SHSW appropriation re American Indian grave sites at Power's Bluff County Park and Merrill Historical Society publication of upper Wisconsin River valley native tribal history; funding from Indian gaming revenues [Sec. 493d, m, 891p, t]  -  Act 16
parochial and private educational institutionsParochial and private educational institutions
Milwaukee parental choice program revisions re notification date, aid reduction and levy offset, and summer school payment [Sec. 2748i, 2752r, 2767h-Lm, 9340 (1k), 9440 (2m)]  -  Act 16
Pledge of allegiance and national anthem: public and private school requirements revised [Sec. 2674d, j]  -  Act 16
Veterans benefits for armed forces in Operation Enduring Freedom; professional or occupational license renewal, salary paid to certain public employees, and withdrawal from college process provisions re national guard or armed forces member called into active duty -  Act 22
parole or probationParole or probation
Corr.Dept positions and funding reduced re delay in opening of new institutions [Sec. 9211 (11)-(18)]  -  Act 109
Emergency rules re fees from persons on probation, parole, or extended supervision: Corr.Dept required to promulgate [Sec. 9111 (2), 9211 (21)] -  Act 109
Faith-based approaches to crime prevention and corrections; restorative justice program in Milwaukee county and a second county selected by AG; evaluation of DHFS and Corr.Dept AODA programs; inmate rehabilitation; LAB audit; legislative purpose and sunset provided [Sec. 1483j, 2002j, 3327r, 3333j, 3334j, 3354j, 4031j-r, 9113 (2m), 9132 (4m)] [3333j, 4031p — partial veto; 1483j, 3327r — vetoed]  -  Act 16
Jail reimbursements to county and tribal bodies re certain persons held in custody: funding increased [Sec. 9211 (2)]  -  Act 109
Parole commission membership increased [Sec. 129, 169] -  Act 16
Probation and parole facility in north central Wisconsin: Corr. Dept to study feasibility of constructing [Sec. 9111 (3d)] -  Act 16
Sex offender residence and extended supervision conditions [Sec. 3329m, 3354g, 3354r-3385r, 3389m-y, 3984m] [3329m, 3385r — partial veto; 3354g, r, 3357m, 3389m-y — vetoed] -  Act 16
Sexually violent persons on supervised release: placement of [Sec. 3352r, 4034yg, yt, 9359 (12j)]  -  Act 16
Supervision fees based on supervision level: Corr.Dept may assess [Sec. 431g, k] [partial veto]  -  Act 109
Transitional placement facility for parolees: Corr.Dept to study; report to JCF [Sec. 9111 (3g)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
pcpPCP, see Drugs
pedestrianPedestrian, see Street
pepin countyPepin county
Rural health dental clinics created in cities of Ladysmith and Menomonie to serve certain counties [Sec. 720k, 2850bc]  -  Act 16
Rural health dental health clinics: funding for [Sec. 9123 (1z), 9223 (18z)] -  Act 109
perfusionistPerfusionist, see Medical service
permanent endowment fundPermanent endowment fund, see Tobacco
personal propertyPersonal property
Benefits paid on behalf of decedent: changes to transfer by affidavit process for recovery [Sec. 3843-3851, 9323 (9)]  -  Act 16
Repair and service of tangible personal property for sales and use tax purposes [Sec. 2245, 9444 (1)]  -  Act 16
Unclaimed child support funds: DWD use for program administration permitted [Sec. 744, 745, 2901, 2903, 2906-2910, 2912, 9358 (3)] -  Act 16
Unclaimed prizes: racetracks permitted to retain 50% [Sec. 764qy, 879g, 3713jm, 9301 (3q), 9401 (3r)]  -  Act 16
Unclaimed property and securities: sales procedures revised [Sec. 2898-2900, 2905, 9353 (2)] -  Act 16
Unclaimed property law revised re gift certificates [Sec. 343m, q, 9153 (1k)] -  Act 109
Unclaimed property revisions re reporting, notice, payment, and delivery requirements; abandoned stock and intangible business interests [Sec. 2883-2897, 2901, 2904, 2911, 9153 (1), (2), 9353 (1)] -  Act 16
personal property _ taxationPersonal property — Taxation, see Property tax
personnel commissionPersonnel commission
General program operations appropriation decreased [Sec. 9238 (1)] -  Act 109
Agricultural chemical cleanup program changes re alternative sources of drinking water [Sec. 2397e, 9304 (1d)]  -  Act 16
Mosquito larvae suppression in cities of Brookfield and La Crosse [Sec. 369L] -  Act 109
Pest management for schools: program created; report required [Sec. 426p, 582k, 1357k, 2395t] [2395t — partial veto; 426p, 582k, 1357k — vetoed] -  Act 16
Great Lakes: drilling to explore for or produce oil or gas prohibited [Sec. 3325k] -  Act 16
Oil overcharge restitution moneys re lead paint hazard reduction and allocation for energy programs: provision re 1999 WisAct 113 removed [Sec. 44d, 1158b] -  Act 109
