commercial mobile radioCommercial mobile radio, see Telecommunications
community_based residential facilityCommunity-based residential facility
COP and CIP-II bed-size restrictions eliminated [Sec. 1502L-r, 1504r-1505d, 1507s-1508d] [1504r — vetoed]  -  Act 16
Fee revenue allocation revision [Sec. 708] -  Act 16
Southern Wisconsin Veterans Retirement Center funding [Sec. 783t, 9157 (8b)] -  Act 16
community integration program _cip_Community integration program (CIP), see Medical assistance
community options program _cop_Community options program (COP), see Nursing homes
community service workCommunity service work, see Juvenile court
competencyCompetency, see Mental health
condemnation of propertyCondemnation of property, see Eminent domain
condolence certificateCondolence certificate, see Legislature — Member; name of specific individual
confidentialityConfidentiality, see Privacy
congratulatory certificateCongratulatory certificate, see Legislature — Member; name of specific individual
conradt, ervin _butch_Conradt, Ervin ``Butch"
Life and public service [AJR-77] -  JR-35
constitutional amendments _ first considerationConstitutional amendments — First consideration
Right to fish, hunt, trap, and take game: constitutional amendment (1st consideration) [SJR-2] -  JR-16
constructionConstruction, see Building
consumer price indexConsumer price index, see Consumer protection
consumer protectionConsumer protection
Asset requirements for the AFDC-MA and AFDC-related MA categories eliminated; income limit increased by percentage increase in consumer price index [Sec. 1797-1798g, 1800-1805d, 1811-1815j, 1819, 9323 (10c), (10d), 9423 (6c), (6d)] [1797g, j, 1798g, 1800m, 1804g, m, 1805d, 1815g, j, 9323 (10d), 9423 (6d) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Consumer protection assessment revisions [Sec. 402, 2422-2427, 3834, 9304 (1)] -  Act 16
Consumer protection programs, functions, and enforcement activities transferred to DOJ [Sec. 27m, 28m, 41g, k, mp, 259m, sd-sp, 262m, 263bb-pv, 264d-t, 266m, 267kb-kz, 269m, 312m, 314m-r, 338gf-r, 442g-r, 511bg-p, 516g-r, 9104 (4xv), 9131 (2xz), 9204 (14xz), 9231 (10xo), 9404 (1xo)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Mobile telecommunications service sales tax revised re place of primary use; prepaid telephone calling card provision; customer remedy created [Sec. 233b-f, fg, fh, j, k, 9344 (1f)] -  Act 109
Wisconsin consumer act registration and fees [Sec. 3493-3504] -  Act 16
Agricultural producer security program, fund, and council created [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Farm produce"] -  Act 16
Payroll records of contractor, subcontractor, and their agents re public works: public inspection provided [Sec. 2026r, 2558m, 2559d] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Charter school operated by or under contract with U.W. Parkside [Sec. 553m, 577o, 579m, 993i, 2615ag-t, 2725mb-t, 2762d, 3047p, 3060p, 3078d, 3079c, 9159 (3t)]  -  Act 16
Comm.Dept early planning grants for businesses: contracting directly with providers of assistance permitted [Sec. 3664, 3665, 3710, 3711, 3712] -  Act 16
Contractual service contracts: DOA to review certain expenditures [Sec. 20sa, sb, 9301 (1c)] [vetoed]  -  Jr2 AB-1
Disadvantaged business enterprises: confidentiality of bidder information [Sec. 2296] -  Act 16
DNR's automated license issuance system: Internet bidding process for contractors provided [Sec. 1158m] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
GIS mapping services: JLAC may request performance evaluation audit of DNR services; to include feasibility of privatization [Sec. 9132 (2z)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Leased generation contracts [Sec. 2977b, 3001b, d, 3008mc, 3011g, jc, 9342 (4wxm)] -  Act 16
Prisoner confinement out-of-state: contracting requirements re proximity, inmate services, and staff qualifications [Sec. 377db-df] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Public works contracts and minority businesses [Sec. 321j, 1111j, 1346t, 1372i, 1406w, 2001r, 2002m, 2003t, vp, vq, wm, wq, 2026k, 2307h-j, ji, 2744m, 2760m, 3020h-k, 3035x, 3037p-r, 3095j, 3097e, 3098v, 3141d, 3619sd-sp, 3710j] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Soft drink sales in schools re exclusive contracts: school board must ensure milk is available [Sec. 280n, 9340 (2e)] [280n — partial veto] -  Act 109
State-owned land under DNR jurisdiction: JCF approval of contract to sell or exchange required [Sec. 72m] [vetoed]  -  Jr2 AB-1
State procurement and electronic procurement and commerce activities; state distribution of vendor product or service information; DOA to report [Sec. 270-272, 277, 286-290, 295, 817, 949, 953, 958, 1132, 9101 (14)] [817 — partial veto] -  Act 16
