Building projects proposed for enumeration: DOA to provide anticipated operating costs and other information [Sec. 104m, 227m] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Capacity building program grants for programs in occupational areas with high demand for workers: transfer from DOA to TCS board [Sec. 193, 842, 1375, 9101 (12)]  -  Act 16
Cogeneration facility for U.W. Madison [Sec. 32on, 9156 (2z)] [9156 (2z) — partial veto] -  Act 109
College tuition and expenses program and college savings program: repayment of start-up; administrative funding [Sec. 124m, 126m] -  Act 16
Contractual service contracts: DOA to review certain expenditures [Sec. 20sa, sb, 9301 (1c)] [vetoed]  -  Jr2 AB-1
Crime prevention resource center established at the Fox Valley Technical College by the Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association; funding provision [Sec. 1375r, 9101 (22w)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Depository selection board membership: DOR secretary to replace executive director of Investment board [Sec. 139] -  Act 16
Disabled veteran transportation services: grants to counties and determination of methods for statewide cost-effective services [Sec. 789, 1458, 1470m, p, 9157 (7e)]  -  Act 16
Distributed generation unit: DOA to investigate use in certain state building projects; report to Building commission [Sec. 319s] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Distributed generation unit: DOA to investigate use in certain state building projects; report to Building commission [Sec. 20v] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
DOA cash management re interest payments involving moneys received from the federal government [Sec. 257, 935]  -  Act 16
DOA program evaluation and management audit: JLAC requested to direct LAB to conduct [Sec. 9132 (1c)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
DOT printing services position transferred to DOA [Sec. 9101 (11), 9152 (2)] -  Act 16
Drug crime prosecutions in Dane and Milwaukee counties: funding for assistant DA positions [Sec. 9101 (2), (3)]  -  Act 16
DVA space needs re offices and veterans museum: DOA to review and report to Building commission [Sec. 9159 (2z)] -  Act 16
Electrician position transferred from DWD to DOA [Sec. 9158 (2)] -  Act 16
Electronic government, Department of, abolished; functions transferred to DOA [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Electronic government, Department of"]  -  Act 109
Energy efficiency fund eliminated [Sec. 98, 313-318, 469, 542, 577, 678, 698, 776, 849, 850, 994, 1105, 1145, 9201 (2)] [542 — partial veto] -  Act 16
Environmental improvement fund present value and bonding re clean water, safe drinking water, and land recycling programs [Sec. 963, 3163, 3164, 3165-3168] -  Act 16
Faculty and academic GPR funded positions: procedure revised re Regents' authority to create or abolish; report to DOA and JCF; memorandum of understanding re methodology for cost of funding any new positions [Sec. 242]  -  Act 16
Federal aid management service in DOA: functions and funding of [Sec. 258] -  Act 16
Fox river navigational system authority created; to replace existing commissions [for sections numbers, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"] -  Act 16
General program operations: additional reduction [Sec. 9101 (6v), 9201 (4v)] -  Act 109
Housing grants and loans: WHEDA reserve funding transferred to DOA; funding decrease and surplus fund transfer [Sec. 15, 15c, 26, 51-52c, 366-367c, 9101 (6z), 9201 (1), 9401 (2z)] -  Act 109
Indian gaming receipts transferred to certain state agencies [Sec. 9201 (5mk), 9205 (1mk), 9210 (3mk), 9223 (5mk), 9224 (1mk), 9225 (1mk), 9231 (1mk), 9237 (4mk), 9240 (1mk), 9251 (1mk), 9256 (1mk), 9257 (2mk), 9258 (2mk)]  -  Act 16
Land information board abolished; Wisconsin land council membership and duties revised; land information system provisions; land records fee and register of deeds duties; report and sunset provided [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"]  -  Act 16
Local government, Commission on, created; duties set, report required [Sec. 9101 (1)] -  Act 109
Materials and services to state agencies and certain districts [Sec. 813aw, b] -  Act 16
Milwaukee child welfare services: income augmentation activities and expenditure of services receipts [Sec. 732q, r, 1557jd-k, 9123 (8z), (9bk), 9223 (4z), 9323 (16k), 9423 (16g), (16zo)] [732q — partial veto; 1557jd, k, 9123 (9bk), 9323 (16k) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Misdemeanor diversion program to be developed by Public defender board, Director of state courts, and Wisconsin District Attorneys Association; passive review by JCF; community justice center grants [Sec. 9101 (13), (21j), 9139 (1)] [9101 (21j) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Municipal incorporation and boundary review functions of DOA: fee permitted; DOA review of certain town annexations [Sec. 255, 810, 2015-2019, 9301 (2mk)]  -  Act 16
Municipal lottery credit payment corrections [Sec. 933, 2292-2294] -  Act 16
National and community service board administrative support: appropriation account [Sec. 846m] -  Act 16
National guard tuition grant appropriation increased; lapse of certain program revenue moneys to general fund  -  Act 25
Operations appropriation reduced; may submit request to JCF re reallocation [Sec. 9259 (7z)] -  Act 109
Performance evaluation office eliminated [Sec. 9201 (10d)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Postsecondary education commission: DOA to study feasibility of creating [Sec. 9101 (21jm)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Printed publications by executive branch agencies: certain state publications eliminated; report required [Sec. 9101 (8z)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Private facility rental and space management supplement re leased facilities [Sec. 961ab-f] -  Act 16
Public school energy billing: DOA access to information [Sec. 322m] -  Act 16
