Relating to the retail food establishment license exemption for restaurant permit holders.
Report received from Agency, May 13, 1999.
To committee on Agriculture.
Referred on May 24, 1999 .
Relating to certification criteria.
Report received from Agency, May 19, 1999.
To committee on Judiciary and Personal Privacy .
Referred on May 24, 1999 .
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Joint Resolution 56
Relating to: the life and public service of Robert E. Behnke.
By Representatives La Fave, Schneider, Sherman, Walker, J. Lehman, Ryba, Hasenohrl, Miller, Plouff, Albers, Goetsch and Hahn; cosponsored by Senator Robson .
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Joint Resolution 57
Relating to: designating August 16 of each year as National Airborne Day.
By Representative Musser ; cosponsored by Senator Moen .
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Joint Resolution 58
Relating to: requesting Congress to grant this state a waiver from the requirement to use reformulated gasoline.
By Representatives Kedzie, Stone, Hoven, Grothman, Walker, Ladwig, Duff, Gunderson, Jensen, Porter, Owens, Suder, Urban, Nass, Ward, Sykora, Turner, Goetsch, Vrakas and Jeskewitz; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Huelsman, Grobschmidt and A. Lasee.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 355
Relating to: sexual assault of a person confined in an adult or juvenile detention or correctional facility and providing a penalty.
A206 By Representatives Walker, Boyle, Stone, La Fave, Ainsworth, Miller, Ladwig, Bock, Huebsch, Powers, Turner, Musser, Rhoades, Kedzie, Lassa, Nass, Young, Albers, Kelso, Seratti, Plouff, Pocan, Goetsch, Kaufert, Suder, Wasserman, Freese, Owens, Vrakas, Black, Grothman, Gunderson, Kreibich, Berceau and Coggs; cosponsored by Senators Fitzgerald, Moore, Darling, Erpenbach, Farrow, Lazich and Rosenzweig.
To committee on Corrections and the Courts .
Assembly Bill 356
Relating to: creating a privilege for environmental audits, providing immunity for disclosures related to environmental audits and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Duff, Ziegelbauer, Kedzie, Jensen, Coggs, Ainsworth, Klusman, Brandemuehl, Vrakas, M. Lehman, Musser, Stone, Sykora, Petrowski, Albers, Grothman, Goetsch, Rhoades, Suder, Kestell and Jeskewitz; cosponsored by Senators Welch, Roessler, Schultz, Darling, Panzer and Farrow.
To committee on Environment.
Assembly Bill 357
Relating to: the proper chemical name of the controlled substance gamma-butyrolactone (suggested as remedial legislation by the department of justice).
By Law Revision Committee.
To committee on Judiciary and Personal Privacy .
Assembly Bill 358
Relating to: informal administration of estates and summary procedures for settling estates.
By Representatives Sherman, Bock, Musser, Reynolds, Turner, Richards, Boyle, Huber, Powers, Sykora, J. Lehman and Hasenohrl; cosponsored by Senator Plache .
To committee on Judiciary and Personal Privacy .
Assembly Bill 359
Relating to: the requirement that a county clerk notify the district attorney of actions taken against the county or by the county board.
By Representatives Sherman, Huber, Miller, Turner, Jensen, Musser, Staskunas, Bock, Plouff, Reynolds, Grothman, Seratti, Montgomery, J. Lehman, Sykora and Lassa; cosponsored by Senators Jauch, Roessler and Erpenbach.
To committee on Urban and Local Affairs .
Assembly Bill 360
Relating to: certification of pool operators and granting rule-making authority.
By Representative Freese ; cosponsored by Senators Robson and Schultz.
To committee on Public Health.
Assembly Bill 361
Relating to: eliminating the professional standards council for teachers.
By Representatives Grothman, Brandemuehl, Gundrum and Nass; cosponsored by Senators Fitzgerald and Lazich.
To committee on Education.
Assembly Bill 362
Relating to: requiring health insurance policies to cover contraceptive articles and services.
By Representatives Berceau, Richards, Bock, Black, Krug, Johnsrud, Wasserman, Young, Boyle, Schooff, Sinicki, Miller, Pocan, Travis, Turner and Carpenter; cosponsored by Senators Moore, Plache, Risser and Rosenzweig.
To committee on Insurance.
Assembly Bill 363
Relating to: the composition of municipal boards of canvassers in certain municipalities.
By Representatives Ott, Kestell, Freese, Albers, Grothman, Huebsch, M. Lehman, Musser, Spillner, Staskunas, Stone and Ryba; cosponsored by Senator Clausing .
To committee on Campaigns and Elections .
Committee Reports
The committee on Agriculture reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 314
Relating to: implied warranties concerning disease status of animals and granting rule-making authority.
Ayes: 13 - Representatives Ott, Petrowski, Hahn, Kestell, Spillner, Suder, Ainsworth, Sykora, Lassa, Plouff, Reynolds, Steinbrink and Waukau.
Noes: 0.
To committee on Rules.
Alvin Ott
Committee on Agriculture
Message from the Senate
By Donald J. Schneider, Senate Chief Clerk.
Mr. Speaker:
I am directed to inform you that the Senate has
Adopted and asks concurrence in:
Senate Joint Resolution 15
Passed and asks concurrence in:
Senate Bill 3
Senate Bill 38
Senate Bill 49
Senate Bill 62
Senate Bill 92