern of all freedom-loving people everywhere; and
AJR33,1,1310 Whereas, on March 10, 1997, Tibetans throughout the world will gather in their
11host countries to commemorate the 38th anniversary of the Tibetan National
12Uprising against the Chinese occupation of their country and to honor more than
131,200,000 Tibetans who died in their struggle for the independence of Tibet; and
AJR33,1,1714 Whereas, the United States Tibet Committee, a national human rights
15organization that has sponsored the observances in New York every year, will also
16sponsor this year's gathering at the United Nations and a march from the Chinese
17Mission to the United Nations; and
1Whereas, it is fitting that we recognize New York's Tibetan community and
2their plea for justice on this 38th anniversary of Tibetan National Day; now,
3therefore, be it
AJR33,2,5 4Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the members of the
5Wisconsin legislature proclaim March 10, 1997, "Tibet Day".
AJR33,2,66 (End)