Punch card voting systems eliminated; voting system transitional assistance provided; electronic voting equipment lease and sublease provisions [Sec. 2m-9y, 29p-69s, 76ab, ac, 81m, 87o-87s, 94sm-96m, 906m, n, 1994m, 9101 (20x), 9115 (1x), 9129 (1x), 9415 (2x), (2y)] [906m, 9129 (1x) — partial veto; 9101 (20x), 9115 (1x) — vetoed]  -  Act 16
Purchasing clearinghouse for local governments created [Sec. 282m] -  Act 16
Racetrack-related funding: GPR appropriation eliminated [Sec. 52g, 9401 (3v)] -  Act 109
Raffle ticket sales [Sec. 3713k-kp, 9401 (2g)] -  Act 16
Rural finance authority: creation proposed [Sec. 9110 (1v)] -  Act 109
Security initiative re terrorism response training, statewide trauma care system, diseases and biological and chemical threats, and Hygiene laboratory duties [Sec. 14d, 94, 326-329, 330-333, 334, 334g, 339, 340, 623, 696, 9223 (1), 9229 (1k), 9323 (1), 9359 (6)] -  Act 109
Shared revenue population adjustment: DOA to provide to DOR re shared revenue and county mandate relief payments [Sec. 9144 (2e)] -  Act 16
Smart growth data submitted to Land Information Board: format of initial information released by DOA [Sec. 343m, 9101 (19b)] [9101 (19b) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Stanley prison lease and report [Sec. 9111 (5gk)] -  Act 16
State agency budget reductions due to efficiency measures; submission of requests to JCF for reallocating appropriations reductions [Sec. 9159 (1)] [partial veto]  -  Act 16
State aircraft fleet liquidation [Sec. 9101 (7q)] -  Act 109
State building program: DOA to provide JCF with Building commission's recommendations re revision of enumerated projects [Sec. 9101 (20z)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
State fair park police transferred from State fair park board to DOA [Sec. 3081, 3082, 9146 (1)] -  Act 16
State-owned aircraft: DOA to select 2 for sale, proceeds deposited in general fund; JLAC to request performance evaluation of usage; study provided if audit not initiated [Sec. 9101 (20j), 9132 (3y), 9159 (3y)] [9159 (3y) — partial veto; 9132 (3y) — vetoed] -  Act 16
State procurement and electronic procurement and commerce activities; state distribution of vendor product or service information; DOA to report [Sec. 270-272, 277, 286-290, 295, 817, 949, 953, 958, 1132, 9101 (14)] [817 — partial veto] -  Act 16
Sum sufficient appropriation expenditure estimate: DOA to adjust for 2001-03 fiscal biennium re publication in Wisconsin Statutes [Sec. 9259 (8)] -  Act 109
Tank plan review and inspection fees deposit in petroleum inspection fund [Sec. 1129, 2449, 2490, 9101 (1), 9210 (1)] -  Act 16
Tobacco master settlement agreement: sale of state's right to receive payments; permanent endowment fund created; provision re purchase of state's right to receive payments and to issue bonds; report requirements [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Tobacco"] -  Act 16
Transportation planning grants: specific appropriation account transferred from DOT to DOA [Sec. 663, 670, 831]  -  Act 16
Tuition grant program to pay cost of 2 years of postsecondary education: DOA to study [Sec. 9101 (21g)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Unfunded state agency positions eliminated [Sec. 9101 (7)] -  Act 109
Utility services provided to state programs re PR funding: cost allocation study [Sec. 9107 (12w)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
U.W. Madison and DOA vehicle fleet maintenance functions combined [Sec. 9156 (3s)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
U.W. Madison and DOA vehicle fleet maintenance functions combined [Sec. 9156 (5m)] -  Act 109
Vacant positions in executive branch eliminated; DOA secretary to notify JCF of all actions [Sec. 9101 (26n)] [partial veto] -  Act 16
Victim restitution: DOJ report to DOA and JCF re use of moneys [Sec. 2856d] -  Act 16
Wisconsin advanced telecommunications foundation elimination; fund transfers; technology provisions re industrial development and growth, digital mammography machine, geographical education, and other technological advances [for sections numbers, see entry under ``Telecommunications"]  -  Act 16
Wisconsin Patient Safety Institute, Inc., grants: provisions of 2001 WisAct 16 repealed [Sec. 16, 9401 (1)]  -  Act 109
Wis.Stats contained in computer databases: statutory citation moved from DOA to DEG [Sec. 358m] -  Act 16
administrative rulesAdministrative rules
Administrative rule proposal revision re notice sent to legislature -  Act 87
Chronic wasting disease re cervids: funding, hunting, shooting from certain vehicles, and DNR authority provisions; JCRAR may extend certain emergency rules  -  Act 108
Emergency rule time period limit [Sec. 3034d-k] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Emergency rules re fees from persons on probation, parole, or extended supervision: Corr.Dept required to promulgate [Sec. 9111 (2), 9211 (21)] -  Act 109
Emergency rules re prisoner copayments for medical and dental care: Corr.Dept to promulgate; appropriation revised [Sec. 9111 (3), 9211 (22)] -  Act 109
adolescentAdolescent, see Youth
adolescent pregnancy prevention and pregnancy services boardAdolescent pregnancy prevention and pregnancy services board
APPPS board transferred from DHFS to DOA; PR appropriation created; use of grant moneys by organizations [Sec. 174, 693-695, 1569-1572, 9123 (4)] -  Act 16
General program operations and grants to organizations decreased [Sec. 9202 (1), (2)] -  Act 109
adult day careAdult day care, see Day care
Highway right-of-way under DOT jurisdiction: permit for vegetation removal re visibility of business or sign [Sec. 2340vg] [vetoed] -  SB-55
advertising _ stateAdvertising — State
Advertising historic sites and state parks: Tour.Dept to fund from existing appropriation [Sec. 1400n] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Agricultural tourism signs: DOT to develop with DATCP consultation [Sec. 2340y] [vetoed] -  SB-55