51.001 Legislative policy.
51.01 Definitions.
51.02 Council on mental health.
51.03 Department; powers and duties.
51.032 Denial and revocations of certification or approval based on tax delinquency.
51.038 Outpatient mental health clinic certification.
51.04 Treatment facility certification.
51.05 Mental health institutes.
51.06 Centers for the developmentally disabled.
51.07 Outpatient services.
51.08 Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex.
51.09 County hospitals.
51.10 Voluntary admission of adults.
51.13 Admission of minors.
51.14 Outpatient treatment of minors.
51.15 Emergency detention.
51.20 Involuntary commitment for treatment.
51.22 Care and custody of persons.
51.30 Records.
51.35 Transfers and discharges.
51.37 Criminal commitments; mental health institutes.
51.375 Honesty testing of sex offenders.
51.38 Nonresident patients on unauthorized absence.
51.39 Resident patients on unauthorized absence.
51.40 Residence of developmentally disabled or chronically mentally ill adults.
51.42 Community mental health, developmental disabilities, alcoholism and drug abuse services.
51.421 Community support programs.
51.423 Grants-in-aid.
51.437 Developmental disabilities services.
51.44 Early intervention services.
51.45 Prevention and control of alcoholism.
51.46 Priority for pregnant women for private treatment for alcohol or other drug abuse.
51.47 Alcohol and other drug abuse treatment for minors.
51.48 Alcohol and other drug testing of minors.
51.59 Incompetency not implied.
51.61 Patients rights.
51.62 Protection and advocacy system.
51.63 Private pay for patients.
51.64 Reports of death required; penalty; assessment.
51.65 Segregation of tuberculosis patients.
51.67 Alternate procedure; protective services.
51.75 Interstate compact on mental health.
51.76 Compact administrator.
51.77 Transfer of patients.
51.78 Supplementary agreements.
51.79 Transmittal of copies.
51.80 Patients' rights.
51.81 Uniform extradition of persons of unsound mind act; definitions.
51.82 Delivery of certain nonresidents.
51.83 Authentication of demand; discharge; costs.
51.84 Limitation of time to commence proceeding.
51.85 Interpretation.
51.87 Interstate contracts for services under this chapter.
51.90 Antidiscrimination.
51.91 Supplemental aid.
51.95 Short title.
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