community service workCommunity service work, see Juvenile court
competencyCompetency, see Mental health
condemnation of propertyCondemnation of property, see Eminent domain
condolence certificateCondolence certificate, see Legislature — Member; name of specific individual
confidentialityConfidentiality, see Privacy
congratulatory certificateCongratulatory certificate, see Legislature — Member; name of specific individual
conradt, ervin _butch_Conradt, Ervin ``Butch"
Life and public service [AJR-77] -  JR-35
constitutional amendments _ first considerationConstitutional amendments — First consideration
Right to fish, hunt, trap, and take game: constitutional amendment (1st consideration) [SJR-2] -  JR-16
constructionConstruction, see Building
consumer price indexConsumer price index, see Consumer protection
consumer protectionConsumer protection
Asset requirements for the AFDC-MA and AFDC-related MA categories eliminated; income limit increased by percentage increase in consumer price index [Sec. 1797-1798g, 1800-1805d, 1811-1815j, 1819, 9323 (10c), (10d), 9423 (6c), (6d)] [1797g, j, 1798g, 1800m, 1804g, m, 1805d, 1815g, j, 9323 (10d), 9423 (6d) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Consumer protection assessment revisions [Sec. 402, 2422-2427, 3834, 9304 (1)] -  Act 16
Consumer protection programs, functions, and enforcement activities transferred to DOJ [Sec. 27m, 28m, 41g, k, mp, 259m, sd-sp, 262m, 263bb-pv, 264d-t, 266m, 267kb-kz, 269m, 312m, 314m-r, 338gf-r, 442g-r, 511bg-p, 516g-r, 9104 (4xv), 9131 (2xz), 9204 (14xz), 9231 (10xo), 9404 (1xo)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Mobile telecommunications service sales tax revised re place of primary use; prepaid telephone calling card provision; customer remedy created [Sec. 233b-f, fg, fh, j, k, 9344 (1f)] -  Act 109
Wisconsin consumer act registration and fees [Sec. 3493-3504] -  Act 16
Agricultural producer security program, fund, and council created [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Farm produce"] -  Act 16
Payroll records of contractor, subcontractor, and their agents re public works: public inspection provided [Sec. 2026r, 2558m, 2559d] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Charter school operated by or under contract with U.W. Parkside [Sec. 553m, 577o, 579m, 993i, 2615ag-t, 2725mb-t, 2762d, 3047p, 3060p, 3078d, 3079c, 9159 (3t)]  -  Act 16
Comm.Dept early planning grants for businesses: contracting directly with providers of assistance permitted [Sec. 3664, 3665, 3710, 3711, 3712] -  Act 16
Contractual service contracts: DOA to review certain expenditures [Sec. 20sa, sb, 9301 (1c)] [vetoed]  -  Jr2 AB-1
Disadvantaged business enterprises: confidentiality of bidder information [Sec. 2296] -  Act 16
DNR's automated license issuance system: Internet bidding process for contractors provided [Sec. 1158m] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
GIS mapping services: JLAC may request performance evaluation audit of DNR services; to include feasibility of privatization [Sec. 9132 (2z)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Leased generation contracts [Sec. 2977b, 3001b, d, 3008mc, 3011g, jc, 9342 (4wxm)] -  Act 16
Prisoner confinement out-of-state: contracting requirements re proximity, inmate services, and staff qualifications [Sec. 377db-df] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Public works contracts and minority businesses [Sec. 321j, 1111j, 1346t, 1372i, 1406w, 2001r, 2002m, 2003t, vp, vq, wm, wq, 2026k, 2307h-j, ji, 2744m, 2760m, 3020h-k, 3035x, 3037p-r, 3095j, 3097e, 3098v, 3141d, 3619sd-sp, 3710j] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Soft drink sales in schools re exclusive contracts: school board must ensure milk is available [Sec. 280n, 9340 (2e)] [280n — partial veto] -  Act 109
State-owned land under DNR jurisdiction: JCF approval of contract to sell or exchange required [Sec. 72m] [vetoed]  -  Jr2 AB-1
State procurement and electronic procurement and commerce activities; state distribution of vendor product or service information; DOA to report [Sec. 270-272, 277, 286-290, 295, 817, 949, 953, 958, 1132, 9101 (14)] [817 — partial veto] -  Act 16
Town sanitary district public works contract bidding threshold revised [Sec. 2003tm, 9359 (6k)] -  Act 16
Transportation safety contracts funded with federal funds: JCF to review [Sec. 2340t, 9352 (3y)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
W-2 contracting, oversight of Milwaukee agencies, and change of geographic regions; use of funds for certain public relations activities prohibited [Sec. 1657g-u, 1660d-g, 9158 (9e), 9358 (8c)] [9158 (9e), 9358 (8c) — partial veto; 1660d-g — vetoed] -  Act 16
convenience storeConvenience store, see Gasoline
cooperative associationsCooperative associations
Cooperative merger or consolidation plan revisions [Sec. 2932h, r, 9320 (1j)] -  Act 16
cop _community options program_COP (Community options program), see Nursing homes
Autopsy for deceased inmates of correctional facilities required [Sec. 4034, 9311 (4)] -  Act 16
corporationCorporation, see also Business