PECFA change re farm tank coverage [Sec. 2464f, 2469, 2472-2482] -  Act 16
PECFA changes re revenue bonding limit and reimbursement for some interest costs [Sec. 2468p, r, 2470-2471, 2483k, 2485, 9110 (2x), (2y), 9310 (1x)] [2470p, r, 9110 (2x), (2y), 9310 (1x) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Segregated funding to Comm.Dept and DNR decreased; funds transferred from the petroleum inspection, recycling, and environmental funds [Sec. 9210 (2)-(4), 9237 (11)-(20)]  -  Act 109
Tank plan review and inspection fees deposit in petroleum inspection fund [Sec. 1129, 2449, 2490, 9101 (1), 9210 (1)] -  Act 16
pettit, janePettit, Jane
Life and philanthropic generosity commended [SJR-42] -  JR-24
Bioterrorism response and preparedness: plan and funding; provisions re staffing, public health emergencies, vaccination, disposal of human remains, and reporting deaths of public health concern [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Public safety"] -  Act 109
Examining board membership revised [Sec. 182q, r, 9443 (2x)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
HIRSP pharmacy overpayment recovery [Sec. 9123 (4r)] -  Act 109
Pharmacy Internship Board abolished; pharmacy intern provisions; grant to the Wisconsin Patient Safety Institute, Inc. [Sec. 187d, 227r, 386m, 802m, 1356L, 3608bh-bL, 9443 (3f)]  -  Act 16
physical therapistPhysical therapist, see Handicapped
Prescription drugs administered to pupils: civil liability immunity expanded to advanced practice nurse prescriber, optometrist, and physician assistant -  Act 83
physician assistantPhysician assistant, see Physician
pierce countyPierce county
Rural health dental clinics created in cities of Ladysmith and Menomonie to serve certain counties [Sec. 720k, 2850bc]  -  Act 16
Rural health dental health clinics: funding for [Sec. 9123 (1z), 9223 (18z)] -  Act 109
plantsPlants, see also Weeds
Invasive species council and program created; report required [Sec. 14j, 36fb, 72t-xv, 88pg-r, 9137 (2fxq)]  -  Act 109
Livestock or wild deer infection with contagious disease or damage to plant research and development prohibited; intentional actions made a felony [Sec. 3871t-w, 3938up, 3951n]  -  Act 16
Wisconsin outdoor wildlife heritage trust fund established [Sec. 589i, 1110m, 1119z] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Platting land and recording certified survey maps: general chapter revisions [Sec. 3127b-m] -  Act 16
platteville, city ofPlatteville, City of, see Grant county
pleasant prairie, village ofPleasant Prairie, Village of, see Kenosha county
pledge of allegiancePledge of allegiance, see Loyalty
Child sexual abuse reporting, referral to law enforcement, coordination of investigation, referral for prosecution, and continuing education [Sec. 1651m-v, 9323 (15c)]  -  Act 16
County-tribal law enforcement grants to Oneida and Vilas counties; report to OJA [Sec. 859r, s, 890g, h, 9101 (21k), 9401 (3k)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
DOJ services re crime victims and witnesses and law enforcement: appropriation applicability expanded [Sec. 769, 774] -  Act 16
Driver's license or ID card photograph: sunset of DOT authority to release to law enforcement agencies repealed  -  Act 41
Emergency service department deposit of certain funds [Sec. 2003sd, u, ve, we, wg, 2022tf, th]  -  Act 16
Emergency vehicle, tow truck, or highway machinery equipment stopped on or near a highway and giving a visual signal: approaching motorist required to change lane or slow down while passing -  Act 15
Foreign diplomat involved in moving traffic violation: law enforcement officers to forward copy of uniform traffic citation to federal Department of state -  Act 27
Law enforcement officer or fire fighter discipline procedure revised re collective bargaining agreement [Sec. 150g, 9359 (7v)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Newborn child relinquished by parent to law enforcement officer, EMT, or hospital staff member: procedures created; anonymity, juvenile court authority, and civil or criminal liability provisions -  Act 2
Passive alcohol sensor use by law enforcement officer prohibited without consent [Sec. 2882m] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Security initiative re terrorism response training, statewide trauma care system, diseases and biological and chemical threats, and Hygiene laboratory duties [Sec. 14d, 94, 326-329, 330-333, 334, 334g, 339, 340, 623, 696, 9223 (1), 9229 (1k), 9323 (1), 9359 (6)] -  Act 109