Period ending December 31, 2000
Prepared by Patricia Helgerson and Marian Rogers, Librarians
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau
"Act" at the end of each entry refers to one of the 1999 Wisconsin Acts (e.g., "Act 9" is a reference to 1999 WisAct 9). Any number preceded by "JR-" is a reference to an enrolled Joint Resolution deposited with the Secretary of State. The reference "SCO" indicates a change in a statutory court rule, effective beginning on the date shown, made by Supreme Court Order.
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abandoned propertyAbandoned property, see Credit
access to public recordsAccess to public records, see Public record
acquired immunodeficiency syndromeAcquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDS and HIV life care prevention grants funding; grant for African American AIDS task force of the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, Inc. [Sec. 418g, 2432g-j]  -  Act 9
Assault by prisoner re expelling bodily substances: prohibition created; testing for communicable diseases provision  -  Act 188
Confidentiality law violations re health care and mental health records, HIV test results and insurer personal medical information: penalties and damages revised  -  Act 79
DHFS revisions: health premiums of certain persons with HIV; informal conferences for contested cases involving care facilities; MA reimbursement for hospitals; excess revenue retained by nonprofit rate-based service providers; CBRF B and specific fiscal year references re certain mental health and social service programs eliminated; statement of parents' financial information for juvenile dispositional order; licensing a foster home in another county; kinship care child eligible for other assistance (remedial legislation) -  Act 103
HIRSP changes re persons age 65, temporomandibular disorders, drugs for HIV treatment, medicare and deductible coverage; nonlapsible trust fund created; prescription drug coverage [Sec. 386b, 415g, 417c, 418c, 433d, 697d, 717d, 2255m-2278g, 9323 (4), (12z)] [2277t — partial veto; 2278g — vetoed] -  Act 9
HIV clinical evaluation services: DHFS to request federal waiver [Sec. 1434] -  Act 9
ad valorem taxAd valorem tax, see Taxation
adjutant generalAdjutant general
Civil air patrol: purchase of infrared optical equipment by Chippewa county agency to search for lost individuals [Sec. 2301m] [vetoed] -  AB-133
Military honors and veteran funeral: DVA may provide using members of national guard and certain local organizations; adjutant general authorized to activate guard members [partial veto] -  Act 136
administration, department ofAdministration, Department of
Appropriation revisions [Sec. 508, 509, 518] -  Act 9
Bingo general program operations position and transfers to lottery fund [Sec. 9101 (20g), 9143 (3h)] [9143 (3h) — partial veto] -  Act 9
Brownfield remediation and redevelopment efforts: reports required [Sec. 2611d] [partial veto]  -  Act 9
Canceled drafts: payment and reserve for [Sec. 613f, h, k, 644e, p, 9201 (2b)] -  Act 9
Capitol building restoration re completion and return of historically significant furnishings; bonding authority of Building commission increased -  Act 4
CARES administration [Sec. 1356m, n, 1373v, 1460m, 9101 (18m), 9157 (2p), 9423 (10m)] [9101 (18m) — partial veto; all other sections vetoed] -  Act 9
Census education program and board created; grants provided [Sec. 28am, an, 510m, 9101 (19wx), (19wy), 9401 (7wx)] [9101 (19wx) — partial veto]  -  Act 9
College tuition and expenses program revisions re residency, enrollment fee and redeeming tuition units; college savings program created; income tax deduction provisions  -  Act 44
College tuition prepayment program administration transferred from DOA to State treasurer [Sec. 52-62, 587, 718, 1686, 3101, 9101 (9)] -  Act 9
Consolidation of state vehicle fleet operations re DNR, DOT and U.W. Madison; to cooperate with DOA in implementation; report of savings incurred re 2001-2003 budget bill [Sec. 9158 (1d)] [partial veto] -  Act 9
Correctional facilities: alternatives to state construction; state lease and prevailing wage provisions [Sec. 3d, h, 2030m, 2033m, 2353s, 3191d-g] [vetoed] -  AB-133
Correctional fiscal estimates: procedure created [Sec. 1js-ju] [vetoed] -  AB-133
DA position reallocations [Sec. 9101 (3d)] [vetoed] -  AB-133
DOA appropriations repealed re energy development demonstration fund and Governor's office of mediation [Sec. 109, 510, 530, 531] -  Act 9
Driver improvement surcharge transfer to chemical testing services removed; funding revision includes drunk driving related programs [Sec. 356, 444, 9223 (1)]  -  Act 9
Drug prosecutions in Dane and Milwaukee counties: funding for [Sec. 9101 (2), (3)] -  Act 9
Educational telecommunications access program: federal and consolidated public library systems made eligible; PSC and TEACH board duties [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Data processing"] -  Act 9
Electric reliability provisions; Council on utility public benefits created; nitrogen oxide emission reduction and weatherization provisions [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Electric utility"] -  Act 9
Federal interest reimbursement calculation and lapse [Sec. 79e, 613g, 9101 (19f), 9201 (2f)] [9201 (2f) — partial veto; 79e, 613g, 9101 (19f) — vetoed] -  Act 9
Federal resource acquisition program: DOA to submit long-term financial plan for operation of [Sec. 117m, 511h, 9101 (18d)] -  Act 9
Food service center project at Southern Wisconsin center for the developmentally disabled; to include proposed plans re transfer from DHFS to DVA [Sec. 9101 (19t)]  -  Act 9
Forest products at Fort McCoy: DOA to distribute proceeds from sale -  Act 24
Ginseng research funding [Sec. 295m, 9154 (2t)] [vetoed] -  AB-133
Gun violations in Milwaukee: funding for prosecution costs, firearm law media campaign and computer system [Sec. 498m, 1592g, 3213c, 9101 (3c)] -  Act 9
Health care data collection: DHFS to submit proposal to support; DETF and Insurance commissioner to participate; memorandum of understanding; DOA and JCF duties [Sec. 9123 (8mx)] [vetoed] -  AB-133
Heritage military music foundation: review of estimate and grant re a building in the city of Watertown [Sec. 105e, f, 520m, n, 527s, t, 9401 (7h)] [vetoed] -  AB-133
Homeless transitional housing grants: limit removed; geographical balance ensured [Sec. 64] -  Act 9
Income augmentation receipts: lapse of [Sec. 1091m, 9223 (2g)] -  Act 9
Indian gaming receipts: PR appropriation created [Sec. 546, 547, 3026, 3027] -  Act 9
Information technology investment fund program repealed; VendorNet fund created [for section numbers, see entry under ``Data processing"] -  Act 9
Interfund borrowing limit [Sec. 166, 167] -  Act 9
Kickapoo valley reserve: indemnification agreement with federal government authorized re transfer of land  -  Act 64
Land information system changes, soil surveys and mapping [Sec. 114m, n, 512-514, 519, 527, 527e, 3262m,n, 9401 (2zt), (2zu)] [114m, 527, 9401 (2zu) — partial veto; 527e, 3262m, n — vetoed] -  Act 9
Land recycling loan for the city of Kenosha [Sec. 9136 (4x)] [partial veto] -  Act 9