Business entity conversion and merger expanded, fees and electronic filing provisions; registered agents; nonstock corporation dissolution; certificates of authority for foreign entities and notice of administrative dissolution or revocation; securities registration and licensing requirement exemptions re broker-dealers and agents -  Act 44
Corporate fees revised re filing certain articles [Sec. 2917b-p, 2918m, 2928r, 9320 (1q)] -  Act 16
DFI to set fees charged for services regulating business associations [Sec. 2913-2917, 2918, 2919, 2920, 2921-2923, 2924-2928, 2933-2936, 9120 (2)] -  Act 16
LLCs, LLC members, and partners and partnerships: ``member" and ``partner" definitions re income and franchise tax purposes [Sec. 2159, 2160, 2183, 2184] -  Act 16
Partners and LLCs: term ``doing business" expanded and changed to ``doing business in this state" for tax purposes [Sec. 2158, 2173, 2190, 9344 (18)] -  Act 16
corporation _ stocks and bondsCorporation — Stocks and bonds
Unclaimed property and securities: sales procedures revised [Sec. 2898-2900, 2905, 9353 (2)] -  Act 16
Unclaimed property revisions re reporting, notice, payment, and delivery requirements; abandoned stock and intangible business interests [Sec. 2883-2897, 2901, 2904, 2911, 9153 (1), (2), 9353 (1)] -  Act 16
corporation _ taxationCorporation — Taxation
Agricultural development zone provisions [Sec. 2146m, 2147k, r, t, 2177m, 2178k, r, t, 2191m, 2192r, t, 3700d, 3708m, 9344 (30nk)] [3708m — partial veto]  -  Act 16
Development opportunity zones in Beloit and Milwaukee [Sec. 2145m, p, 2147k-p, 2176m, p, 2178k-p, 2190m, p, 2192k-p, 3701m, 3703m, p, 3704c-L, 9344 (9), (11z)] [2147p, 2178p, 2192p — partial veto] -  Act 16
Development zones tax credits: definition of ``targeted group members" revised [Sec. 2147, 2178, 2192, 9344 (11)]  -  Act 16
LLCs, LLC members, and partners and partnerships: ``member" and ``partner" definitions re income and franchise tax purposes [Sec. 2159, 2160, 2183, 2184] -  Act 16
Partners and LLCs: term ``doing business" expanded and changed to ``doing business in this state" for tax purposes [Sec. 2158, 2173, 2190, 9344 (18)] -  Act 16
Technology zones: Comm.Dept to designate; tax credit eligibility; partnerships, LLCs and tax options made ineligible; zone designation with JCF approval; sunset provided [Sec. 2148, 2153, 2179, 2181, 2193, 2195, 2204, 3713, 9344 (22)] [3713 — partial veto] -  Act 16
corrections, department ofCorrections, Department of
Appropriation for fees collected from Corr.Dept employees [Sec. 682] -  Act 16
Appropriations decreased; lapse to general fund [Sec. 9211 (2c)-(10)] [9211 (2c) — partial veto]  -  Act 109
Autopsy for deceased inmates of correctional facilities required [Sec. 4034, 9311 (4)] -  Act 16
Building acquisition, lease, or construction re correctional facilities restricted [Sec. 108b, c, e, 994d, 3337m]  -  Act 16
Corr.Dept duties re inmate tracking system, adult corrections statistics on Web, and compliance with federal death in custody reporting act [Sec. 3330c-g] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Corr.Dept positions and funding reduced re delay in opening of new institutions [Sec. 9211 (11)-(18)]  -  Act 109
Correctional institutions: new medium security facilities established at Redgranite and New Lisbon; facility located near Black River Falls named ``Jackson Correctional Institution" [Sec. 3353m, 3336, 3337] -  Act 16
Emergency rules re fees from persons on probation, parole, or extended supervision: Corr.Dept required to promulgate [Sec. 9111 (2), 9211 (21)] -  Act 109
Emergency rules re prisoner copayments for medical and dental care: Corr.Dept to promulgate; appropriation revised [Sec. 9111 (3), 9211 (22)] -  Act 109
Faith-based approaches to crime prevention and corrections; restorative justice program in Milwaukee county and a second county selected by AG; evaluation of DHFS and Corr.Dept AODA programs; inmate rehabilitation; LAB audit; legislative purpose and sunset provided [Sec. 1483j, 2002j, 3327r, 3333j, 3334j, 3354j, 4031j-r, 9113 (2m), 9132 (4m)] [3333j, 4031p — partial veto; 1483j, 3327r — vetoed]  -  Act 16
Inmate health care provisions; Corr.Dept reports specified; medical histories to appear on staff intranet [Sec. 3329e, p-u, 9111 (3c) - (3cd)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Inmate treatment re gender-specific programs for females and AODA treatment for males and females: reports to JCF required [Sec. 3327q, 3329x, 9111 (6e), (7d)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Institutional operations and charges lapse [Sec. 9211 (1)] -  Act 16
Jail reimbursements to county and tribal bodies re certain persons held in custody: funding increased [Sec. 9211 (2)]  -  Act 109
Juvenile boot camp funding revision [Sec. 683, 3910] -  Act 16
Juvenile correctional facility: operation as state prison for young nonviolent offenders extended [Sec. 4035]  -  Act 16
Juvenile corrective sanctions services: Corr.Dept funding per community slot set [Sec. 3914] -  Act 16
Obsolete appropriations eliminated [Sec. 677, 679-681, 687] -  Act 16