Town sanitary district public works contract bidding threshold revised [Sec. 2003tm, 9359 (6k)] -  Act 16
Transportation safety contracts funded with federal funds: JCF to review [Sec. 2340t, 9352 (3y)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
W-2 contracting, oversight of Milwaukee agencies, and change of geographic regions; use of funds for certain public relations activities prohibited [Sec. 1657g-u, 1660d-g, 9158 (9e), 9358 (8c)] [9158 (9e), 9358 (8c) — partial veto; 1660d-g — vetoed] -  Act 16
convenience storeConvenience store, see Gasoline
cooperative associationsCooperative associations
Cooperative merger or consolidation plan revisions [Sec. 2932h, r, 9320 (1j)] -  Act 16
cop _community options program_COP (Community options program), see Nursing homes
Autopsy for deceased inmates of correctional facilities required [Sec. 4034, 9311 (4)] -  Act 16
corporationCorporation, see also Business
Business entity conversion and merger expanded, fees and electronic filing provisions; registered agents; nonstock corporation dissolution; certificates of authority for foreign entities and notice of administrative dissolution or revocation; securities registration and licensing requirement exemptions re broker-dealers and agents -  Act 44
Corporate fees revised re filing certain articles [Sec. 2917b-p, 2918m, 2928r, 9320 (1q)] -  Act 16
DFI to set fees charged for services regulating business associations [Sec. 2913-2917, 2918, 2919, 2920, 2921-2923, 2924-2928, 2933-2936, 9120 (2)] -  Act 16
LLCs, LLC members, and partners and partnerships: ``member" and ``partner" definitions re income and franchise tax purposes [Sec. 2159, 2160, 2183, 2184] -  Act 16
Partners and LLCs: term ``doing business" expanded and changed to ``doing business in this state" for tax purposes [Sec. 2158, 2173, 2190, 9344 (18)] -  Act 16
corporation _ stocks and bondsCorporation — Stocks and bonds
Unclaimed property and securities: sales procedures revised [Sec. 2898-2900, 2905, 9353 (2)] -  Act 16
Unclaimed property revisions re reporting, notice, payment, and delivery requirements; abandoned stock and intangible business interests [Sec. 2883-2897, 2901, 2904, 2911, 9153 (1), (2), 9353 (1)] -  Act 16
corporation _ taxationCorporation — Taxation
Agricultural development zone provisions [Sec. 2146m, 2147k, r, t, 2177m, 2178k, r, t, 2191m, 2192r, t, 3700d, 3708m, 9344 (30nk)] [3708m — partial veto]  -  Act 16
Development opportunity zones in Beloit and Milwaukee [Sec. 2145m, p, 2147k-p, 2176m, p, 2178k-p, 2190m, p, 2192k-p, 3701m, 3703m, p, 3704c-L, 9344 (9), (11z)] [2147p, 2178p, 2192p — partial veto] -  Act 16
Development zones tax credits: definition of ``targeted group members" revised [Sec. 2147, 2178, 2192, 9344 (11)]  -  Act 16
LLCs, LLC members, and partners and partnerships: ``member" and ``partner" definitions re income and franchise tax purposes [Sec. 2159, 2160, 2183, 2184] -  Act 16
Partners and LLCs: term ``doing business" expanded and changed to ``doing business in this state" for tax purposes [Sec. 2158, 2173, 2190, 9344 (18)] -  Act 16
Technology zones: Comm.Dept to designate; tax credit eligibility; partnerships, LLCs and tax options made ineligible; zone designation with JCF approval; sunset provided [Sec. 2148, 2153, 2179, 2181, 2193, 2195, 2204, 3713, 9344 (22)] [3713 — partial veto] -  Act 16
corrections, department ofCorrections, Department of
Appropriation for fees collected from Corr.Dept employees [Sec. 682] -  Act 16
Appropriations decreased; lapse to general fund [Sec. 9211 (2c)-(10)] [9211 (2c) — partial veto]  -  Act 109
Autopsy for deceased inmates of correctional facilities required [Sec. 4034, 9311 (4)] -  Act 16
Building acquisition, lease, or construction re correctional facilities restricted [Sec. 108b, c, e, 994d, 3337m]  -  Act 16
Corr.Dept duties re inmate tracking system, adult corrections statistics on Web, and compliance with federal death in custody reporting act [Sec. 3330c-g] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Corr.Dept positions and funding reduced re delay in opening of new institutions [Sec. 9211 (11)-(18)]  -  Act 109
Correctional institutions: new medium security facilities established at Redgranite and New Lisbon; facility located near Black River Falls named ``Jackson Correctional Institution" [Sec. 3353m, 3336, 3337] -  Act 16
Emergency rules re fees from persons on probation, parole, or extended supervision: Corr.Dept required to promulgate [Sec. 9111 (2), 9211 (21)] -  Act 109
Emergency rules re prisoner copayments for medical and dental care: Corr.Dept to promulgate; appropriation revised [Sec. 9111 (3), 9211 (22)] -  Act 109