interstate compactInterstate compact, see also Reciprocity
Adult offender supervision: interstate compact created -  Act 96
Emergency management assistance compact appropriations [Sec. 777, 780] -  Act 16
interstate relationsInterstate relations, see also Reciprocity
Interstate fire fighting and EMS agreements: attorney general's review revised [Sec. 151n, nb] -  Act 109
Membership dues for state agencies re national, state, and local nongovernmental organizations: lapse of GPR [Sec. 9101 (6e)] [partial veto] -  Act 109
Minnesota-Wisconsin boundary area commission eliminated [Sec. 102m, 103m, 126s, 584b, 1389t, 9106 (1k), 9306 (1k)] -  Act 16
Multistate tax commission audit program: participation in [Sec. 52Lk, 232m] -  Act 109
Prisoner confinement out-of-state: contracting requirements re proximity, inmate services, and staff qualifications [Sec. 377db-df] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Radioactive material regulation: source material definition modified; DHFS duties revised [Sec. 3144-3147]  -  Act 16
Stillwater Bridge between Houlton in St.Croix county and Still- water, Minnesota: mitigation funding [Sec. 2296p] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Uniform Sales and Use Tax Administration Act created; certified automation system and certified system provider defined [Sec. 2245dm, 2246p] -  Act 16
intrastate relationsIntrastate relations
Joint self-insured health care plans for officers and employees of political subdivisions authorized [Sec. 2001q, 2003r, 2014m, n, 3143m, 3733r, 3761r, 9359(3mk)]  -  Act 16
Local government, Commission on, created; duties set, report required [Sec. 9101 (1)] -  Act 109
Renew Wisconsin pilot program and cooperation regions; performance standards provisions; LAB to report annually [Sec. 2022s, t, 9156 (1d)] [2022t — partial veto]  -  Act 16
investment boardInvestment board
College tuition and expenses and college savings programs revisions re purchase of tuition units, unnamed recipient, closing accounts, and accounting of moneys; trust fund created  -  Act 7
Depository selection board membership: DOR secretary to replace executive director of Investment board [Sec. 139] -  Act 16
Employer contributions for state employee accumulated sick leave conversion and the supplemental health insurance credit program suspended for certain time period; exception for DETF and Investment board [Sec. 9159 (3x)]  -  Act 109
Investment in technology in Wisconsin: Investment board duties [Sec. 79s] [partial veto] -  Act 109
Tobacco master settlement agreement: sale of state's right to receive payments; permanent endowment fund created; provision re purchase of state's right to receive payments and to issue bonds; report requirements [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Tobacco"] -  Act 16
its mobility device _ginger_ITS mobility device (Ginger), see Recreation vehicle
j - J -
jackson countyJackson county
Correctional institutions: new medium security facilities established at Redgranite and New Lisbon; facility located near Black River Falls named ``Jackson Correctional Institution" [Sec. 3353m, 3336, 3337] -  Act 16
Jail reimbursements to county and tribal bodies re certain persons held in custody: funding increased [Sec. 9211 (2)]  -  Act 109
Plaintiff payment of costs of jailed defendant in certain actions: language requiring payment removed [Sec. 3836t, 3871y]  -  Act 16
janesville, city ofJanesville, City of
Janesville riverfront parkway development project; matching funds not required [Sec. 9137 (8c)]  -  Act 16
STH 11/USH 14 transportation corridor between Janesville and I 43 in Rock and Walworth counties: DOT to study [Sec. 2302k] [vetoed] -  SB-55
jefferson countyJefferson county
Dam located in the city of Jefferson: fish ladder exemption and funding for dam safety project [Sec. 1340r, 1345c] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Major highway project enumeration: portions of STH 17, STH 26, and I 39/USH 51 added [Sec. 2300-2302]  -  Act 16
joint legislative councilJoint legislative council
Court interpreters re persons with limited English proficiency; JLC study provided [Sec. 926m, 1580, 1587, 3781d, 3836dd-g, 3852d-3860m, 3872, 3890, 9132 (3z), 9147 (1n), 9309 (1n), 9409 (1n)] [9147 (1n) — vetoed]  -  Act 16
Developmental disabilities waiting list evaluation and report by JLC; MA federal waiver re brain injury; DHFS plan for services to developmentally disabled; written plans of care for personal care services [Sec. 174g, h, 1508rg-rp, 1509g, h, 1750km, 9123 (16r)-(16rs)] [9123 (16rs) — partial veto; 174g, h, 9123 (16r), (16rq) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Election administration services: JLC to study and prepare recommendations for consolidation [Sec. 9132 (3q)]  -  Act 109
High-capacity wells: JLC to study issues [Sec. 9132 (1q)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Jury selection study by JLC [Sec. 9132 (4b)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
New economy study by JLC [Sec. 9132 (4z)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
School financing: JLC to study [Sec. 9140 (10k)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Special education: JLC to study [Sec. 9140 (10fm)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Well withdrawal (high-capacity) re production of bottled water: DNR may withhold, condition, or modify its approval; environmental impact statement required; JLC to study impacts of groundwater usage [Sec. 3160t, v, 9132 (2x), 9137 (1x)] [3160v — partial veto; 9132 (2x), 9137 (1x) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Al McGuire day recognized February 22, 2001 [SJR-20] -  JR-8
Barkin, Ben: life and accomplishments honored [AJR-31] -  JR-41
Bennett, Dick: career and contributions to U.W. Madison and Wisconsin basketball commended [AJR-4]  -  JR-10
Benson, John T.: public service commended and congratulations upon retirement [SJR-38] -  JR-17
Bertels, Sister Thomas More: life and public service [AJR-26] -  JR-42
Conradt, Ervin ``Butch": life and public service [AJR-77] -  JR-35
Cummings, Marlene A.: public service commended and congratulations upon retirement [AJR-27]  -  JR-12
Floorperiod commencing in February 2001 and deadline for Governor's budget message extended [SJR-14]  -  JR-5
Floorperiods for 2001-02 session created [SJR-1] -  JR-1
Frigo, Leo: life and public service [AJR-39] -  JR-40
Hicks, William Clayton: life and public servivce [SJR-8] -  JR-2
Income tax reciprocity agreement between Minnesota and Wisconsin: Minnesota legislature urged to continue [SJR-57] -  JR-29
JCF permanent hearing room dedicated and 90 years of service honored [SJR-45] -  JR-19
Kaftan, Frederick F.: life and public service [SJR-53] -  JR-30
Keppler, Ernest C.: life and public service [SJR-39] -  JR-18
Kuzminski, Richard B.: life and public service [SJR-34] -  JR-21
Leean, Joe: public service commended and congratulations upon retirement [AJR-29] -  JR-13
Lien, Edgar E.: life and public service [AJR-3] -  JR-6
Litscher, LeRoy Pete: life and public service [AJR-11] -  JR-7
Looby, Joseph L.: life and public service [AJR-25] -  JR-11
Lorge, Gerald D.: life and public service [SJR-28] -  JR-22
Marcus, Ben: life and public service [AJR-21] -  JR-43
Mathews, Edwin Lee, Sr.: life and accomplishments commended [AJR-42] -  JR-39
Mayer, George A.: life and public service [SJR-18] -  JR-9
Meyer, Jerome Nicholas ``Cork": life and public service [SJR-50] -  JR-26
Operation Enduring Freedom: U.S. President, Congress, armed forces, and servicemen and servicewomen called into duty commended [AJR-60] -  JR-37
Pettit, Jane: life and philanthropic generosity commended [SJR-42] -  JR-24