Thursday, November 4, 1999
1:15 P.M.
Ninety-Fourth Regular Session
Senate Journal
The Senate met.
The Senate was called to order by Senator Fred Risser.
The roll was called and the following Senators answered to their names:
Senators Baumgart, Breske, Burke, Chvala, Clausing, Cowles, Darling, Decker, Drzewiecki, Ellis, Erpenbach, Farrow, Fitzgerald, George, Grobschmidt, Huelsman, Jauch, A. Lasee, Lazich, Moen, Moore, Panzer, Plache, Risser, Robson, Roessler, Rosenzweig, Rude, Schultz, Shibilski, Welch, Wirch and Zien - 33.
Absent - None.
Absent with leave - None.
The Senate stood for a moment of silent meditation.
The Senate remained standing and Senator Drzewiecki led the Senate in the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
Senator Robson, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate recess until 2:10 P.M..
1:20 P.M.
2:10 P.M.
The Senate reconvened.
Senator Risser in the chair.
INTRODUCTION and reference of resolutions and joint resolutions
Read and referred:
Senate Joint Resolution 24
Relating to: reducing, by income tax credits or by payments from state revenues, property taxes upon residential and agricultural real property as defined by law (first consideration).
By Senators Decker, Wirch, Jauch, Moore, Erpenbach, Plache, Baumgart, Clausing, Burke, Moen, Chvala, Robson, Risser, Breske, Grobschmidt and George; cosponsored by Representatives Sinicki, Pocan, Colon, Berceau, Bock, Black, Miller, Richards, Plouff, Riley, Gronemus, Plale, Hebl, Cullen, Carpenter and Krug.
To committee on Economic Development, Housing and Government Operations.
Senate Joint Resolution 25
Relating to: declaring November as Diabetes Awareness Month.
By Senators Drzewiecki, Breske, Roessler, Robson, Rude, Darling, Plache, Grobschmidt and Rosenzweig; cosponsored by Representatives Hahn, Huebsch, Klusman, Duff, Hebl, Bock, Musser, Suder, Nass, Owens, Hasenohrl, Ryba, Urban, Pettis, Ladwig, Rhoades, Kaufert, Freese, Staskunas, Morris-Tatum, Sykora, Skindrud, J. Lehman and Kelso.
To committee on Senate Organization.
Senate Joint Resolution 26
Relating to: creating a committee of conference on 1999 Assembly Bill 465 and 1999 Senate Bill 237, Relating to: classification and elements of felony offenses and certain misdemeanor offenses; modification of a bifurcated sentence in certain cases; revocation of extended supervision; the creation of a sentencing commission and temporary sentencing guidelines; making an appropriation; and providing penalties.
By Senators Chvala and Risser.
Considered as privileged and taken up.
The question was: Shall Senate Joint Resolution 26 be adopted?
The ayes and noes were demanded and the vote was: ayes, 17; noes, 16; absent or not voting, 0; as follows:
Ayes - Senators Baumgart, Breske, Burke, Chvala, Clausing, Decker, Erpenbach, George, Grobschmidt, Jauch, Moen, Moore, Plache, Risser, Robson, Shibilski and Wirch - 17.
Noes - Senators Cowles, Darling, Drzewiecki, Ellis, Farrow, Fitzgerald, Huelsman, A. Lasee, Lazich, Panzer, Roessler, Rosenzweig, Rude, Schultz, Welch and Zien - 16.
Absent or not voting - None.
INTRODUCTION, first reading and reference of bills
Read first time and referred:
Senate Bill 277
Relating to: the lease and acquisition of privately built correctional facilities; fiscal estimates for bills containing criminal penalty provisions; the provision of medical services to prisoners; correctional institution placements of prisoners by the department of corrections; the effective date of various changes to felony penalties and to the structure of sentences of imprisonment in felony cases; and providing penalties.
By Senator Breske .
To committee on Insurance, Tourism, Transportation and Corrections.
S321 Senate Bill 278
Relating to: allowing property owned by the state to be condemned.
By Senators Decker and A. Lasee; cosponsored by Representative Ainsworth .
To committee on Economic Development, Housing and Government Operations.
report of committees
The committee on Agriculture, Environmental Resources and Campaign Finance Reform reports and recommends:
Bartlett, Dr. William L., of Berlin, as a member of the Veterinary Examining Board, to serve for the term ending July 1, 2003.