Distribution to, notice of share to court appointing guardian, 863.43
Transfers to Minors Act, 880.61 to 880.72
Motor vehicle transfer, 342.17 (4)
Construction of will, 863.21
Heirship, determination and proof, 863.23
Offset, when distributee indebted to estate, 863.15
Order in which assets appropriated, abatement, 854.18, 863.11
Partial distribution, before final judgment, 863.01
Partition, by final judgment, 863.17
Petition for final judgment, 863.25
Receipts from guardians, 863.45
Receipts to be filed, 863.41
Receiverships for heirs, 813.026
Remedies, creditors of certain heirs and legatees, 863.46
Right of retention, 863.15
Small estates:
Summary assignment, 867.02
Summary settlement, 867.01
Transfer by affidavit, 867.03
Ward's summary closing, 880.28
Specific property, distribution before final judgment, 863.01
Summary assignment, claims procedure not to impede, 859.51
Summary discontinuance of inactive estates, 863.49
Summary settlement, claims procedure not to impede, 859.51
Tombstone, allowance for, 863.09
Valuation used in distribution of assets, 863.19
Value used in distribution of fractional shares, 863.16
Ward, distribution to, notice of share to court appointing guardian, 863.43
Advance, allowance may be charged as, 861.31 (4)
Allowance for spouse and dependent children, 861.35
Allowance to family during administration, 861.31
Assignment of property to surviving spouse, exemption from creditors, 861.41
Allowances for spouse and dependent children considered, 861.35 (3)
Exemption of property to be assigned to surviving spouse, 861.41
Exemption from creditors of property to be assigned to surviving spouse, 861.41
Fraud of surviving spouse, transfer of rights in property, 861.17
Guardian, conservator or agent; authority and power to make election, 861.43
Marital property:

Augmented deferred marital property estate, 861.03, 861.04, 861.05
Deferred marital property elective, 861.02
Definitions, 861.018
Home, assignment to spouse, 861.21
Ownership at death, 861.01
Personal liability of recipients, 861.07
Procedure for electing, 861.08
Right to elect, 861.09
Satisfaction of , 861.06
Third-party payers, liability, 861.11
Waiver of election, 861.10
Personalty, selection by surviving spouse or children 861.33
Property rights, transfer in fraud of surviving spouse, 861.17
Satisfaction of nonholding spouse's marital property interest in certain business property, 861.015
Surviving spouse:
Exemption from creditors of property to be assigned, 861.41
Right in nondomiciliary decedent's real property in this state, 861.20
Selection of personalty, 861.33
Probate and Transfers at Death 9. General Rules for Transfers at Death9. General Rules for Transfers at Death
, Ch. 854
Adopted person, status, 854.20, 854.21
Advancements, 854.09
Applicable law, 854.10
Classes of family beneficiaries,
see Family members, under this subhead
Contest of governing instrument, penalty clauses against, 854.19
Definitions, 854.01
Divorce or dissolution of marriage, effect, 854.15
Encumbered property, no exoneration, 854.05
Failed transfers and residue, 854.07
Family members:
Persons included, 854.21
Transfers to groups or classes, 854.22
Nonademption of specific gifts in certain cases, 854.08
Order in which assets apportioned, abatement, 854.18
Predeceased transferee, 854.06
Representation, per stirpes, per capita; distributions by, 854.04
Scope of ch. 854, 854.02
Federal preemption, effect, 854.26
Securities, 854.11
Survival requirement, 854.03
Third-party liability:
Buyers of property, 854.24
Payers to beneficiaries, 854.23
Recipients not for value, 854.25
PROBATE AND TRANSFERS AT DEATH 10. Informal Administration10. Informal Administration
, Ch. 865
Applicability of, 865.01
Application, contents, 865.06
Appraisers, 865.12
Attorney fees, determination of reasonableness, 865.16 (1m)