1999 - 2000 LEGISLATURE
March 16, 2000 - Introduced by Representative Ainsworth. Referred to Committee
on Rules.
AR27,1,1 1Relating to: the life and contributions of Frank "Pee Wee" King.
AR27,1,42 Whereas, Julius Frank Anthony Kuczynski was born February 18, 1914, in
3Milwaukee, Wisconsin; raised in Abrams, Wisconsin; and died March 7, 2000, in
4Louisville, Kentucky; and
AR27,1,7 5Whereas, Mr. Kuczynski, proficient on the accordion, eventually became Frank
6"Pee Wee" King, and was hired in 1932 to play for Gene Autry's Range Riders on
7Chicago's National Barn Dance; and
AR27,1,98 Whereas, Frank "Pee Wee" King formed the Golden West Cowboys, and brought
9his show band to Nashville's Grande Ole Opry from 1937 until 1947; and
AR27,1,1210 Whereas, King and fellow band member, Redd Stewart, wrote "Tennessee
11Waltz", which became a major hit for them in 1948 and again in 1951; and wrote with
12Chilton Price, "Slow Poke", which topped both country and pop charts in 1951; and
AR27,1,15 13Whereas, King moved the Golden West Cowboys to Louisville in 1947 to do
14television and recording work, which led to the band's pioneering music style being
15heard in big ballrooms outside the South and Southwest; and
1Whereas, from 1950, King wrote a monthly column in Country Song Roundup
2to assist in his promotion of country music; and
AR27,2,43 Whereas, King was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1974; now,
4therefore, be it
AR27,2,7 5Resolved by the assembly, That the members of the assembly of the state of
6Wisconsin honor and commend Frank "Pee Wee" King's accomplishments and
7contributions to country and western music; and, be it further
AR27,2,9 8Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall provide copies of this resolution
9to the family members of Frank "Pee Wee" King.
AR27,2,1010 (End)